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Five Myths About Property Management System Integrations

SMS Blog 18 October 2017
Integration is a hot button topic in the hospitality world. New systems and opportunities appear each day, while longstanding PMS and CRS providers work furiously to integrate with the latest additions to the hospitality technology landscape. The situation can be frustrating for both the hotelier and the PMS provider. However, everyone has the same goal to ensure that hotel and resort systems communicate effectively. Let’s dispel these five common myths about PMS and integration.

Using SpaSoft to Maximize Spa Retail

SMS Blog 8 August 2017
Spa retail is a tricky balancing act. Carry the right inventory, at the right quantity, using the right amount of cash flow and turn a profit. The Spa Director needs to juggle their retail efforts without getting overwhelmed. After all, retail is just one facet of the entire spa business. To make it easier, SpaSoft’s inventory, reporting and retail tools provide the actionable information a spa director needs to effectively manage that segment of the business — in a few minutes each week. By leveraging these tools, spas can see their retail results tick up almost immediately.

How Spas are Using Technology to Elevate Guest Service

SMS Blog 21 July 2017
There is both an art and a science to providing guest service, particularly for hotel and resort spas where guests have high expectations. While remaining focused on classic guest service, many spas are deploying technology to assist them in executing their high-touch service efforts. As the dominant generation shifts away from the Baby Boomers towards Millennials, embracing technology to support guest service is one way that spas can be relevant and welcoming.

Hospitality Technology as a Guest Service Differentiator

SMS Blog 5 July 2017
Whether it’s a five-star property providing five-star service or an economy hotel ensuring a warm welcome and efficient service, a property’s reputation and success are founded on friendliness, efficiency and face-to-face interactions with their guests. Today’s hospitality technology has emerged as a crucial tool for hotels and resorts to meet those goals as they strive to balance their use of technology with classic and timeless customer service. Properties have developed several strategies to enhance service delivery with technology without diluting the essence of hospitality.

Streamlining Guest Service at the Spa Kalahari

SMS Blog 21 June 2017
Part of the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, The Spa Kalahari features 11 treatment rooms and a full service salon. During the high season, the Spa might have as many as 150 appointments scheduled for a Saturday. At peak times, the two receptionists may be juggling up to six concurrent arrivals and check-ins.

Seven Simple Tips for Successful PMS Training

SMS Blog 14 June 2017
You’ve carefully evaluated your technology needs. You’ve completed exhaustive research on the different software solutions available. You’ve compared product features, pricing and calculated your return on investment. It’s time to sign on the dotted line and prepare to go live with your new property technology.

Integration Benefits of Springer-Miller's Resort PMS and Inntopia

SMS Blog 18 May 2017
One of the biggest current trends in tourism is experiential travel. Guests want to immerse themselves in active, adventurous travel. For destination resorts and hotels, there exists a huge opportunity to connect the multitude of experiences they offer with this new intrepid consumer seeking an authentic trip. Technology can help properties offer the types of customizable itineraries that today’s traveler seeks.

Revenue Management System Interfaces for Independent Hotels

SMS Blog 13 April 2017
Revenue Management Systems (RMS) are having their day. They have a solid track record of increasing revenue for hotels and provide a means to optimize profitability in both low and high demand cycles. Even in a soft market, or especially in a soft market, RMS use sophisticated algorithms that allow hotels to price their availability to greatest effect. Revenue management systems provide a way to more easily manage an effective pricing strategy, as well as expand your available markets.

Defining Out of Scope

SMS Blog 30 March 2017
Interview with Chris Donahue, Director of Product Management There is some great news about the latest version updates of both the SMS|Host property management system and SpaSoft spa management system. These latest version releases have been validated as out of PA-DSS scope. This certainly sounds like a good status update, but what does it mean, why should you care, and how might it affect current SMS|Host and SpaSoft users? The world of PCI Compliancy and PA-DSS Validation can be confusing. In addition, requirements are always changing. Most PMS and spa management system providers are not supplying products that are “out of scope” and so the term is unfamiliar to many people.

Power Up Your Spa Collection

SMS Blog 23 February 2017
Spas require critical operational data to maintain optimal business operating ratios and make key business decisions. SpaSoft allows for larger spa operations with multiple locations to manage all of their spas from a single database. Now, management can access enterprise level reporting. Guests will experience better customer service with guest profiles shared among all of the member spas. For corporate spa groups or spa management companies, SpaSoft Enterprise helps management ensure consistency across the collection. It saves time when opening new spas, expediting software set up. It also helps to ease the burden of software management at the individual spa sites, allowing more time for those spa managers to assist guests and ensure a great spa experience for guests.

Create a Spa Customer Retention Plan

SMS Blog 16 December 2016
Ten Tips to Retain Existing Customers and Create the Foundation for Growing Your Spa Once you’ve won a new customer, the battle isn’t finished. You need to secure that customer for life. Consumers are well educated on their choices and prepared to take their business elsewhere. If your operation doesn’t exceed their expectations and create a personal connection, they are prepared to seek that spa experience from a competitor.

Revealed at HUG - The Future of SMS|Host

SMS Blog 6 December 2016
The 2016 Host Users Conference took place in early November at the Innisbrook Resort near Tampa, Florida. Over 300 users, partners and SMS team members gathered to share their knowledge and experience in everything related to SMS|Host, SpaSoft and hotel and resorts. This year’s conference was a particularly exciting one for product announcements. The product team unveiled a large slate of SMS|Host enhancements due in the impending v21 release, as well as upcoming technology advances including the introduction of SQL Server and the ability to run SMS|Host in a hosted environment. All of these improvements ensure that SMS will continue to provide the fully-integrated property management system features and functionality that you rely upon to successfully manage your operations and do so in a contemporary, flexible and technologically secure manner.

Credit Card Liability Shift Affects Spas

SMS Blog 5 December 2016
It is now over one year past the October 2015 deadline for EMV and many businesses, including spas, have not yet made the move to accommodate chip cards as EMV. In order to make the switch, businesses need to upgrade to the new chip readers and processing technology, a hurdle that some spas have been unwilling or unable to jump.

What Makes Your Hotel Software Unique?

SMS Blog 5 October 2016
This is one of the most common questions we are asked when talking to hoteliers. With so many different hotel management systems in the market, it is difficult to keep up with the primary system suppliers, let alone the newcomers and niche players. As a primary technology supplier to the world’s finest resorts and spas, this question is easy for us to answer. Here are the top five characteristics that set Springer-Miller Systems’ hotel management software apart from other providers:

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