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Webinar Recap: How Digital Marketing Can Transform Hotel Revenue Management

Vizlly by Leonardo Blog 31 October 2017
Revenue Managers have a lot on their plates as they try to maximize revenue per available room (RevPAR). They need to manage occupancy levels, OTA commissions, room rates, and more. To get the best results, Revenue Managers should be working in unison with the Director of Sales & Marketing (DOSM), or whoever is responsible for marketing at the property level. However, many hotels tend to separate these teams and their corresponding responsibilities, resulting in a lack of communication that could be hurting the hotel’s bottom line.

Do You Own Your Website Domain? The Common Mistake Made by Hoteliers

Vizlly by Leonardo Blog 15 June 2017
Today, hoteliers have a lot of choice when it comes to managing their digital marketing. Gone are the days of having to rely on expensive agencies or web developers to handle it all. New technologies have emerged, from DIY website builders to complete hotel marketing solutions, that are far more cost-effective and give hoteliers greater flexibility and control. But buyer beware: Not all technology providers are created equal. Without asking the right questions, you could find yourself short-changed.

The Science Behind Vizlly and How to Drive More Bookings at a Lower Cost

Vizlly by Leonardo Blog 26 April 2017
At the center of Vizlly’s digital marketing solution is a website designed to increase bookings at a lower cost. Our product team takes a scientific approach to designing each website theme in order to guide travel shoppers to your booking engine, reduce booking abandonment and increase revenue. Here’s how:

Inspire and Excite Travel Shoppers with Compelling Website Content

Vizlly by Leonardo Blog 17 March 2017
In our webinar last month, we discussed how to craft compelling website content to motivate hotel shoppers. We talked about the fact that people don’t just visit your hotel website by chance. Something led them there – a need, a desire, a curiosity. The role of your content is to help answer travel shoppers’ questions, build trust and likeability, and validate their purchase decision.

What a Great Mobile Website Looks Like for Hotels

Vizlly by Leonardo Blog 28 February 2017
Are you reading this on a desktop or a smartphone? Odds are you’re reading it on your smartphone. We can safely make this assumption because last year, for the first time ever, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop. And people aren’t just using their phones to scroll through Facebook, or read articles like this one. No, a large portion of them are using their smartphones to research and book travel.

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