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Mobile Technology Transforms Sky Climber Renewables Operations

Beekeeper Blog 5 March 2019
A division of Sky Climber, a 60-year-old company that specializes in delivering suspended access product and services solutions to work-at-height industries around the world, Sky Climber Renewables entered the renewable energy market in 2007. Sky Climber Renewables also develops safe and efficient solutions for wind turbine repair and maintenance.

Mobile Communication: Where Technology Meets People

Beekeeper Blog 14 February 2019
What do today’s two billion mobile workers have in common? While the use cases may vary, the needs of the global distributed workforce remain universal. Whether in hospitality, manufacturing, retail, construction, or healthcare, to name a few, frontline workers need access to mobile communication.

Beekeeper Launches Locations For Improved Operations Management

Beekeeper Blog 13 February 2019
Digital tools are undoubtedly changing operations management for the better, streamlining the most essential processes and centralizing core resources employees need most for on-demand retrieval. Despite this increased informational availability and transparency, the challenge to have more granular workforce management capabilities remains.

Best Ways to Align Hotel Operations Across Hospitality Teams

Beekeeper Blog 12 February 2019
Creating an internal communications culture for a management company or a hotelier with multiple properties can be hard because of multiple locations and brands with their own identities. The same is true for managing hotel operations across a diversified portfolio. It can be tough to know how to blend these various cultures and brand identities on the local level while ensuring organization-wide alignment.

Create a Communication Strategy to Benchmark Your Digital Workplace

Beekeeper Blog 7 February 2019
As more digital tools enter the workplace, organizations should pay particular attention to the actual, not promised, productivity within their workforce. According to a 2018 Deloitte study on global human capital trends, while survey responses indicated the presence of digital workplace tools are continuing to reduce the number of time-consuming in-person, text, and phone interactions, only 31% reported having an adequate communication strategy to implement them.

Secure Team Messaging at Heathrow Helps Engagement Skyrocket

Beekeeper Blog 29 January 2019
As Europe’s largest airport, Heathrow is powered by a team of 6,500 employees and welcomes more than 78 million passengers every year. Home to more than 80 airlines, Heathrow’s Terminal 2 holds the title of the ‘World’s Best Airport Terminal’ and is the airport’s most sustainable––powered by 100% renewable gas and electricity.

Boost Your Hotel's Amenities Upsell With A Messaging App

Beekeeper Blog 24 January 2019
Digital technology can customize nearly every aspect of a guest’s stay from start to finish, including room choice, extra towels, and check-out time. Given how important this digital connection is on the guest facing side, it follows that connecting your hotel workforce with a messaging app could achieve the same time-saving and connected goals.

3 Ways Beekeeper Can Facilitate Better Operations Management

Beekeeper Blog 17 January 2019
The organizational strategy of Kaizen combines two words that represent concepts to describe a process of continual improvement. Kai (“change”) and zen (“for the better”). Developed by Masaaki Imai, Founder of Kaizen Institute, the idea of Kaizen is that everyday presents a new challenge and opportunity to improve upon every aspect of a business.

Top 5 Ways to Make the Most of Beekeeper

Beekeeper Blog 10 January 2019
Choosing an employee app involves careful research into the best digital tools out there to best meet your business goals. How do you cultivate continued success after implementing new technology? Luckily, the evolution of your communication strategy doesn’t have to stop there; digital transformation is an ongoing process that should be continually re-evaluated.

Beekeeper Named One of The 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Technology

Beekeeper Blog 9 January 2019
What does it take to create a thriving and innovative workplace? Here at Beekeeper, we spend our time contemplating this question as well as how to best connect and engage teams everywhere with amazingly simple mobile communications management and optimized hotel operations.

How to Make Internal Communications Simplified for Hotels

Beekeeper Blog 8 January 2019
Low employee engagement. High turnover. Inconsistent guest experiences. With dependence on dispersed, mobile workforces, the hotel industry is easily susceptible to these less-than-desirable outcomes. There’s a common denominator that directly impacts every element of a hotel’s performance: internal communications.

4 Ways to Create an Innovative HR Technology Stack

Beekeeper Blog 26 December 2018
With such a vast ecosystem of HR software available today, it can feel overwhelming for HR professionals to know where to start, and what to look for, when researching HR technology for your organization.

Industry 4.0: Keeping Humans at the Center of Manufacturing

Beekeeper Blog 17 December 2018
IIoT. AI. Robots. Modern manufacturing can sound like a science fiction movie. One of the biggest fears that keeps companies from adopting new technology is the assumption that it will eliminate production jobs.

Beekeeper Unveils 5 New Features Including Anonymized Surveys and Locations

Beekeeper Blog 13 December 2018
Winter is often described as a time when life moves at a slower pace. Snow blankets the ground, animals go into hibernation, and humans spend time indoors drinking tea, reading, or watching their favorite series. This is not the case in the Beekeeper Engine Room! We’ve been firing on all cylinders for the final three months of 2018 and are proud to present five–yes, five–huge new capabilities that will revolutionize how our users interact in their digital workplace and enhance workforce management.

Digitally Engage Your Mobile Workforce for Better Business Returns

Beekeeper Blog 12 December 2018
Imagine you could increase your business revenue by better engaging your employees. What would that mean for your company? For starters, it would give you a competitive advantage, and boost your value proposition. Achieving that goal is easier than you think. Engage your workforce with a mobile solution such as a team app and you’ll start to see the monetary benefits as well as the employee engagement rewards.

How Mobile Solutions Improve Hotel Internal Communication

Beekeeper Blog 29 November 2018
When it comes to managing hotel workforces, the hospitality industry faces two primary challenges: internal communication and employee engagement. From completing real-time tasks to coordinating operations across a network of interdependent departments and managing guest expectations, effective internal communication between highly-mobile and dispersed hotel employees is easier said than done.

How to Get Construction Crew Buy-In for a Digital Workplace

Beekeeper Blog 27 November 2018
Construction workers are often surrounded by the most advanced machinery, but they’ve been reluctant to adopt digital workplace solutions to manage the administrative side of the industry. An operational communication platform could revolutionize how construction companies operate, but the change has to happen from the inside out. You need employee buy-in for a digital workplace to be successful.

How IIoT Maximixes Manufacturing Efficiency

Beekeeper Blog 20 November 2018
The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is changing every facet of manufacturing. As factories automate data collection and communication, they create an interconnected network of machines and systems, opening up an information superhighway. IIoT makes a factory more efficient, and cost effective, with elements like predictive maintenance, lean manufacturing, and AI integration.

Putting Patients First: Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Beekeeper Blog 1 November 2018
The healthcare industry is about taking care of people, but we often lose sight of that. By implementing a digital internal communications strategy, medical organizations such as hospitals, assisted living centers, and home healthcare providers, can realign their missions to put patients first. This happens when every employee is engaged in the communication lifecycle of patient care.

Win Executive Buy-in for an Employee App

Beekeeper Blog 23 October 2018
Over one in three participants in today’s US labor force are from the millennial generation. This generation continues to dominate the workforce in larger numbers than ever before, making the business case for workforce digitization not only compelling but necessary. Courting these employees who are accustomed to the convenience and efficiency of real-time, mobile workplace communication through the latest technology is thus imperative.

Mobile Communication Tools Connect Teams at InterContinental Miami

Beekeeper Blog 11 October 2018
With over 600 employees over 33 departments, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Miami, FL sits in the heart of Miami’s downtown business district with a breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay. As a luxury bay-front property, the hotel is a popular destination for vacationers and business travelers alike; the property hosts events ranging from weddings to large conventions.

How Mobile Solutions Complete Construction Jobs on Time and on Budget

Beekeeper Blog 2 October 2018
On a construction site, there are innumerable moving parts: laborers, supervisors, materials, deliveries, machinery, tools, safety, subcontractors, just to name a few. The best way to stay on schedule and on budget is to adopt a mobile productivity app to manage project-related data and communication. A mobile solution complements the mobile nature of the job, and will facilitate real-time communication and organize workforce management tasks for cost and time efficiency.

Top Ten Hidden Costs of Not Going Digital

Beekeeper Blog 18 September 2018
The one mistake 47% of companies make that costs them billions of dollars every year is not having a digital internal communications strategy. A digital workplace can revolutionize an organization, save money, and make a company more competitive. All systems and processes function at maximum efficiency for an employee trifecta. Productivity, engagement, and experience all benefit from a digital workplace, and the success and savings ripple out to the rest of a company, all the way to the customer.

From GDPR to Employee Engagement: What Hotels Need to Know

Beekeeper Blog 13 September 2018
Last year, consumers spent $1.6 trillion on hotel rooms worldwide. As global travel continues to grow, and with new GDPR compliance laws taking effect, hotels need to keep pace in a constantly evolving industry. In order to stay competitive and build a productive team, every hotel should have a digital workplace handling internal communications.

Beekeeper Announces ADP, Microsoft Azure, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday User Sync Integrations

Beekeeper Blog 11 September 2018
Digital workplace integrations should make work simpler and more enjoyable. At Beekeeper, simplicity is at the core of our integration philosophy. Rather than reinventing the wheel and replacing brand name software solutions, our marketplace apps enable direct integration between existing HR workforce management and payroll systems with Beekeeper digital workflows.

How Mobile Technology Elevates Hotel Communication and Operations

Beekeeper Blog 6 September 2018
Just as the hospitality industry builds memorable experiences according to guest needs, hotel communication systems and technology solutions should do the same for you and your workforce. A few weeks ago, Beekeeper teamed up with leaders from two of our business partners, Jos Schaap, CEO and Founder of StayNTouch and Erica Rich, Senior Hospitality Marketing Strategist at Revinate, to lead a webinar on how the hospitality industry can best leverage mobile technology in hotels.

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