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Hoteliers remain in a 'holding stage' assessing the best tech trends

SiteMinder Blog 17 May 2018
A new report from SiteMinder has revealed the key focuses and drivers of success for hoteliers across the globe.

10 smart ways your hotel can cut costs and maximise profits

SiteMinder Blog 16 May 2018
It’s a truism that a lot of small improvements can smooth the edges of a greater strategy and provide major results. At your hotel, you don’t always need to be thinking of the next big plan to drive revenue and deliver increased profits for the business.

Head of France at SiteMinder alerts hotels: 'direct bookings are slowing'

SiteMinder Blog 15 May 2018
The head of France at SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, is alerting the country’s hotels to a slowing growth rate of direct online bookings. Clemens Fisch, a travel industry expert who has led SiteMinder’s French and DACH regions since 2017, says the deceleration exposes French hotels to a future of distant relationships with their guests and guest experiences that are lacking in personalisation.

What hotels need to know about launching a book direct campaign

SiteMinder Blog 14 May 2018
An eternal conversation hoteliers have with themselves is around the effectiveness of direct bookings vs OTA bookings. Is the balance right for their hotel? If an increase in direct bookings is the goal, how can it best be achieved and how many resources will be required to do it?

Hoteliers admit finding new ways to manage revenue is their biggest challenge

SiteMinder Blog 9 May 2018
A new report from SiteMinder has given insight into the key drivers of success for global hoteliers. In its annual global survey, SiteMinder asked hoteliers, from both independents and groups, in all regions around the world to evaluate their priorities, challenges, strategies, and sentiments on everything from distribution plans, budgeting, staff hiring, technology adoption and of course, future success.

South Africa's top low-cost airline to grow travel packages with SiteMinder

SiteMinder Blog 9 May 2018
South Africa’s largest low-cost airline and operator of the South African arm of British Airways, Comair Travel (JSE: COM), has set its sights on growing its dynamic package offering for domestic travellers. The company has partnered with SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, to provide a direct connection for SiteMinder’s 30,000 hotel customers and expand package options to complement the more than one million flight, car rental and accommodation bookings made through Comair’s online platforms each year.

Guest-facing technology 'not a budget priority' for global hotels

SiteMinder Blog 2 May 2018
A new report from SiteMinder has revealed the key focuses and drivers of success for hoteliers across the globe. SiteMinder surveyed hoteliers, from independents and groups, in all regions to evaluate their priorities, challenges, strategies, and sentiments on everything from distribution plans, budgeting, staff hiring, technology adoption and of course, future success. Chapter two of ‘SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business Index 2018: What are the key drivers on a hotelier’s path to success?’ asked hoteliers to indicate what their top three priorities for distributing budget would be in 2018.

How to optimise your most profitable channel and book more guests direct: A step-by-step guide for hoteliers

SiteMinder Blog 20 April 2018
Understanding the breakdown of where your hotel bookings are coming from and how much revenue you’re driving from them is vital for your business. Without this analysis you can’t expect to develop successful revenue strategy. Ideally you’ll find you have a healthy proportion of bookings coming in direct through your hotel website and online booking engine.

On-demand webinar: A.I Meets Human Hospitality

SiteMinder Blog 19 April 2018
Now in its third year, the WTM Thought Leaders meeting is an annual occasion where hospitality leaders gather to discuss present and future state of the industry. We looked 25 years ahead and explored how the guest experience will change due to the technological advances that we are currently seeing.

5 easy hotel promotions to increase revenue at your property

SiteMinder Blog 18 April 2018
If you’re trying boost bookings and increase revenue flow at your hotel, there are few easier or more effective ways to do it than introducing some simple promotions. Promotions are great because you can be very flexible and targeted with what you offer, and often they’ll grab the attention of travellers searching online. Here are just five examples of promotions you can run at your hotel to increase occupancy and revenue when needed.

How do you know if your hotel website is accessible to all your guests?

SiteMinder Blog 12 April 2018
How often do you think about travellers with disabilities at your hotel? The reality is they should take up a lot of your consideration if you want your business to truly thrive. Around 15% of Americans and 20% of Australians have some form of disability, equating to almost 50 million people in the case of the US.

Indian hotel increases revenue by optimising online distribution

SiteMinder Blog 11 April 2018
The tourism industry is on the rise in India, as more travellers seek to visit destinations that offer authentic cultural experiences, historical adventures and ecological tourism opportunities. Noting the fact domestic travellers increased by more than 15% and international travellers increased by more than 8% in 2017, Talabgaon Castle’s revenue manager Dilip Singh Rajawat knew he needed technology that would allow him to grow his hotel brand during this tourism boom.

How to connect your hotel channel manager to Airbnb in real-time

SiteMinder Blog 27 March 2018
With Airbnb announcing its foray into the hotel market, it’s an exciting time for online distribution in the hotel space. The much talked about company will now be listing everything from treehouses to full-scale hotels – providing they meet a criteria for unique guest experiences. This presents a long-awaited and exciting opportunity for hotel properties wanting to broaden their reach and cash-in on the popularity of the sharing-economy.

Why is a reservation system so important for your hotel?

SiteMinder Blog 23 March 2018
It’s not exactly a revelation that if you want to run a successful hotel, you need guests. Crucial to your chances of capturing and keeping those guests is the use of a reservation system. Let’s explore why.

How to tackle the productivity challenge at your hotel

SiteMinder Blog 20 March 2018
Maximising productivity is something all businesses strive for. Measuring it and finding ways to improve it, however, isn’t always a simple task, depending on the industry. In manufacturing it may be as simple as knowing how many units need to be produced per hour and figuring out why this isn’t being met or how production can be optimised to increase the standard.

Hotel Website Grader: A comprehensive guide to web design features

SiteMinder Blog 20 March 2018
Website optimisation is a vital task for all hotels if they want to optimise the effectiveness of their guest acquisition. The ability to drive traffic, build brand awareness, engage travellers, and provide a seamless booking process is dependent on the strength of your website design. For hotels to drive more direct bookings and raise their bottom line they need to understand what website features to perfect and how to do it.

5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs a Room Rate Comparison Tool in 2018

SiteMinder Blog 15 March 2018
Understanding how your room rates compare to other hotels in the market is an important and easy way to gain a competitive advantage. However, doing this manually is a time consuming and laborious task for any hotel. That’s why technology is often the best and most accurate way to compare prices between your hotel and your local competitors.

Why your hotel needs a comprehensive room inventory strategy

SiteMinder Blog 9 March 2018
In the highly competitive hospitality industry, hotel operators and managers need to have access to valuable data to make educated decisions about the health and success of their property. This data plays a particularly pivotal role in developing the revenue and inventory management strategies at a hotel.

Is your hotel website HTTPS secure? Here's everything you need to know

SiteMinder Blog 6 March 2018
Nothing is more important to online consumers than website security. It’s imperative their personal and payment details are kept safe, and the hotel website they’re shopping on can be trusted. Creating a safe hotel website experience should be treated as a duty of care for your guests; can you imagine the consequences of a traveller being defrauded via your website? There’s also the very real danger of travellers abandoning or not even landing on your homepage in the first place.

How to compare hotel channel manager providers: 5 features you should look for

SiteMinder Blog 26 February 2018
One of the most important pieces of technology for your hotel is a channel manager. Whether you’ve already invested in a channel management solution or are in the early stages of exploring your options, it’s vital you get the best value for money. The benefits of a quality channel manager are multi-faceted. First and foremost it will help you simultaneously distribute your rooms across online travel agents, travel agents, tourist centres, and anyone else who books rooms on behalf of guests; and it will ensure everyone has access to your live availability and rates, updating your inventory in real-time.

The Dylan Hotel at SFO builds a clean, easy to update and integrated website

SiteMinder Blog 22 February 2018
The Dylan Hotel at SFO proud winner of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017, offers its guests the perfect combination of both convenience and charm. This 58-room boutique hotel is located just one mile away from the busy, bustling SFO airport in San Francisco (US) but nestled in a quiet residential neighbourhood. After completing a major renovation a year ago the hotel owner Christina Ongerth decided it was time to prioritise the brand’s online presence.

New study finds hoteliers fear robot-run future yet believe AI is key to guest personalisation

SiteMinder Blog 20 February 2018
A white paper by SiteMinder and IDeaS Revenue Solutions has found that while hoteliers fear a future where their properties are run by robots, they believe artificial intelligence (AI) may be the key to delivering a highly-personalised guest experience. This finding was brought to light at a thought leader breakfast held during World Travel Market London in November, and during a December webinar, where leading hoteliers conceded that although robots could never replace genuine hospitality, they can decipher big data to learn about guests faster than humans.

AI Meets Human Hospitality: Who will run our hotels in 25 years - humans or robots?

SiteMinder Blog 20 February 2018
A thought-leaders breakfast, hosted by IDeaS Revenue Solutions and SiteMinder, was held during World Travel Market (WTM) London on 7th November 2017 and involved an interactive workshop run by Monica Or, founder of Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy. The audience, consisting of hoteliers from some of Europe’s most renowned hotel brands, shared ideas and viewpoints as to who would run our hotels in 25 years – humans or robots? Live polls and surveys were carried out to collate and rank those ideas.

The resources your hotel can use to improve business right now

SiteMinder Blog 14 February 2018
It’s no secret how intensely competitive the travel industry is in any field (including ours!), so any tips, tricks, or new resources should be taken seriously. Improving a business requires a constant level of analysis, evaluation, and strategy development. As a hotelier, the essential time you devote to guests may restrict how much you can spend researching new ways to run your hotel, or new features to implement. Here’s our list of diverse resources you should keep front of mind when trying to learn new business strategies.

Building a killer hotel brand: 4 examples of hotels owning their identity

SiteMinder Blog 12 February 2018
Building a strong a brand for your hotel is really no different to establishing good relationships with people on a personal level. If you bore them, or lie to them, you’re going to lose friends very quickly. Of course, it gets a lot more complicated than that (as we all know) but by being engaging, consistent, authentic, and exciting a hotel brand can create a positive and lasting reputation. The end goal of building a strong hotel brand is an instant affinity and familiarity from travellers when they hear your hotel’s name. You want them to not only easily recall your image and logo, but also get an immediate sense of what a stay is like at your hotel and the experience they can expect to have. Their need to research will be reduced by your existing legacy. This is created in many different ways, usually over a long period of time.

Airbnb launches global hotel technology partnership to support boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts

SiteMinder Blog 7 February 2018
Airbnb today launched its first global hotel technology partnership with SiteMinder, the leading cloud platform for hotels to attract and book guests across the globe. Under the new partnership, traditional hospitality businesses that use SiteMinder and meet Airbnb’s hospitality standards can quickly and seamlessly list rooms on the platform. The new technology developed jointly by the two companies will now make it possible for hotels to connect booking information to their existing management system in real-time.

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