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State of the Nation 2018: How big is the opportunity for hotel bookings in Spain?

SiteMinder Blog 16 January 2018
Spain is a country prospering from its good climate and affordable gastronomy experiences. 2018 looks to be no exception and the statistics within this downloadable guide back up this good news story.

Face, voice, and emotional recognition: The promises they make to travellers

SiteMinder Blog 15 January 2018
Science fiction is invariably based on real theory, and usually becomes reality at some point in the future. This is the case with technology such as voice, face and even emotional recognition. No longer will films be able to awe us with these features because they already exist in real life! Human-centred technology like this is especially relevant to travel, something raised in Euromonitor International’s annual Top 100 Cities report. The research company proposes that both face and voice recognition, in conjunction with artificial intelligence, are set to see a huge rise in prominence. Beyond that, Euromonitor believes even emotional recognition may play a part in targeting travellers to help them make booking decisions. Let’s take a look at the key advancements and potential uses for each piece of technology…

Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila brings 77% more guests to their hotel website

SiteMinder Blog 11 January 2018
Recognising that there are many travellers from around the globe setting their sights on the Philippines, the Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila strives to provide all guests with a luxurious experience where they can relax. This independent hotel is located in Pasay City, Manila, and has more than 280 rooms. Established just under three years ago, the brand has had its own unique challenges to overcome, including figuring out the best way to create a brand website that drives direct bookings and helps increase revenue.

Granada Beach Resort increases direct hotel reservations by 100% with SiteMinder

SiteMinder Blog 11 January 2018
Granada Beach Resort is an intimate boutique hotel located in the beautiful destination of Oslob in the Philippines. General manager Chris Liles knew that being a newcomer to the area meant competing with the established, larger brands in the region. However, he counted on the personalised experience offered at his nine-room hotel as well as the assistance of a qualified technology solution to boost his brand’s reputation.

What you need to know about GDS in the hotel industry

SiteMinder Blog 18 December 2017
A global distribution system, or GDS, is an advanced network of travel agents who specialise in selling and booking travel products, including hotel rooms and packages. When a hotel operator connects with a GDS, the operator then has access to all of the agents within the GDS network. Agents can easily book rooms and packages for their clients through the GDS. There are various types of GDS, but it’s imperative that hotels partner with a GDS in the hotel industry. A GDS in the hotel industry will understand the unique needs and goals of hotel operators who are managing properties of all sizes.

Chiang Mai guesthouse in Thailand increases revenue and profitability by 80%

SiteMinder Blog 14 December 2017
Bed and Terrace Guesthouse, Chiang Mai is a boutique guesthouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand offering central accommodation near the night markets. Known for its trendy atmosphere within walking distance of top Chiang Mai attractions, Bed and Terrace Guesthouse Chiang Mai offers five different levels of accommodation. The guesthouse has been operating for eight years and has 10 rooms.

Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort & Spa increases OTA bookings with The Channel Manager

SiteMinder Blog 13 December 2017
Those who travel to Indonesia for an exotic and luxurious vacation look no further than the Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort & Spa. With 16 villas and 22 individual rooms available to book, those who stay here enjoy an immersive and customised vacation to a premier destination.

Kapital Inn improves performance and increases traffic with SiteMinder

SiteMinder Blog 11 December 2017
The Kapital Inn is a quaint, intimate bed and breakfast (B&B) in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. Rated on TripAdvisor as the best B&B in Budapest, the guests who stay here have the opportunity to get to know one another in a comfortable setting, while also immersing themselves in the local culture and flavour of the region.

On-demand webinar: The fundamentals of revenue management

SiteMinder Blog 8 December 2017
The most successful hoteliers are constantly on the lookout for smarter, more efficient ways of managing their hotel business and understanding the principles of revenue management is the cornerstone of running a profitable hotel. So, how can you tackle your distribution in a way that delivers the most revenue for your hotel?

How consumer behaviour and travel technology are changing each other

SiteMinder Blog 7 December 2017
It’s somewhat of a chicken or the egg scenario when it comes to talking about traveller behaviour and hotel technology. Which one has had a bigger influence on the other? Without hope of a definitive answer it’s much easier to say they have affected each other significantly, but at different times and in different ways. Over time there has been a shift from technology leading consumers to consumers leading technology. Here’s the big picture view as we see it…

Ask the hotel experts: Can a GDS boost my hotel's business traveller bookings?

SiteMinder Blog 30 November 2017
A global distribution system (GDS) is still widely regarded within the travel industry as a great way for hotels to expand their distribution and capitalise on large, lucrative, corporate travel markets. Given that the number of business trips has increased 38% since 2009, it’s well worthwhile.

The new relationship between technology and the travel industry workforce

SiteMinder Blog 28 November 2017
The hospitality industry is bound by face-to-face conversations that are designed to build healthy relationships between provider and patron. Some of the most successful business owners would likely not hesitate to call their regular customers friends, as it’s this attitude that delivers high-quality service on a consistent basis. It’s interesting to note then; the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly dependant on technology systems that can limit the amount of interaction people actually have with each other, but in some cases can significantly enrich the opportunity for hotel staff to give guests their utmost attention.

Your hotel's ultimate A-to-Z guide to revenue management

SiteMinder Blog 22 November 2017
Revenue management is one of the most important elements you need to consider when trying to run a profitable hotel – regardless of its size. So many factors are involved in maximising your property’s revenue so it’s key to understand how you can optimise each of them.

SiteMinder & Sojern Hotel Revenue Report: 'Being a data-driven hotelier means tapping into many sources'

SiteMinder Blog 22 November 2017
Here at SiteMinder we’ve joined forces with travel marketing and data experts, Sojern, to produce a new hotel industry report titled ‘How hoteliers can use data to drive more revenue’. This new, comprehensive report details the data-driven strategies hotels can use to attract guests, drive revenue, and optimise pricing. In part one of the preview blog series, we covered chapters one to three. Here’s a look at the remaining chapters – four to six:

Effective revenue management strategies for hotels

SiteMinder Blog 20 November 2017
Regardless of the type of hotel or the number of rooms that a given property has, an effective hotel revenue management strategy is necessary to success. At any given time, a hotel operator is going to be looking for ways to increase hotel revenue while also offering competitive hotel room rates. In order to do this, a property manager must develop hotel revenue management strategies that can be uniquely applied to their specific situation.

The hotel technology that is changing guest experience and how your property can use it

SiteMinder Blog 15 November 2017
There’s always so much discussion around what’s next in hotel service and technology. The focus on guest experience has intensified in reaction to the rising expectations of global travellers, with new technology and strategies being developed to meet this challenge. However, the future has quickly become the present. Industry-changing innovation is now upon us and the time has come for hotels to stop planning for them and start implementing them. Here are the key guest-facing technology features your hotel should be taking advantage of to optimise guest satisfaction.

Essential tips on how your hotel can upsell features and experiences

SiteMinder Blog 13 November 2017
With an increasing reliance on online travel agents (OTAs), the emergence of strong competition, and higher expectations from guests, a huge challenge for hotels is maintaining their profitability. One of the best ways to boost revenue and get more value for the business out of each customer is by employing upselling, and cross-selling, strategies. Upselling is the process of selling a more expensive version of the service or product your customer is buying, while cross-selling is the process of selling an additional, supplementary product or service to complement the product or service your customer is buying.

SiteMinder & Sojern Hotel Revenue Report: 'There's plenty of opportunity to find guests online'

SiteMinder Blog 9 November 2017
Here at SiteMinder we’ve joined forces with travel marketing and data experts, Sojern, to produce a new hotel industry report titled ‘How hoteliers can use data to drive more revenue’. This new, comprehensive report details the data-driven strategies hotels can use to attract guests, drive revenue, and optimise pricing.

Essential strategies to increase your hotel room sales

SiteMinder Blog 26 October 2017
Providing your guests with a comfortable place to stay and with an opportunity to get away from it all is one of your most important responsibilities as a hotel operator or manager – but at the end of the day, you are still running a business.

AI in the Hotel Industry: A snapshot of the potential impacts

SiteMinder Blog 18 October 2017
The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is nothing new. It has populated classic novels and films for decades. The theory and imagination always existed for such a creation, but technology was too limited for it to exist in reality.

SiteMinder named among The Silicon Review's 50 best companies to watch

SiteMinder Blog 17 October 2017
A decade of market disruption has earned the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, SiteMinder, a place on The Silicon Review’s 2017 list of the ‘50 Best Companies to Watch‘. The Silicon Review is one of the leading magazines for business and technology professionals around the world, focusing on innovative enterprise solutions developed by established industry providers.

How to increase your hotel's occupancy rate

SiteMinder Blog 13 October 2017
In order to improve your hotel’s occupancy rate, there are a few things you need to consider. For example, you want to know how to calculate your current occupancy rate, how optimal your current rate is, and whether there are specific times you should be focusing on.

'Technology will get you 70% of the way': SiteMinder's Mike Ford speaks at Maximum Occupancy

SiteMinder Blog 10 October 2017
Technology can solve most of your hotel’s problems, but you must overlay it with smart and considered strategies. That’s the message from SiteMinder CEO Mike Ford, who spoke on a panel at Maximum Occupancy 2017, alongside Amadeus and RMS. Maximum Occupancy is an annual event, educating hoteliers in the Australia-Pacific region on the latest trends in travel and technology, as well as key performance metrics and forecasts. Once armed with this vital data, they learn how to implement effective and profitable strategies for their hotel business.

Profiling 'The Neighbour': Is this your hotel of the future?

SiteMinder Blog 4 October 2017
By definition a neighbour is a person who shows familiarity, kindness, and is in close proximity to another. These are all qualities your hotel could adopt to build a successful business plan into the future. According to research from Deloitte and Doblin, and laid out in SiteMinder’s interactive quiz, hotels in the future will take on specific characteristics to change the shape of hotel service and experience. ‘The Neighbour’ is one of these.

Why you don't need to be a data-scientist to price your hotel rooms accurately

SiteMinder Blog 26 September 2017
Hotel room pricing is never easy to perfect, but you don’t need to be a genius or trained data-scientist to get it right at your property. Last year Airbnb’s head of hospitality and strategy, Chip Conley, stated that while Airbnb could take lessons from the hotel industry on how to deliver high quality service on a consistent basis, hotels could also learn from Airbnb on the importance of hiring data-scientists to improve their chances of converting guests.

How to choose the best online booking engine: A guide for independent hoteliers

SiteMinder Blog 26 September 2017
How do you choose the best online booking engine for your hotel? To secure direct bookings and reduce your reliance on commission-based online travel agents, you need an online booking engine that integrates with your property management system and channel manager. An online booking engine provides a simple path for guests who prefer to book their stay directly through your hotel website.

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