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Reality Check: Rationality of the Travel Fear

Novility Insights 12 February 2018
The Skift-coined term ‘permanxiety’ is a perfect word to describe the current state of travelers’ minds. “Travelers endure a barrage of worries about terrorism, security, Neo-isolationism, racial tension, Trumpism, technology and its adverse role, the widening economic gap, culture wars, climate change, and other geopolitical and local issues.” reads the Skift foreword on permanxiety.

Ergonomics & Technology: Improving your hotel operations

Novility Insights 13 November 2017
Delve into this exciting piece on Ergonomics & Technology that has just been published in the Hotel Yearbook Special Edition - Technology 2018! Co-authored together with my colleague Inês de Castro Fernandes, Lead Ergonomics Specialist at Novility, we'll guide you through the importance of raising ergonomics awareness in raising hotel team health and productivity; and what's more? We'll expand on how this can best be faciliated with advanced technologies!

Inside Novility: Meet Robin, User Experience Designer

Novility Insights 22 September 2017
Get to know the faces of Novility who make the magic happen behind the scenes. This month on Inside Novility: Robin a.k.a Robinho – our User Experience Designer!

Inside Novility: Meet Ines, Ergonomics Specialist

Novility Insights 13 July 2017
We are excited to announce that we are beginning our monthly Inside Novility interview series! Every month, we will introduce a colleague and give you an insight on how the magic happens behind the scenes. We are starting our series with Inês. Inês is the lead Ergonomics Specialist at Novility. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Movement Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy from Escola Superior de Saúde Jean Piaget in Algarve. At Novility, Inês is dedicated to the creation of ergonomic training for hotel teams, forming part of Novility’s interactive training solution. Inês is an Associate Ergonomics Professional (AEP)®, certified by the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE). Inês will give a presentation at Hotel Tech Live London on September 27th, entitled “Ergonomics & Technology: How connecting these dots can improve your hotel operations”.

The Connected Traveller Strikes Back

Novility Insights 19 January 2017
The demographic of today’s travellers is changing, and it’s very important to stay in dialogue with them. I must admit, I started part one with a focus on the terminology Millennials, but gradually good sense prevailed and I drifted away to using Connected Travellers in my references thereon; It seems like we’ve been having the wrong conversation all along. Broad age group generalizations make no sense in today’s culture. It’s about finding passionate niches that will propel brands.

The Return (Rise) of the Connected Traveller - Build Up

Novility Insights 30 September 2016
The landscape of the travel industry has seen a shift in tremendous ways by a generation whose collective obsession with authenticity, curation and design through social media has made the world a more open and connected place (shout-out to my FB friend Zuck). Social media has unlocked an awareness of a range of diversity, self expression and information gathering creating a hunger for multiple visions of positive individualism amongst millennials. This wave of change has worked alongside the democratization of information (thanks Larry & Sergey for Google).

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