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How cognitive technologies might evolve in travel in 2019

PhocusWire 15 January 2019
The maturing of cognitive technologies is opening up opportunities in travel, according to a trends report from Deloitte. The report says the technology enables travel brands to change existing processes, streamline operations and create "smart workforces." Cognitive technology is within the field of artificial technology (including machine learning, natural language processing and speech recognition) and is able to carry out jobs that up until now have been done by humans.

Ctrip invests in hotel robot manufacturer

PhocusWire 10 January 2019
Ctrip has invested in Yunji Technology, a Beijing-based company that makes robots for a variety of industries, including hotels. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. In an email, Ctrip says the two companies will work together to “promote smart service applications in the hospitality industry” and “make travel smarter and happier for its users.”

New hotel booking platform offers cryptocurrency rebates for travelers

PhocusWire 7 January 2019
A new blockchain-based hotel booking platform launching today at CES promises to take no commission on bookings and give back about 5% of each transaction to travelers that use the site. BTU-Hotel is one of the first services being built by Paris-based Booking Token Unit (BTU) Protocol, which describes itself as a “building block for any centralized application or website” that offers booking features for its end users, for example in industries such as travel, finance, healthcare, automotive and more.

The impact on travel brands when Apple updates a critical system tool

PhocusWire 4 January 2019
Many travel brands have become dependent on mobile apps to engage with customers and, increasingly, take bookings.

QOTW: Something about not being in Kansas anymore

PhocusWire 4 January 2019
Quote from Vivek Bhogaraju of the Expedia Group, in an article on PhocusWire this week.

Online marketplaces gaining momentum in tours booking race

PhocusWire 4 January 2019
Tour and activity bookings through online marketplaces increased in 2018 compared to 2017, according to a report from TrekkSoft. The tours technology specialist says total bookings made directly via operator websites went from 79% in 2017 to 67% in 2018 while the percentage of total bookings going to online marketplaces increased from 3.2% to 9.1%.

VIDEO: Lola - Summit pitch at Phocuswright 2018

PhocusWire 4 January 2019
Lola provides companies the visibility and control they want, while giving travelers the amazing experience they need.

11 uncomfortable truths about hotel revenue management

PhocusWire 3 January 2019
Hotel revenue management (RM) is not new and has been around for 30+ years, yet only 3% of hotels globally use revenue management technology today.

VIDEO: Odysseus Solutions - Launch pitch at Phocuswright 2018

PhocusWire 3 January 2019
A mobile-ready booking engine to dynamically build cruise packages using individual flight schedules, transfer times and cruise departures.

Increased ship production, environmentally friendly practices to shape cruise industry in 2019

PhocusWire 2 January 2019
It is said that a rising tide lifts all boats. The maxim applies to cruise ships, as well; a surging economy over the past few years has lifted ship construction to unprecedented levels.

STARTUP STAGE: Trip Loop coordinates group travel, with and without internet

PhocusWire 2 January 2019
Trip Loop consolidates information related to group travel, such as hotel reservations, transportation, events and a closed communication network, in one platform, which can be accessed even when internet access is not available.

VIDEO: Arise Travel - Summit pitch at Phocuswright 2018

PhocusWire 2 January 2019
Arise is a blockchain-based distributed network for hotels and the ecosystem of products and services around them.

PhocusWire's theme months for 2018 - all in one place

PhocusWire 31 December 2018
Here some of the highlights from each of our dedicated months during 2018 - from blockchain and digital marketing to voice and startups.

A review of 2018, a preview for what's next: Retailing and ancillaries

PhocusWire 31 December 2018
To explore what lies ahead for retailing and ancillaries in relation to travel next year, we asked a company at the sharp of it all to share some ideas.

Bots, personalized offers will shape younger traveler habits in 2019

PhocusWire 31 December 2018
Younger travelers are keen to engage with bots and are more likely to be swayed by personalized offers as they head into 2019.

VIDEO: LIVN - Launch pitch at Phocuswright 2018

PhocusWire 31 December 2018
Through a single integration with Livn API, B2B partners can connect to 15,000 tour operators with over 700,000 global tours and activities.

QOTW: Something about... a 20,000-word mini-thesis on travel in 2018

PhocusWire 28 December 2018
After our launch in late-2017, Quote Of The Week (QOTW) quickly established itself as PhocusWire's signature sign-off to mark the end of each week.

Fallacies and travel: Making sense out of 2018

PhocusWire 28 December 2018
According to essayistNicholas Taleb, in spite of the outlier status of certain events, "human nature makes us concoct explanations", in order to make these "explainable and predictable".

STARTUP STAGE: Jubel combines high-tech and high-touch trip-planning

PhocusWire 28 December 2018
Jubel combines artificial intelligence and travel specialists to create customized proposals - including destinations, hotels and transportation - based on client's personal preferences and styles.

VIDEO: Viselio - Summit pitch at Phocuswright 2018

PhocusWire 28 December 2018
Viselio is a digital visa service, cutting the time to apply for a visa from several hours to just a couple of minutes.

VIDEO: Hotels and doing the simple things first with tech

PhocusWire 27 December 2018
Hotels face battles on multiple fronts - but it's not just the obvious competitive elements that give them the biggest challenges.

AvantStay wins $5M round to grow group booking service for private accommodation

PhocusWire 27 December 2018
AvantStay has landed a $5 million funding round from large group of investors led by Ballpen Capital.

A review of 2018, a preview for what's next: Artificial intelligence in travel

PhocusWire 27 December 2018
To explore what lies ahead for AI in relation to travel, we solicited input from IBM's global managing director for travel and transportation, Dee Waddell, and from Mark Holt, chief technology officer at Trainline, a company that has been using AI to improve its services.

VIDEO: Affirm - Launch pitch at Phocuswright 2018

PhocusWire 27 December 2018
Affirm allows your customers to pay for their trips over time via monthly installments offered at the point of sale.

Nezasa lands $2.5M round to expand TripBuilder agent tech

PhocusWire 24 December 2018
Swiss startupNezasahas secured a $2.5 million funding round in a package led by SVC For Risk Capital.

STARTUP STAGE: Bookaway wants to bring ground transportation online in developing countries

PhocusWire 24 December 2018
Bookaway offers ground transportation options for travelers in developing countries where content is fragmented and few suppliers have made their inventory available online.

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