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The Hidden Benefits of Restaurant POS Software

Modern Restaurant Management 21 February 2019
POS systems are the unsung heroes of the retail and restaurant industries. Though often overlooked and undervalued, these systems are the key to a smooth running and efficient operation.Modern-day POS systems let owners effectively manage their businesses. Newer POS software boasts of speed and come with a variety of functions that allow companies to monitor the different aspects of their venture in a single dashboard.

Value-Based Pricing to Boost Restaurant Profit

Modern Restaurant Management 20 February 2019
Have you ever wondered why pricing is determined the same way across almost every QSR?The current methodology goes something like this: Multiply Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) times three Conduct some qualitative competitive research ... and that’s it, you have your prices.

The Three Greatest Valentine's Day Cyber Threats

Modern Restaurant Management 13 February 2019
Valentine’s Day is a boon to restaurants, retailers, flower shops, online dating sites – and cyber hackers. That’s because consumers’ defenses are down, as they search for great deals on gifts for loved ones – or seek to start a new relationship online. As a result, company networks, from mid-market B2B enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), can be compromised.

Five Ways to Maximize Restaurant Seating and Success on Valentine's Day

Modern Restaurant Management 12 February 2019
It’s undeniable. Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurant owners. February 14 marks an occasion for many couples to celebrate their love, and often that involves enjoying a romantic meal together out on the town. From seating charts to reservations and much more, restaurant owners have a lot on their plate to prepare for this special day.Here are five tactics restaurant owners should consider maximizing seating at their establishments, while minimizing headaches on Valentine’s Day.

Three Ways to Turn a Bad Review into Your Most Profitable Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Modern Restaurant Management 12 February 2019
Can you really turn a bad review into extra revenue for your restaurant?Read on, and we’ll show you exactly how to not only change a bad review to a good review, but to earn more revenue as well. You’ll know better than anyone that reviews are critical to your restaurant’s bottom line.

Three Tech Trends Operators Should Keep Top of Mind in 2019

Modern Restaurant Management 6 February 2019
As restaurant owners assess and begin implementing their 2019 goals, they should be excited about the promise of continued industry innovation and the technological advancements that will help make them happen.From the introduction of voice technology in restaurants to the expanded partnerships of reservation and search platforms, technology changed the restaurant industry in 2018 -- and we can expect advancements to continue at an even faster pace this year.

AmTrust Financial Restaurant Risk Report

Modern Restaurant Management 4 February 2019
AmTrust Financial Services recently reviewed five years’ worth of workers’ compensation restaurant claims to identify trends within the industry. The results contained in the company's Restaurant Risk Report take a deeper dive into all of these trends, as well as provides some loss control best practices to help reduce the risks involved in the industry. For Matt Zender's article on this, click here.

Why UK Bakeries Must Get Energy Efficient

Modern Restaurant Management 31 January 2019
Bakeries notoriously use a great deal of energy. As well as basic energy needs — like lighting and heat — they require energy to power ovens, mixers, fridges and freezers. This can often create huge energy bills, while profit margins can shrink due to a rise in energy prices.

MRM EXCLUSIVE: Seven Reasons Mobile Back Office Tech is a Must-Have for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management 29 January 2019
Mobile technology has permeated nearly every aspect of our lives. We’re connected at work, at home, on vacation, while we sleep and even when we eat. When was the last time you visited a restaurant where at least half the patrons weren’t glued to their phones?The restaurant industry has rolled out a cornucopia of technology to feed our digital appetite, including free Wi-Fi, tableside ordering and gaming consoles and even self-service kiosks.

Restaurant Technology Trends to Look Out For and How You Can Start Improving Now

Modern Restaurant Management 24 January 2019
It’s a new year, and that means everyone is doing some combination of reflection and looking ahead. For restaurants, that means looking back at last year’s performance and devising methods to improve business in the coming year. One constant I’ve encountered is that technology should play a huge part in your restaurant if you’re looking for success now or in the future.

Pay-at-the-Table Technology Boosts Safety, Convenience and Satisfaction

Modern Restaurant Management 21 January 2019
Opening a restaurant, and then achieving and maintaining profitability, isn’t easy. In fact, there’s a veritable cottage industry of television shows dedicated to the cutthroat nature of the business. Gordon Ramsay isn’t very forgiving, and diners who spend their hard-earned money can be just as demanding.Offering a quality product is the most obvious goal that restaurants strive to achieve, but with 80 percent of restaurants risking failure in the first five years, success hinges on more than just food. A passion for culinary arts is rarely enough to compensate for a lack of business skills.

Maintaining Halal Integrity in the Supply Chain with Blockchain Technology

Modern Restaurant Management 14 January 2019
Blockchain, beyond the buzz, is a general purpose technology that is widely applicable to food supply chains. Often misunderstood, a public blockchain serves as a neutral arbiter of trust, capable of integrating data from different stakeholders into a single unmodified chain of information. In the food industry, this allows for proof of origin, end-to-end traceability, and even quality assurance of products.

Patent the Internet of Things (IoT) in the Food Industry

Modern Restaurant Management 10 January 2019
The 'internet of things' (IoT) is revolutionizing how people live and work. Each day, the IoT grows as companies look for even more ways to connect devices with the goal of collecting and reporting data. As a result, the IoT has touched every industry, including the food industry. But what...

Harnessing the Power of Digital Signage

Modern Restaurant Management 3 January 2019
As a restaurant owner, particularly in the QSR (quick service restaurant) sector, you are likely to be updating your menu and promotions regularly. Using traditional methods such as printed or handwritten boards can be both labor-intensive and costly, especially if you have multiple locations. As a result, you may be considering switching to digital signage. In plain terms, this means installing digital screens at your location (usually at point of sale), with a robust CMS (content management system) to enable you to create content and manage the display schedule.

Technology and Experiences Will Shape the 2019 Restaurant Industry

Modern Restaurant Management 2 January 2019
Anyone familiar with retail knows that internet sales are threatening brick-and-mortar stores. However, in the service retail category, restaurants continue to grow and thrive. Along with other service retail, like fitness, tutoring, spas and salons, restaurants have been consistently in demand over the last decade, regardless of technological disruption or...

Five Ways Restaurants Use Technology to Secure Their Business

Modern Restaurant Management 28 December 2018
In today’s world, technology is essential to securing business’ safety, prosperity, growth and good reputation. The restaurant business most certainly is a testament to this. Now more than ever before, technology is incredibly advanced, affordable--one wide-angle camera can cover a larger area that previously required two cameras--and it’s extraordinarily user-friendly. So for restaurants, whether individually-owned or part of a chain, technology provides critical methods to secure a business. Here are five important ways restaurants can utilize technology to meet their security needs.

How to Control Labor Costs for Your Startup Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management 20 December 2018
Managing your labor costs is one of the toughest things that restaurant owners have to deal with on a daily basis. You have to find the right balance between how much you’re going to spend on your workers and making sure you have enough people serving your customers.

How an Elevated Game Day Experience is Increasing the Demand for Updated Restaurant Technology

Modern Restaurant Management 20 December 2018
The venue experience is changing for fans, but what does that mean for operators?In the past, professional sports venues primarily carried the same classic finger foods for fans across the United States: peanuts, pretzels and hot dogs. But over the years, fans have become increasingly frustrated with long wait lines at concession stands and the lack of variety.

Robots Are Making Our Restaurants Safer

Modern Restaurant Management 19 December 2018
Customers at Henn-na, a restaurant in Japan, have their food prepared by a row of robots. The “head chef,” a robot named Andrew, makes okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake. He has been programmed to stir the batter, pour it on the grill, and wait a specific amount of time for it to cook perfectly. Other Henn-na robots fry donuts, portion ice cream into cones, and even make boozy drinks.

Five Ways to Prepare Your Commercial Kitchen for Winter

Modern Restaurant Management 13 December 2018
When you hear about "seasonal maintenance," you might think of different household projects. But it also applies to commercial kitchens. During November and December, many restaurants start forecasting expenses for the following year. With the temperature starting to drop, you can use some leftover funds to tackle winter maintenance projects in your restaurant's kitchen.

Five Ways to Boost Hungry Holiday Shopper Satisfaction at the Point of Sale

Modern Restaurant Management 30 November 2018
As decorations find their way into windows and onto shelves, it's time to ensure your restaurant is ready for hungry holiday shoppers.TD Bank's recent survey at theNY Business Exporevealed nearly 40 percent of business owners aren't confident their current payment system can handle increased business during the holidays.

The Future of Digital Signage in Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management 20 November 2018
From large video walls to multi-source/multi-display applications and control systems, the use of digital signage in restaurants is becoming increasingly common.

Five Ways Restaurants Can Overcome Seasonal Plunges

Modern Restaurant Management 15 November 2018
It is not an easy task to run a restaurant but it becomes twice as difficult during the ‘off-season’ when the customer base trickles down considerably.

Introducing the Mobile Kiosk

Modern Restaurant Management 14 November 2018
Making the transition to mobile self-service is a challenge for any restaurant. It’s clearly where the industry is headed, but the journey to get there successfully is less well-defined.

Five Keys To Making Your Restaurant Opening a Success

Modern Restaurant Management 13 November 2018
In the U.S. alone, there are over one million restaurants, totaling $799 billion in sales each year. And with consumers spending more money than ever dining out, a new restaurant opening is an important addition to any neighborhood.But with new openings happening every week, how can restaurant owners make their business opening stand out from the crowd, and lead them to future success in their market?

How the Food Service Industry Can Take Advantage of AR and VR

Modern Restaurant Management 5 November 2018
It wasn’t too long ago when Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR, respectively) seemed like technologies that were a long way off from being a part of everyday life. Just as on-demand app development has made customers lives easier, AR and VR are set to do the same. Both have developed considerably over the last few years, and AR and VR are moving into more areas of business and extending further into the lives of consumers.

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