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Five Ways to Boost Hungry Holiday Shopper Satisfaction at the Point of Sale

Modern Restaurant Management 30 November 2018
As decorations find their way into windows and onto shelves, it's time to ensure your restaurant is ready for hungry holiday shoppers.TD Bank's recent survey at theNY Business Exporevealed nearly 40 percent of business owners aren't confident their current payment system can handle increased business during the holidays.

The Future of Digital Signage in Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management 20 November 2018
From large video walls to multi-source/multi-display applications and control systems, the use of digital signage in restaurants is becoming increasingly common.

Five Ways Restaurants Can Overcome Seasonal Plunges

Modern Restaurant Management 15 November 2018
It is not an easy task to run a restaurant but it becomes twice as difficult during the ‘off-season’ when the customer base trickles down considerably.

Introducing the Mobile Kiosk

Modern Restaurant Management 14 November 2018
Making the transition to mobile self-service is a challenge for any restaurant. It’s clearly where the industry is headed, but the journey to get there successfully is less well-defined.

Five Keys To Making Your Restaurant Opening a Success

Modern Restaurant Management 13 November 2018
In the U.S. alone, there are over one million restaurants, totaling $799 billion in sales each year. And with consumers spending more money than ever dining out, a new restaurant opening is an important addition to any neighborhood.But with new openings happening every week, how can restaurant owners make their business opening stand out from the crowd, and lead them to future success in their market?

How the Food Service Industry Can Take Advantage of AR and VR

Modern Restaurant Management 5 November 2018
It wasn’t too long ago when Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR, respectively) seemed like technologies that were a long way off from being a part of everyday life. Just as on-demand app development has made customers lives easier, AR and VR are set to do the same. Both have developed considerably over the last few years, and AR and VR are moving into more areas of business and extending further into the lives of consumers.

Securing the Digital Restaurant at the Edge

Modern Restaurant Management 30 October 2018
The concept of smart kitchens is starting to creep into the restaurant industry. Whether it’s adopting cook and hold ovens that reduce energy costs or adopting food safety management systems like Navitas, newer technology is being introduced to help restaurants run more efficiently and of course produce more revenue.

Modernizing Your Restaurant POS System: Four Best Practices

Modern Restaurant Management 29 October 2018
If you’ve been in the restaurant business while, you may think you’re too accustomed to your legacy POS system to make the switch to a new one. You’ve seen your colleagues and competitors upgrade their systems and you’re coming to terms with the truth: a modern POS system can lead to new business, less hassle, and greater efficiency for your restaurant. And while the transition may seem daunting, the benefits are likely too good to pass up, especially in such a competitive market.

MRM Share: Robots Take Over, Phygital and The Dronut

Modern Restaurant Management 28 October 2018
While Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine provides a host of content on topics and issues important to restaurant industry professionals on a daily basis, we also share interestng restaurant- and food-related content on our social media platforms.

Building a Successful On-Premise Beverage Program

Modern Restaurant Management 19 October 2018
With the holiday season just around the corner, a peak period for on-premise wine and spirits sales, the time is now for restaurants and bars to get their beverage programs ready. On-premise retailers must learn to leverage their beverage programs because if they are successful, not only will they increase traffic and profits, but the margins can help them subsidize other costs in the business that drive overall value.

Essentials of Restaurant Data Security: Safe Data Management

Modern Restaurant Management 18 October 2018
Owning a restaurant can be challenging juggling suppliers, staff, food, and customers. Along with all the other details of owning and running a restaurant you also have to be aware of data security and ensure that your restaurant passes muster. If you are like most business owners that know a lot about the restaurant business you may not be tech savvy and know how to protect yourself, your business or your computers from hackers and cyber-criminals. A data security breach could affect your reputation and your viability as a trusted place to go.

Alexa Fund's First Restaurant Tech Investment and ORDER. EAT. PAY.

Modern Restaurant Management 17 October 2018
OpenTable unveiled the pilot of a new centralized reservation feature for restaurant groups within its flagship product, GuestCenter. This new reservation view is the first in a suite of features designed to streamline operations through group-level tools for planning, management, and business intelligence; all in one dedicated group platform.

Pop-Tarts Pop-Up and 'NewGen Retail

Modern Restaurant Management 16 October 2018
New Additions to the Toast Partner EcosystemAvero, GoParrot and Rooam have been added as key integrations in the Toast Partner Ecosystem. These new application partners will provide restaurants of all sizes access to the technology partners they need to increase revenue, improve operations, and delight their guests. Toast's Partner Ecosystem complements its core point-of-sale, empowering restaurant operators with the flexibility to build their highest-performing restaurant tech stack.

Sign At Your Own Risk: Critical Lease Provisions to Negotiate or Avoid

Modern Restaurant Management 18 September 2018
Negotiating a retail lease is one of the most critical stages in the life of a restaurant. Each lease presents its own distinct issues and challenges; failing to have significant attention to detail can inadvertently result in an unsuccessful business or impede your growth; one oversight can destroy your succession plan or exit strategy.

Scanning the Horizon: What the Hospitality Industry Needs to Know About Biometrics

Modern Restaurant Management 14 September 2018
Biometric data (fingerprints, retina scans, voice recognition, etc.) are used to identify an individual using that person’s unique biological characteristics. No longer a thing of the future or portrayed in an episode of “Mission Impossible,” private companies and the government collect and use biometric data for a variety of reasons.

Guest Vulnerability and POS

Modern Restaurant Management 4 September 2018
You may not think about it this way, but the guests who enter your stores and pass through your drive-thru lanes bring you more than money and huge appetites. With every transaction, they could be turning over to you their names, email and physical addresses, birth dates, bank account information and their credit card numbers, in essence their identities and their financial well-being.

Do You Count? Why You Deserve Data to Increase Profit

Modern Restaurant Management 30 August 2018
It’s no secret that the most critical metric for any restaurant owner to optimize their food cost is cost of goods sold (COGS). However, counting inventory and applying most recent pricing makes it extremely difficult to calculate an accurate COGS. So much so that 60 percent of small restaurant owners do not consistently take inventory, which means they run blind to the most important metric, their profitability.

Rising Labor Costs Drive New Thinking for Restaurants

Modern Restaurant Management 29 August 2018
The restaurant sector is competitive. Changing customer behavior and the relative ease of new entrants drive a flurry of activity intent on improving competitive positioning. And then there’s the cost of labor. Record low unemployment, industry annual turnover rates exceeding 120 percent, and rapidly increasing statutory wage rates are changing store economics at a breakneck pace.

The Art and Craft of Menu Making (Infographic)

Modern Restaurant Management 24 August 2018
In the restaurant industry, having a well-designed menu that is carefully laid out and planned is a must. Your menu is the main tool that drives sales to your business, and engineering your menu can help bring in more sales and boost your profits. Additionally, studies have shown that a well-designed menu can boost your profits by 10 to 15 percent.

The Unexpected Costs of Opening a Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Management 17 August 2018
You already know there are a ton of things to consider when opening a restaurant. With so many moving parts, it’s surprisingly easy to underestimate—or even flat out overlook—some of the particulars. Even with the most meticulous planning, some things tend to fall through the cracks.

On Display: Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency

Modern Restaurant Management 17 August 2018
If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ve probably heard of the kitchen display system. But what is it, and how could it improve your restaurant? The kitchen display system (also called the kitchen video system) is a digital alternative to kitchen printers and paper tickets that connects to your restaurant’s POS software.

MRM In Conversation: Insurance Questions for Food Trucks, Concessionaires and Vendors

Modern Restaurant Management 16 August 2018
Every summer we see more food truck or pop-up restaurants and festivals. How can your business benefit from these events and be protected from common summertime risks? Having business insurance can make a big difference when trying to land more venues for your food truck or temporary restaurant.

Five Tips for Working Effectively with Food Delivery Services

Modern Restaurant Management 13 August 2018
Online ordering and food delivery service have been growing 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. Millennials and Generation Z are driving this trend, as their need for variety and convenience continues to influence the restaurant industry.

Report: Diners Crave Complementary Technology

Modern Restaurant Management 13 August 2018
Diners have increasingly high expectations for their entire restaurant experience, from making a reservation to paying the check, according to a "Diners of the Future” report from SevenRooms.

MRM Imbibe: Golden Bar Awards and the Robotic Bartender

Modern Restaurant Management 11 August 2018
Summer is here and tourists are everywhere, which is great news for the restaurant industry. Restaurants and bars across the country (particularly in areas near the ocean and/or lake regions) are experiencing an uptick in customers. Upserve analyzed millions of daily food and beverage sales transactions for thousands of restaurants in the U.S. in 2017 and provided some key insights to help restaurateurs capitalize on sales this summer.

Food Industry Snapshot (Infographic)

Modern Restaurant Management 10 August 2018
The restaurant industry has experienced a rough patch over the last few years, but off-premises catering has proven to be a bright spot. The restaurant industry is a $606 billion market, so it may be a surprise to know that independent restaurants are facing challenges. While this group makes up 64 percent of all restaurants, they only generate 40 percent of the revenue.

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