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The technology cheat sheet for hotel general managers

Hotel Tech Report 18 January 2019
The buck stops with the hotel’s general manager. The GM is responsible for anything and everything to do with a property’s operation. However, a hotel that manages a stellar guest experience does not necessarily make money. It may be cliché, but it's true: a hotel is only as good as its weakest link. All parts of the operation must run well -- which is why the general manager role is often seen as the most stressful. The general manager is responsible for managing the entire team, including but not limited to: revenue, marketing, operations, sales, and finance. GMs also must manage up to ownership and down to guests. With these many moving pieces, the role of a GM can be overwhelming even during the calmest periods on property -- but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech 2019

Hotel Tech Report 8 January 2019
Creating a great work environment is the single biggest determinant of success for any business. Companies that foster great work environments attract the best people and the best people build the best products. A 2017 study that analyzed 326,000 employee reviews at publicly traded companies found that firms with high employee satisfaction outperformed the overall stock market each year by 135bp (1.35%). A similar study of 400,000 employee ratings found evidence of a statistical relationship between employee perception and a firm’s future earnings.

Hospitality's next 5 years will be shaped by mobile saturation, shrinking office spaces and the...

Hotel Tech Report 8 January 2019
It's never easy to push through the hype and find the substance -- especially in hospitality, which is a challenging blend of guest-facing technology and back office software. Each year the technology world looks to Wall Street analyst-turned-VC Mary Meeker for her annual “Internet Trends Report”. Meeker’s report uses data to tell stories of business-related trends that are shaping society. Using data from Meeker’s report we identify some of the macro global trends impacting hospitality in 2019 and beyond. Unless otherwise noted, supporting images below are pulled directly from Mary Meeker’s presentation.

This is the tech you need to streamline your hotel's operations

Hotel Tech Report 22 December 2018
As any hotelier can attest, a modern hotel operation is a tangle of systems and technologies. Navigating the options can be overwhelming and frustrating, mainly because it's impossible to know how reliable the technology is -- or how responsive customer service will be during the inevitable outage. With such high-stakes, it's easy to get caught up in the details or to delay making a final decision.

Why did the European Commission go after airline GDS and not hotels?

Hotel Tech Report 13 December 2018
After the European Commission successfully prosecuted Google for its unfair search practices, travel industry pundits wondered if Google’s suite of travel products would be scrutinized next. While that hasn’t happened (yet), the commission turned its attention to another contentious topic in travel: the contracts between airlines and global distribution providers Sabre and Amadeus. Notably overlooked was the third biggest GDS, Travelport.

The future of hotel software is here: instant implementation, free integrations and apps for...

Hotel Tech Report 12 December 2018
Back when I worked in hotels drones were all the rage. Amazon had announced that it was planning to make drone deliveries in the not so distant future and every major news outlet was covering the craze.

Prediction: 2019 will be a transformational year for hotel technology

Hotel Tech Report 7 December 2018
Anyone who tells you stats about hotel technology spending or forecasts is honestly full of it. Warren Buffett famously said, “it’s better to be approximately right than exactly wrong.” We’re not going to tell you “stats” of how much a handful of hotel CIOs say they’re spending on tech. We also don't claim to have exact market data that’s frankly impossible to get an accurate read on for reasons that we won’t go into here.

How to maximize your hotel's bookings by aligning your technology with your goal

Hotel Tech Report 6 December 2018
The growth in technology tools for hotels has complicated life for hoteliers. While it has always been important to bring potential guests into the conversion funnel, there are now many ways to both capture and convert lookers to bookers.

The importance of a meritocracy like TripAdvisor in hospitality

Hotel Tech Report 6 December 2018
Some properties think of TripAdvisor as their best friend, others their worst enemy. But when it comes to online reviews, it is the one place that every hospitality professional turns to. There can be no denying the impact that the review giant has had on the hospitality industry, and Sally Davey knows this all too well.

Integrations and cyber security will make hotels Hapi in 2019

Hotel Tech Report 5 December 2018
Hapi founder Luis Segredo and his partner Nikolai Balba are no strangers to the hotel technology world. After decades of entrepreneurial success in the hotel tech space - Segredo and Balba couldn't help but notice that 15% of IT budgets were being spent deploying, securing and supporting product integrations. In 2017 the two launched their firm Hapi to solve this massive problem. Hapi is a data streaming, integration and enrichment platform designed to solve the hotel industry’s rapidly expanding data management challenges.

SiteMinder CEO: "The SaaS economy has made best-of-breed solutions accessible to every type of...

Hotel Tech Report 29 November 2018
In May of 2018 I wrote a piece for Lodging Magazine called "Hotel Technology's Paradigm Shift: The Age of Interconnectivity" where I discussed the #1 barrier to innovation in the hotel industry - the lack of integration between different components in the hotel tech stack. In the last couple of years a slew of ambitious companies have set out to solve this connectivity problem. One of the most interesting contenders in this fight decided to throw its hat in the ring in June 2018 when SiteMinder launched its Exchange marketplace.

Virtual reality and small meetings top the most important trends for meetings and events in 2019

Hotel Tech Report 27 November 2018
It’s been nearly two years since the headline-grabbing merger between two leading events technology companies, Cvent and Lanyon. The boldness of the moment marked a shift for the meetings and events industry, signaling the strength and momentum of the sector.

These are the best CRM tech tools for hotels

Hotel Tech Report 20 November 2018
Customer relationship management software is a powerful ally for hotels. It’s the fuel for successful hotel marketing, helping hotels achieve profitable operations through more targeted marketing and deeper relationships with guests, groups, and corporate clients.

Duetto founder: "90% of hoteliers are missing this massive profit opportunity"

Hotel Tech Report 19 November 2018
Hotel revenue management is changing quickly but not quickly enough. According to our sources less than 1 in 10 hotels in 2018 are leveraging revenue management software to price their rooms. Dynamic pricing went mainstream with Uber's "surge pricing" model; however, it's been used by airlines, hotels and other industries for decades.

The top tech tools you need to improve your revenue management

Hotel Tech Report 16 November 2018
Revenue management has made great strides in recent years. The transition to cloud-based systems built flexibility into the software development process, accelerating the pace of new features. The shorter cycles allow the software to more accurately meet the evolving needs of hoteliers. This is a relief to many hoteliers with less-than-pleasant memories of the shackles of frozen legacy technology.

Meet Erik Tengen, the most interesting man in the world of hospitality

Hotel Tech Report 14 November 2018
If you haven't heard about Erik Tengen or his rocketship startup Oaky you've probably turned off all social media apps - so congrats you are more disciplined than we are. Erik doesn't have a generic hospitality CV. In fact, his CV isn't generic by any stretch.

Do independent hotel loyalty programs actually work?

Hotel Tech Report 10 November 2018
The hotel industry has moved into the era of soft brands unofficially started by Hilton through the DoubleTree brand. The initial idea was to find a way for the Hilton development team to help owners of subpar hotels (ones that didn't meet brand standards) plug into Hilton's distribution network and (and consequently for Hilton to earn franchise fees from a larger pool of the market). This evolution progressed as Marriott launched the Autograph Collection and eventually turned into an arms race with Starwood's Luxury Collection and acquisition of European based Design Hotels. The trend has allowed hotel brands to grow faster in a world where they are asset light (no longer own property).

What is the difference between vacation rental technology and hotel technology?

Hotel Tech Report 9 November 2018
‘Hotel tech’ has been a catchall for the various segments of hospitality. It’s even in our name: Hotel Tech Report, where we distinguish between property types as a means of connecting hospitality professionals to the best software for their property.

Drive revenue with attractive hotel packages

Hotel Tech Report 9 November 2018
When you aim to increase your hotel revenue, you can’t ignore the power of packages. Hotel packages are a tried and tested medium to drive bookings, increase occupancy, upsell non-room items and boost profits. They are an essential part of your hotel rate management, most importantly during the booking process, as they help you persuade potential guests to book with you.

Slash Your Hotel PMS Cost in 2019 by 50%

Hotel Tech Report 6 November 2018
Hotelogix, a leader in cloud-based Property Management Systems has announced the launch of its exciting year-end offer. Under this new plan – ‘Lock now & Use later’, independent hotels can pay for 6 months to get 6 months free usage. Hotels can avail the deal by paying a small lock-in amount of USD 250. This offer is valid for first 100 customers.

What you need to consider when choosing a new property management system

Hotel Tech Report 1 November 2018
Property management software unites many core functions of a hotel in one place: check-in and check-out, room availability, reservations, billing, and scheduling housekeeping/maintenance. Some all-in-one PMS also pull in channel managers, and other elements of distributing your hotel’s inventory to third-parties.

North Carolina's Biltmore Greensboro Hotel achieves 40% increase in direct bookings

Hotel Tech Report 30 October 2018
Opened in 1903, located in North Carolina, the Biltmore Greensboro Hotel is a 3-star boutique hotel with 26 rooms. With an impeccable guest service, this century-old property strives to offer a pleasant and memorable stay experience to its patrons.

Can hoteliers benefit from last minute booking apps

Hotel Tech Report 26 October 2018
It is common knowledge that the hotel business is extremely time sensitive. A room unsold for a night, will be unsold forever. It’s done, it’s history. There is no way to recover from that loss. You could, of course, use different hotel occupancy strategies and find ways to make up for that loss, but very objectively speaking- the time sensitivity is immense.

Atomize Founder Tells All: Paddling a Kayak from Norway to Finland, Automating Revenue Management...

Hotel Tech Report 26 October 2018
There is a concept in Zen Buddhism called 'shoshin' which translates to 'beginners mind'. The concept of 'beginner's mind' refers to the idea that sometimes more experience can actually be a detriment to progress. The 'beginner's mindset' can actually be a competitive advantage as it frees one from the perceived limitations set by those that came before us.

5 Reasons Why Cloud Hotel Management Systems Handle Multi-Property and Chains Better

Hotel Tech Report 25 October 2018
A Cloud-based PMS or a server-based one - which of these is the better option for chain hotels to manage their operations efficiently. If there was one major disagreement amongst hoteliers across the globe, it has to be on this. While some of them are convinced about the capability of cloud-based hotel management system, many of them still believe that hotel management software on cloud is not powerful enough to do so.

Hospitality Technology is now second nature

Hotel Tech Report 10 October 2018
Technology is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s changing hospitality landscape. Computing data is now more important than ever because of the weight of the data that flows for any given process, during any point of time. Hotels process a lot of data, on any given day- be it independent hotels or chains.From the number of reservations that take place to the requests raised by guests, to stocking up on inventory, the list is endless.

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