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Here are 16 must read books recommended by top hotel general managers

Hotel Tech Report ·7h
Being a hotel GM takes finesse and creativity. You have to be both analytical enough to manage your hotel’s P&L and personable enough to interact with guests. Usually employers have to choose between a people person and a numbers person but when searching for a good hotel GM owners need to look for both.

"Super Angel" Dave Berkus on the convergence of PMS, CRS and hotel CRM

Hotel Tech Report 15 March 2019
Dave Berkus knows hospitality technology more than nearly anyone. Back in the early 1980s, his company, Computerized Lodging Systems, dominated the nascent hospitality technology market with one of the first electronic Property Management Systems on the market. The immediate popularity of the technology resulted in rapid growth for the company, which was recognized on the Inc 500 list -- twice. Dave also created FOSSE, the property management system technology that Marriott used for almost 36 years.

"Super Angel" Dave Berkus on the technical evolution of PMS, CRS and hotel CRM

Hotel Tech Report 14 March 2019
Dave Berkus knows hospitality technology more than nearly anyone. Back in the early 1980s, his company, Computerized Lodging Systems, dominated the nascent hospitality technology market with one of the first electronic Property Management Systems on the market. The immediate popularity of the technology resulted in rapid growth for the company, which was recognized on the Inc 500 list -- twice. Dave also created FOSSE, the property management system technology that Marriott used for almost 36 years.

The definitive guide to ITB Berlin 2019: 5 key trends that every hotelier must know

Hotel Tech Report 13 March 2019
Last week Hotel Tech Report attended ITB to discover the most cutting edge innovations in travel and hotels. Each year thousands congregate at Messe Berlin to connect with peers, partners and clients from around the globe. Below are 5 key trends that every hotelier needs to know about this year. In this article we outline each trend, tell you how it impacts your hotel and give an overview of the companies that launched or showcased on trend products at ITB. For those of you who couldn't make it to Berlin we also cut a reel from the show so you can get the next best thing to being there.

This is what 789 hoteliers said about their technology priorities

Hotel Tech Report 12 March 2019
Have you ever wondered which hotel software upgrades sit at the top of the priority list for other hotel tech buyers? After all, benchmarking is an important piece of a hotelier’s professional life. The knowledge of how other hotels (especially those in your competitive set) prioritize software upgrades is an additional data point for hotel managers.

Smart technology buyers judge companies by capabilities not number of employees

Hotel Tech Report 1 March 2019
Unseasoned technology buyers often make the assumption that the biggest companies have the best products. It’s not a terrible assumption when you think about it. After all, didn’t the biggest companies become so big by delivering great products to clients? There’s the old adage that “nobody gets fired for buying a Xerox” - doesn’t that still hold true?

Hotelogix founder to hotel industry "Artificial intelligence is not going to take your job"

Hotel Tech Report 28 February 2019
One of the biggest misconceptions that hotel workers believe is that technology and artificial intelligence will take their job. Here’s a news flash - it won’t. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at history. From early Mesopotamia to 17th century Europe economic growth grew at a steady pace. Blacksmiths forged iron, tailors made clothes and so on. At the dawn of the industrial revolution many predicted that factories would displace this workforce and create mass unemployment. In fact, the opposite happened and factories created an entirely new economy with explosive employment and economic growth.

Deep dive into Revinate's hotel marketing and CRM technology

Hotel Tech Report 25 February 2019
In our Product Deep Dive series, we go deep into one solution to help hoteliers evaluate and assess the best software for their specific situations.

Hotel analytics series pt 1: Why your reports are not analytics

Hotel Tech Report 22 February 2019
As providers of the leading Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics platform for the hospitality industry (HotelIQ), at Intelligent Hospitality we’re often asked to replicate existing reports that hotels produce manually.

Learn how Kevin Brown went from Guest Services Manager to Product Marketer at a $30B dollar hotel...

Hotel Tech Report 17 February 2019
Working as a front desk agent at a hotel is insanely hard work. Hotel guests have extremely high expectations: they want to be checked in fast, they want amazing service, a 24/7 smile and they want to be upgraded to the best room for free. They want you to know everything about them but not too much that it’s creepy. They want friendly conversation but they don’t want you to talk too much. Check-in systems break down, reservations are lost, overbookings happen and so much more can go wrong that is completely out of your control.

What does the INTELITY merger mean for your hotel technology strategy?

Hotel Tech Report 15 February 2019
If you’re like most hotel owners and managers you’re probably being pitched by dozens of technology vendors each week. Some of these vendors are specialists that deliver a single service or functionality and others pitch a ‘bundled approach’ or ‘one-stop-shop’.

This is the tech every hospitality HR manager needs for success

Hotel Tech Report 15 February 2019
Relentless turnover challenges the sanity of even the most composed hotel manager. I would know: after owning two restaurants that employed 70 people at peak times, the constant battle against turnover triggers plenty of stressful memories. We tried offering health insurance and a living wage for BOH employees, but the economic realities of the low-margin restaurant business made this nearly impossible. Add in the appeal of jobs in less low wage industries, and hiring and retaining quality candidates with a passion for hospitality was always the top challenge.

Revenue managers: This is what you need to know from 5 must-read books

Hotel Tech Report 8 February 2019
There's never enough time in the day. So it's not surprising that even thinking about reading a book seems indulgent -- even if it's a book that makes you better at your job. For hotel revenue managers, this indulgence can be worth the book’s weight in gold (or the equivalent in bookings). That's because knowledge is a revenue manager’s compass, helping to navigate the perilous journey of modern revenue optimization strategy, which is data-driven and analysis-focused.

(Podcast) FOSSE creator Dave Berkus uses lessons from history to predict the future of hotel...

Hotel Tech Report 8 February 2019
In this episode we chat with Dave Berkus, one of the most prolific angel investors of all time. Dave is the creator of FOSSE - the property management system that Marriott used for nearly 4 decades. He is one of the most storied entrepreneurs in hotel technology and has invested in countless travel technology startups.

How successful have hotels been in earning more direct bookings?

Hotel Tech Report 1 February 2019
Direct booking campaigns have been a centerpiece of hotel marketing for several years now. The push to encourage guests to ‘Book Direct’ stems from efforts to both reduce commissions paid to third-parties and to forge stronger bonds with guests. Without an intermediary, a hotel can market to the guest before, during, and after the stay, regaining control over the guest relationship, both financially and strategically.

Hotel tech is a massive investment opportunity and PeakSpan Capital is doubling down

Hotel Tech Report 1 February 2019
How many hotels are there in the world? Back in 2012 STR estimated 187,000 hotels with more than 17.5 million rooms globally but we’ve seen estimates from Booking and Expedia north of 300,000 and that figure is growing at a rapid clip. Hotels have a stigma for being slow to adopt technology but that’s changing quickly as digital natives moves into leadership roles at hotel groups around the world.

IDeaS Founder Dr. Ravi Mehrotra on why revenue managers need to start thinking fast and slow

Hotel Tech Report 30 January 2019
Many academics spend their careers publishing research on obscure topics distributed via infrequently read academic journals but Daniel Kahneman and Dr. Ravi Mehrotra break from that mold.

This is the tech that hotel marketers need to improve performance

Hotel Tech Report 24 January 2019
Hotel marketing is a complex and nuanced practice that requires planning, patience, and the ability to analyze and adapt to results. In practice, a hotel marketer blends a creative mindset with a strategic approach that uses strong creative in support of marketing campaigns that increase occupancy and revenues.

The technology cheat sheet for hotel general managers

Hotel Tech Report 18 January 2019
The buck stops with the hotel’s general manager. The GM is responsible for anything and everything to do with a property’s operation. However, a hotel that manages a stellar guest experience does not necessarily make money. It may be cliché, but it's true: a hotel is only as good as its weakest link. All parts of the operation must run well -- which is why the general manager role is often seen as the most stressful. The general manager is responsible for managing the entire team, including but not limited to: revenue, marketing, operations, sales, and finance. GMs also must manage up to ownership and down to guests. With these many moving pieces, the role of a GM can be overwhelming even during the calmest periods on property -- but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech 2019

Hotel Tech Report 8 January 2019
Creating a great work environment is the single biggest determinant of success for any business. Companies that foster great work environments attract the best people and the best people build the best products. A 2017 study that analyzed 326,000 employee reviews at publicly traded companies found that firms with high employee satisfaction outperformed the overall stock market each year by 135bp (1.35%). A similar study of 400,000 employee ratings found evidence of a statistical relationship between employee perception and a firm’s future earnings.

Hospitality's next 5 years will be shaped by mobile saturation, shrinking office spaces and the...

Hotel Tech Report 8 January 2019
It's never easy to push through the hype and find the substance -- especially in hospitality, which is a challenging blend of guest-facing technology and back office software. Each year the technology world looks to Wall Street analyst-turned-VC Mary Meeker for her annual “Internet Trends Report”. Meeker’s report uses data to tell stories of business-related trends that are shaping society. Using data from Meeker’s report we identify some of the macro global trends impacting hospitality in 2019 and beyond. Unless otherwise noted, supporting images below are pulled directly from Mary Meeker’s presentation.

This is the tech you need to streamline your hotel's operations

Hotel Tech Report 22 December 2018
As any hotelier can attest, a modern hotel operation is a tangle of systems and technologies. Navigating the options can be overwhelming and frustrating, mainly because it's impossible to know how reliable the technology is -- or how responsive customer service will be during the inevitable outage. With such high-stakes, it's easy to get caught up in the details or to delay making a final decision.

Why did the European Commission go after airline GDS and not hotels?

Hotel Tech Report 13 December 2018
After the European Commission successfully prosecuted Google for its unfair search practices, travel industry pundits wondered if Google’s suite of travel products would be scrutinized next. While that hasn’t happened (yet), the commission turned its attention to another contentious topic in travel: the contracts between airlines and global distribution providers Sabre and Amadeus. Notably overlooked was the third biggest GDS, Travelport.

The future of hotel software is here: instant implementation, free integrations and apps for...

Hotel Tech Report 12 December 2018
Back when I worked in hotels drones were all the rage. Amazon had announced that it was planning to make drone deliveries in the not so distant future and every major news outlet was covering the craze.

Prediction: 2019 will be a transformational year for hotel technology

Hotel Tech Report 7 December 2018
Anyone who tells you stats about hotel technology spending or forecasts is honestly full of it. Warren Buffett famously said, “it’s better to be approximately right than exactly wrong.” We’re not going to tell you “stats” of how much a handful of hotel CIOs say they’re spending on tech. We also don't claim to have exact market data that’s frankly impossible to get an accurate read on for reasons that we won’t go into here.

How to maximize your hotel's bookings by aligning your technology with your goal

Hotel Tech Report 6 December 2018
The growth in technology tools for hotels has complicated life for hoteliers. While it has always been important to bring potential guests into the conversion funnel, there are now many ways to both capture and convert lookers to bookers.

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