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[WATCH] Triptease meets Cendyn to talk GDPR, CRM and driving direct bookings

Triptease Blog 20 March 2018
Hospitality software provider Cendyn works with 30,000 hotels in 143 countries and its CRM platform has been market leader for more than 20 years. So when we got the chance to quiz them about the most important topics in hospitality right now, we didn’t hesitate. We sat down with Michael Bennett, Cendyn’s Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development, at ITB in Berlin a couple of weeks ago. Watch the below video to hear what we discussed, including industry anxiety over GDPR, the new European Union data protection legislation due to come into force in May, and why CRM is increasingly becoming a priority for hoteliers. We also tackled the status of the Direct Booking Movement, up and coming hotel brands and why he is “very optimistic” about the industry’s prospects in 2018.

How to Price a Marketing Proposal: Four Proven Approaches

MarketingProfs·Requires Registration 19 March 2018
Conversations about pricing can be uncomfortable, but they're a necessity for every marketer. Figuring out how to broach the topic tactfully—in a way that actually encourages prospects to become clients—gives you a tremendous advantage over competitors. How do you pull it off? By applying a few tried-and-true principles, you can navigate this key part of closing every sale. Let's talk about how to do that.

Customers Come First When Making Technology Decisions

Duetto Research Blog 19 March 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

How quantum computing can aid machine learning

eyefortravel.com·Requires Registration 19 March 2018
Mar 19, 2018 Ever wondered why seating 10 people round a table at a dinner party is such a headache? In Part 3 of a series of articles by theoretical physicist Joerg Esser, you are about to find out. Machine learning is about finding the best solution from among an enormous number of different combinatorial options. Quantum computing helps as it checks multiple options simultaneously and facilitates statistical sampling.

PODCAST: PhocusWire PundIT Show #9

PhocusWire 19 March 2018
We took a short break after the high-end production efforts behind the first run of PundIT Shows. The intention was always to have the show as a regular podcast, featuring pundits from around the industry who were willing to share their highs and lows, enjoyment and woes about all things digital travel.

Glimpse of Hotelogix's journey at ITB Berlin 2018

Hotelogix Blog 19 March 2018
ITB Berlin – 2018, considered as the world’s leading Travel Trade Show held from 7-11 March concluded with Hotelogix being one of the proud participants. Hotelogix showcased its enterprise grade cloud-based Hotel Property Management system along with its Mobile Hotel App. Hotelogix’s top management was at the venue, and leveraged the platform to build successful collaborations with hoteliers attending the event.

Voice tech in travel, part 3: Skyscanner

PhocusWire 19 March 2018
The days of typing search terms into a browser or clicking through drop-down menus may be fading. Rising in their place is a much more natural interface: voice. Market research firm Gartner predicts consumer demand for voice devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home will generate $3.5 billion by 2021. Statistics regarding consumer adoption of these products are staggering.

Your biggest potential customer is sleeping with you tonight!

Jay's Blog 18 March 2018
Too often, your local General Manager, FOM, Guest Service Staff or Sales Manager is not paying attention to learning more about your inhouse guests. Who are they? Why are they traveling through or to your city? What is the name of their company? What project are they working on? And the big kahuna? Are there other folks traveling for those same reasons (who are working for that same company or participating in that same project) but maybe staying at your competition?

Announcing: Spring 2018 Edition of Milestone Digital Presence Cloud with New User Interface

Milestone Insights 16 March 2018
This week At the annual SMX West Conference, Milestone Inc. announced the upcoming launch of the Spring 2018 edition of Milestone’s Digital Presence Cloud. The Digital Presence Cloud helps multi-location or multi-person businesses with their digital marketing. Milestone’s platform provides Content Management, local search, review monitoring, social media monitoring and analytics for any business that needs to drive traffic to physical locations. Hotels, retailers, financial institutions, doctor’s offices and auto suppliers are just some of the businesses that can benefit from Milestone’s platform.

One Brilliant Way to Improve Hotel Wi-Fi Security

Eleven Blog 16 March 2018
Spring Breakers Beware! Much ado has been made about hotel Wi-Fi security since a recent report from the Today Show showed just how easy it is for hackers to tap guests’ personal information via hotel Wi-Fi. Unsuspecting sunbathers naively connect poolside only to learn a nefarious hacker has secretly duped them into authenticating on to a fake Wi-Fi network that closely resembles the hotel’s.

Revenue Strategy Requires a Team, Not a Hierarchy

Duetto Research Blog 16 March 2018
Teamwork is the key to efficient operation of a hotel or casino, with each staff member understanding his or her role and how it complements and backstops the roles of other associates. It takes a team, but it also requires a mind-set among all team members to work together, not at odds with each other. Sometimes, the lines of authority become blurred, often with less-than-ideal results. Such is sometimes the case with the revenue management function in a hotel, or even a management or brand company. Revenue management is a relatively new hotel industry discipline and has yet to find a universally accepted spot in the hotel management landscape. Newer still is Revenue Strategy, which requires a cultural change across the organization to get the revenue department collaborating closely with operations, sales and marketing to work together toward shared profitability goals. At some properties, revenue managers report to the rooms department executive. Sometimes they report to the director of sales or director of marketing. And while that seems to make some sense — after all, revenue management is a hybrid function between sales and marketing — such a structure can create inherent conflicts that can ultimately hurt every hotel’s stated business mission to maximize revenues and profits.

How to Leverage New Technology in B2B Marketing

KoMarketingAssociates 15 March 2018
One exciting thing about digital marketing is that it is always changing. There is always a new strategy to test or a new update that makes you question what you thought you knew. B2B marketers likely sense this pressure in a unique way, as they often find they can’t utilize all of the same channels that B2C marketers use (e.g., Snapchat might not be the best place to find a B2B lead), but they still want to be just as relevant and in front of their buyers.

How smart technology can help hotels ward off bed bugs

PhocusWire 15 March 2018
Hotels are putting money toward technology upgrades such as keyless entry and smart thermostats to give guests a better in-room experience. But there’s another – albeit less glamorous – application for tech in guest rooms that hotels might want to consider: bed bug detection.

5 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs a Room Rate Comparison Tool in 2018

SiteMinder Blog 15 March 2018
Understanding how your room rates compare to other hotels in the market is an important and easy way to gain a competitive advantage. However, doing this manually is a time consuming and laborious task for any hotel. That’s why technology is often the best and most accurate way to compare prices between your hotel and your local competitors.

13 Things to Know on the Quest for Hotel GDPR Compliance -- Newsletter 58

Hosp. Tech Matters - A Blog by Alice 14 March 2018
Writing this from the HT-Next conference this week in San Diego, where hoteliers and technology companies are meeting to discuss standards in the industry. ALICE actually has been helping HTNG release a new tool for the industry, an API Registry, that if successful could be such a game changer. Imagine knowing exactly who is integrated with whom when looking for new technology partners. Finally, the first question would not have to be “are you integrated with our PMS?” We encourage all of our technology partners to sign up here.

[WATCH] CRM: A Hotelier's Guide - the webinar

Triptease Blog 14 March 2018
Missed any of CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide? Fear not — Triptease’s Chief Tease, Charlie Osmond, was joined by Revinate’s Erica Rich for a webinar dedicated to customer relationship management and it’s right here for you to enjoy! Charlie and Erica revisited all the key learnings from the Hotelier’s Guide blog series, including what to look for in CRM software and the value of segmentation in email marketing. They also had a lively debate on automation and how to bring it into hospitality without losing the personal touch the industry is famed for.

How your OTA pricing model mix can distort important stats like RevPAR

Travel Tripper Blog 13 March 2018
The post How your OTA pricing model mix can distort important stats like RevPAR appeared first on Travel Tripper at Travel Tripper. RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) is one of your hotel's most important performance metrics. Yet while commonly used and heavily relied upon, it's a metric that isn't without its faults. In the following post, we'll show exactly how RevPAR can be distorted, highlight the potential impact this can have on your business, and offer solutions to mitigate the risk. Calculating RevPAR Hotels often use RevPAR as a way to measure... The post How your OTA pricing model mix can distort important stats like RevPAR appeared first on Travel Tripper at Travel Tripper.

Why Do Some Hotel Marketers Get Everything They Want?

Tambourine Blog 13 March 2018
With the hotel industry enjoying a period of record performance, posting all-time highs for occupancy, ADR and RevPAR, one of the most talked-about ways to improve performance (and delight ownership) are to reduce the cost of guest acquisition. And that begins with fully understanding a vital metric: your hotel’s CLV-to-CAC ratio.

Next-generation Revenue Management & Intelligent Pricing: The 2018 Smart Decision Guide

The Rainmaker Hospitality and Gaming Blog 13 March 2018
For hoteliers, the challenge of revenue management (RM) is particularly complex. Luckily, as traditional approaches to RM evolves, so does the technology at the disposal of revenue managers. Adopted from the 2018 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management, this blog post explains the advent of next-generation revenue management solutions, and delves into the topic of intelligent pricing.

Letter From the HFTP Global President: HFTP's Latest Initiatives Fit Nicely into the Overall Picture

HFTP Connect 13 March 2018
When I first assumed my role as president of the HFTP Global board four months ago, my promise was to continue to deliver on those initiatives that have been put forth in the past several years. In addition, I stated that I would work together with the board, councils and HFTP team to address any relevant issue as the year moved forward. I knew that progress would be necessary — no, critical — for success. Written By: Timothy G. Nauss, CHAE

Messaging, chatbots, and AI: What hoteliers need to know now

Triptease Blog 13 March 2018
We at Triptease don’t get too far these days without hearing the words, “messaging”, “artificial intelligence”, and “chatbot”. That’s partly because we’re immersed in all three thanks to engagement feature Message Porter, chat tool Front Desk and our new automated chatbot, Auto-Agent. It’s also because these are the hottest topics in travel right now.

Digital Dawinism: a concept for modern hotels

PhocusWire 13 March 2018
"Connected consumerism and the influences of new technologies and services on human behavior disrupt markets." This is what is known as "Digital Darwinism" and is what will be underpinning a major series of initiatives being pushed by Sabre that, it hopes, will form the basis of a platform approach to hotel technology. First, some background.

TurnKey secures $31M to expand its tech-driven management company

PhocusWire 13 March 2018
An Austin, Texas-based property management company that differentiates itself by using smart-home technology and local customer service teams has raised $31 million in Series D funding to expand. The funding of TurnKey Vacation Rentals was led by current investor Adams Street Partners with participation from existing investor Altos Ventures and two new institutional investors. Since the company launched in 2013 it has raised a total of $72 million in capital. TurnKey currently manages more than 3,500 vacation homes.

Amadeus invests in real-time technology to improve airport passenger flow

PhocusWire 13 March 2018
To help expedite traveler movement through airports, Amadeus Ventures has invested in analytics software company CrowdVision. The London-based CrowdVision uses computer vision software and artificial intelligence to monitor passenger flow in airports in real time. Its people-tracking technology produces live data that airports can use to addresses issues around efficiency, ultimately helping airports control traveler volume, which IATA predicts will nearly double from 3.8 billion in 2016 to 7.2 billion by 2035.

Survey: AI is the 'Next Big Trend' Among Marketers in 2018

KoMarketingAssociates 12 March 2018
New research indicates that artificial intelligence (AI) continues to gain ground among marketers as a prominent tactic. BrightEdge recently conducted the “2018 Future of Marketing and AI Survey” and discovered that 25.6 percent of marketers view AI as the “next big trend” in marketing in 2018. This was only surpassed by consumer personalization (28.6 percent).

ITB Berlin Panel Discussion: Stars Or TrustScore? One Approach In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

TrustYou brainTRUST Blog 12 March 2018
In the tourism industry, ratings about products and services are either based on stars or customer evaluations which are converted into a TrustScore. At this year's ITB Berlin, our partner Mecklenburg-Vorpommern invited us to join a panel discussion to give valuable insights about the topic of guest feedback and review marketing. The discussion included the following questions: How has Mecklenburg-Vorpommern been using customers’ ratings information? How are tourism products customized, and what characterizes innovative quality management? And: to what extent is it possible to professionalize weaker providers as well?

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