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How Chatbots Can Drive Revenue, How To Attract Millennials To Your Hotel, and The Growth of Instagram Use By Travelers

Snapshot Blog 18 May 2018
"What time is checkout?" "Do you have a fitness center?" "Where can I find the nearest...?" The list of questions is endless when it comes to a guest's experience at a hotel.

10 Questions Hoteliers Ask about Rate Connect

trivago Blog 17 May 2018
“How can I increase my direct bookings?” It’s a question many hoteliers are asking lately. To provide them with not only an answer, but also an effective and affordable solution, trivago developed Rate Connect.

The Vanity Website: The Only Incremental Revenue Driver for Branded Hotels in 2018

Max Starkov | The HeBS blog 17 May 2018
The consolidation and oversaturation of the major metro markets with branded properties, coupled with abundant new room supply and threats from Airbnb have created fierce competition for branded hotels. What should branded hotels do in this environment of increased competition, rising distribution costs, and increased labor costs?

Defining & Leveraging True Guest Value Versus Total Guest Value

The Rainmaker Hospitality and Gaming Blog 17 May 2018
Guests can generate revenue for a hotel in many different ways. Revenue management powered by guest valuation algorithms enable hotels to increase guest wallet share, keeping guest spending on-property instead of losing it to local attractions, restaurants, spas or competitors. True Guest Value, which refers to the accurate valuation of your customer, is distinct from Total Guest Value, which aims to capture data to predict guest spend when on-property. Here, we further detail the difference between True Guest Value and Total Guest Value, and how algorithmic models and data can help you maximize revenue from potential guests.

No Flying Cars...Yet

IDeaS Blog 17 May 2018
Predicting the future of hotel technology Data transformation and the cloud Evolving guest expectations Seamless integrations and intelligence

How Casinos Can Work Sports Betting Into Their Revenue Strategy

Duetto Research Blog 17 May 2018
Now that the federal government has cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting, the task is on casinos in forward-thinking states to adopt a strategy that will bring them the most benefits.

Improved Booking Collaboration and Detailing in Amadeus Sales and Event Management Advanced

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 17 May 2018
In R28 we’ve added a few new features that make it easier for your team to collaborate on bookings and detail events. Our enterprise customers will also benefit from their orgs being able to support more properties and Competitor picklist values, as well as a streamlined workflow for entering lost business details. Review the R28 release notes for additional information on all new features and fixed issues, including BEO formatting.

Uniting space, staff and guests through art with ARTIQ [interview]

GuestRevu 17 May 2018
Hotel art suffers from an unflattering stereotype – that of the inoffensive but unmemorable image, only called "art" by the most generous definition of the word. Decorators are cognisant that their choices should appeal to (or at least not revolt) as many viewers as possible, and hence they err on the side of benign-but-bland still life caution.

Upcoming changes to Cloudbeds' Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

cloudbeds.com Blog 17 May 2018
As you may have heard, new data protection laws are being enacted throughout the world (including the GDPR in Europe). The post Upcoming changes to Cloudbeds' Privacy Policy and Terms of Service appeared first on Cloudbeds.

PODCAST: Phocuswire PundIT Show #12

PhocusWire 17 May 2018
The PundIT Show returns to the video format for a trio of episodes recorded during our sister brand Phocuswright's Europe Conference.

Hoteliers remain in a 'holding stage' assessing the best tech trends

SiteMinder Blog 17 May 2018
A new report from SiteMinder has revealed the key focuses and drivers of success for hoteliers across the globe.

What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 4/5)

ICE portal 16 May 2018
So far, our series has covered scoring, tagging and tracking within a visual CMS. The fourth part of our series will focus on the importance of having your visuals delivered to channels in the correct specs...

In the Big Chair - Cree Lawson of Arrivalist

PhocusWire 16 May 2018
 Arrivalist measures the movement of network-enabled mobile devices to determine what digital content influences consumers to visit a physical location. 

ADARA launches new personalization framework for travel brands

PhocusWire 16 May 2018
Enterprise travel data solution provider ADARA has created a new framework to help brands deliver personalized experiences to their customers.

10 smart ways your hotel can cut costs and maximise profits

SiteMinder Blog 16 May 2018
It’s a truism that a lot of small improvements can smooth the edges of a greater strategy and provide major results. At your hotel, you don’t always need to be thinking of the next big plan to drive revenue and deliver increased profits for the business.

[SLIDESHARE] 5-step guide to building a hotel website

Travel Tripper Blog 15 May 2018
Planning to redesign or relaunch your hotel website? If not, you will be soon—with an ever-changing online travel market, hotels need to make major updates to their websites every 2-3 years. Our five-step guide will give you an overview of all the key areas you’ll need to take into consideration when redesigning your site.

Messaging Apps as Ubiquitous as Booking Engines for Hotel Websites

Lodging Interactive Blog 15 May 2018
Technology has made us more dependent on its abilities to plan better vacations and business trips. In recent times hotel websites have come a long way from simply being online static e-brochures to becoming more experiential. Online hotel website experiences sell rooms and create loyal guests. Yet, for the majority of hotel websites, the experience remains mediocre and “ok” at best. Think about it, when you visit a hotel website you are basically on your own without any human connections or the ability to engage and ask questions that you are sure to have when you consider booking a hotel online. Why is that? It’s 2018 after all, so it can’t be a technology issue or is it?

Head of France at SiteMinder alerts hotels: 'direct bookings are slowing'

SiteMinder Blog 15 May 2018
The head of France at SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, is alerting the country’s hotels to a slowing growth rate of direct online bookings. Clemens Fisch, a travel industry expert who has led SiteMinder’s French and DACH regions since 2017, says the deceleration exposes French hotels to a future of distant relationships with their guests and guest experiences that are lacking in personalisation.

Technology is driving "tidal wave of change" for booming travel industry

PhocusWire 15 May 2018
The combination of strong economies around the world and rapid developments in technology are causing significant, fundamental changes in the business of travel.

What hotels need to know about launching a book direct campaign

SiteMinder Blog 14 May 2018
An eternal conversation hoteliers have with themselves is around the effectiveness of direct bookings vs OTA bookings. Is the balance right for their hotel? If an increase in direct bookings is the goal, how can it best be achieved and how many resources will be required to do it?

Hilton Exec Discusses Personalized Travel Efforts

Duetto Research Blog 14 May 2018
Seven trending hotel news stories that will impact your hotel Revenue Strategy.

Uber goes on charm offensive, promises new tools and culture

PhocusWire 14 May 2018
This time last year the wheels at Uber were pretty much ready to fall off - such were the negatives headlines that the company couldn't escape from. A string of revelations about the so-called "brogrammer" culture at the company, accusations of cover-ups and a general downbeat mood amongst employees and investors threatened to undermine the entire business. The end of the Travis Kalanick era as CEO came in June, paving the way for ex-Expedia Group chief Dara Khosrowshahi to figure out how to repair the company... on multiple levels.

Top 10 frequently asked questions about implementing DOCSIS within Hospitality Industry

Teleste Blog 14 May 2018
I spend a lot of time talking to integrators and hotel owners discussing the subject of utilising their existing coax cabling. To many this is a totally new concept, that coax can be more than just delivering TV pictures, but very quickly the conversation accelerates towards a host of questions, as the benefits become clear.

Helping Select Service Hotels Increase Revenue, Lower Costs, and Improve Experiences

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 14 May 2018
A recent report from Smith Travel Research shows the pipeline of US hotel construction rapidly growing in the Select Service market.1 Key drivers for this growth are founded primarily on meeting the evolving needs of guests while also leveraging the cost efficiency of Select Service brands to increase profit margins. As more of these properties open their doors, they face an increasingly competitive landscape full of other hotel chains, home sharing options, and independent B&B’s. How do hoteliers effectively position and manage their property to differentiate from the competition?

Friday Freebie: Don't Miss This Channel When Monitoring Your Hotel Comp Set

Tambourine Blog 11 May 2018
Hotels are forever locked in a battle for bookings. Savvy hoteliers are always aware what their comp set is up to. Besides monitoring rate, they keep one eye focused on what competing hotels are doing to draw more direct bookings and group business. One of the easiest ways to watch your competition is to sign up for their emails and follow their social media accounts.

Letter from the HFTP Global President: HFTP Builds on Past Initiatives to Forge Ahead to the Future

HFTP Connect 11 May 2018
The HFTP Global board, advisory councils, research centers, and its Austin, Texas-based staff work hard year-round to create and implement wholly new ventures. This is evident with the introduction of brand-new global conferences, digital resources, industry research and more.

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