Amadeus Named Platinum Sponsor of HOSPA to Promote Industry Growth
Amadeus Named Platinum Sponsor of HOSPA to Promote Industry Growth

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 20 Jan

January 20, 2020 - HOSPA, the UK's leading organization for hospitality professionals, has named Amadeus, an industry leading provider of hospitality

[Podcast] Improving RevPAR Through Guest Reviews
[Podcast] Improving RevPAR Through Guest Reviews

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 6 Nov

Did you know that social media and online reviews of your property are some of the most critical elements to increasing your RevPAR? According to Cor

5 Considerations for Your Hotel's Total Revenue Strategy
5 Considerations for Your Hotel's Total Revenue Strategy

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 14 Oct

Guest post by Sanjay Nagalia, Chief Operating Officer, IDeaS, a SAS Company Revenue managers dedicate a big part of their day to managing hotel rates

London Calling: Grow Your Group Business in Europe's Event Capital
London Calling: Grow Your Group Business in Europe's Event Capital

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 30 Sep

A mix of ancient and modern, charming and cutting edge, London is a city full of contrasts.

Guest Experience is the New Loyalty
Guest Experience is the New Loyalty

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 16 Sep

Loyalty programs have long been a staple asset in many hotelier's revenue and competitive sales strategies - both at the independent level and chain

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Your Action Plan to Deliver Group Personalization

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 9 Sep

Not long ago, tailored personalization was often referred to as "creepy." The average person didn't feel comfortable with companies knowing and using

5 Proposal Mistakes Your Hotel Should Stop Right Now

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 18 Aug

Guest post from Casey Munck, Director of Marketing, Americas at Cendyn Stay away from these sales sins that consistently cost you the deal Nobody's p

[Podcast/Video] CRS Panel: What Does the Future Hold?

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 5 Aug

At this year's Amadeus Hospitality Customer Conference in Miami, we were fortunate to host a panel discussion on the future of Central Reservations S

New Trends in CRS and PMS

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 13 Jun

Breaking Down the Barriers of the Past Recent trends in enterprise hospitality software are breaking down long-standing barriers between management s

Amadeus & TravelClick HITEC Booth Preview

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 5 Jun

Amadeus and TravelClick to Unveil Latest in Technology Innovations at HITEC Minneapolis Amadeus Hospitality and TravelClick, an Amadeus company, will

Podcast Playback: "Revenue per Obtained Reviewer: Why the most valuable guests are your most vocal ones."

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 4 Jun

The next time you travel, how will you find the right destination or hotel? Will you do a basic online search of popular destinations? Will you head

7 Tips for Delivering a Memorable Catering Event

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 3 Jun

Catering and event managers aspire to exceed planners' expectations and create an event guests will rave about. Whether it's an elaborate black-tie a

Choosing Hospitality Technology in a Post-GDPR World

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 28 May

Keep your data safe with technology providers you can trust.

3 Reasons to Focus on Local Negotiated Rate Contracts Now
3 Reasons to Focus on Local Negotiated Rate Contracts Now

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 23 May

In 2018, travelers in the U.S. spent more than $232 billion on lodging, according to the U.S. Travel Association. That includes 463 million business

Data Security: What You Need to Know About it, and How to Act Now

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 15 May

So far this year, more than one billion people have claimed to be victims of a data breach, ranging in severity from stolen emails to personal credit

What Matters Most to Hotel Guests?

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 13 May

Insight from the 2019 Amadeus Hospitality Customer Conference.

How Digital Transformation Can Win Over Your Guests

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 17 Apr

Today’s hotel guests have more choices than ever before and high standards because of it. Online reviews weigh heavily in a traveler’s decision to bo

The Hotelier's Guide to Implementing Staff Safety Devices

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 10 Apr

Pressure from new legislation, labor unions, and hotel management alliances like the Five Star Promise have forced a decade’s long problem into the s

New Reports & Usability Improvements in Amadeus Sales & Event Management

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 8 Apr

Take a few minutes to learn more about each of these updates and review the Advanced Module R33 release notes and the Standard and Essentials Modules

Meet Amadeus Hospitality
Meet Amadeus Hospitality

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 28 Mar

Hospitality is all about the personal connection, inspiring us to develop industry-leading solutions focused on creating better end-to-end experience

Who Attends AHCC? [Infographic]
Who Attends AHCC? [Infographic]

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 19 Mar

Check out our attendee demographics from 2017 to see who you’ll have the opportunity to connect with. Our 2019 event will be an incredible opportunit

Looking Beneath the Iceberg of Hotel Guest Management

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 11 Mar

Providing personalized experiences for hotel guests isn’t a new concept. It’s quickly becoming the focus of the hospitality industry as hoteliers ado

3 Common Event Planning Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 11 Mar

The process of organizing a meeting from inception to departure requires strong communication and collaboration between all parties. Event organizers

Where is the Hospitality Industry Headed?
Where is the Hospitality Industry Headed?

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 5 Mar

I love this question because there is no simple or definitive answer. Yes, we can forecast trends, analyze the global economy for opportunities, and

What's Next in Event RFP Technology?

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 27 Feb

Request for proposals (RFPs) have become the standard for kicking off the event planning process. As we head into the future, we can expect technolog

Monarch Beach Resort Case Study

Amadeus Hospitality Insight · 12 Feb

Set along the beautiful California coastline, the luxurious Monarch Beach Resort has delighted and surprised guests with exceptional service since 20