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The Room Key: Discovering Illegal Operations in a Guestroom

Hotel Online 18 January 2019
What should I do if I discover an illegal operation out of one of my property’s rooms? There are inherently undesirable incidents that occur at times in our industry and at our respective properties. We clearly want to do everything we can to ensure the safety of guests and staff while minimizing the impact on operations.

The Economic$ of Smoke Alarm Replacement

National Association of Hotel & Lodging Engineers (NAHLE) 17 January 2019
The Hospitality Security Consulting Group, LLC Starting in 2020 hundreds of millions of smoke alarms in commercial buildings including hotels, motels, lodges and inns along with time-shares, apartments, condos, dormitories, board and care facilities, assisted living facilities and similar residential and institutional buildings will require replacement under a ...

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Connected Guest Experiences

mycloud HOSPITALITY 17 January 2019
The Hospitality Industry is rapidly evolving and keeping up with changes in technology can be a challenge for hoteliers. Buzz words like artificial intelligence, biometrics, robotics and virtual reality can be confusing to even the most seasoned hotelier as disruptive technologies engulf the industry today, and some undoubtedly will transform it.For hotel leaders, it's essential to understand how these innovations align with guests' changing needs - as well as allay the fears, real and imagined, associated with them. The interaction and relationship hotels have with their guests no longer lasts solely for the duration of their stay. Instead the relationship begins from the moment the guest starts searching for somewhere to stay right through the booking process, pre-stay interaction, arrival, stay, departure and post-stay.

4 reasons your hotel needs accelerated mobile pages

Hotel Online 15 January 2019
If you ever wonder whether your hotel’s digital future is secure, just ask yourself one question: Am I mobile-ready? All key digital trends in recent years served one primary purpose: to provide better experience to mobile users. From responsive design to mobile first indexing, these technologies were born out of the need for improved browsing on smaller screens.

Millennials choosing hotels based on social media, technology

Hotel Management 15 January 2019
A strong online and social media presence is important if a hotel hopes to attract millennials, according to a new report. U.K. furniture maker Knightsbridge commissioned the survey to find out how that demographic finds and selects hotels. The survey reveals where hotels and businesses should focus in order to appeal to the young demographic.

Maintaining Halal Integrity in the Supply Chain with Blockchain Technology

Modern Restaurant Management 14 January 2019
Blockchain, beyond the buzz, is a general purpose technology that is widely applicable to food supply chains. Often misunderstood, a public blockchain serves as a neutral arbiter of trust, capable of integrating data from different stakeholders into a single unmodified chain of information. In the food industry, this allows for proof of origin, end-to-end traceability, and even quality assurance of products.

How to Choose the Right POS System in 4 Steps

mycloud HOSPITALITY 14 January 2019
It’s important to have the right tool for the job. For restaurant owners, choosing the appropriate Point of Sale (POS) system impacts every aspect of the business. Your POS can make or break the customer experience by changing the way guests order and pay for menu items. It has a big impact on employee loyalty because they spend most of their time interacting with whatever system you choose. On the back end, this powerful software determines the time and effort you’ll need to spend choosing your inventory, paying your employees, and even doing your taxes.

Millennials Choose Hotels Based On Tech, Social Media

MediaPost Communications 11 January 2019
A strong online and social media presence is really important if a hotel hopes to attract millennials, according to a new report.U.K. furniture maker Knightsbridge commissioned the survey to find out how the sought-after demographic group finds and selects hotels. The survey reveals where hotels and businesses should focus in order to appeal to the young demographic.The study, conducted with global data collection agency Viga, polled 1,000 18- to 34-year-olds who had booked hotels in the last two years. It found that 80% of millennials find a hotel using Google, and more than half wouldn't book a property if its website was difficult to use. Apparently impatient, 49% put off making a booking if they couldn't do it instantly online.A prospective hotel's social media presence is important to millennials, with 73% saying they check the company's social media feed before booking. In fact, 33% would be put off booking altogether if a hotel had no social media presence.

Artificial Intelligence in Hospitality: Bots Build Brands

Hospitality Technology Magazine 11 January 2019
Whether we are business travelers or leisure travelers (most of us both), we are already seeing the advent of new technology to enhance the travel. But before we look at Artificial Intelligence as another game changing capability, let’s remind ourselves of what constitutes the Hospitality industry.

63% of Young Adults Use Third-Party Delivery Apps: Study

Hotel F&B 11 January 2019
Young adults with annual incomes of less than $10,000 per year are more likely to use a third-party delivery app to order food, according to study conducted by Zion & Zion. This study, conducted by the Zion & Zion market research team, was based on a nationwide survey of 2,928 U.S. consumers ages 18 and up, and reveals the demographics and usage trends of users of third-party food deliver apps.

Voice commerce 2019: Will this be the year it catches up to voice search? 10 January 2019
At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this week, Google announced that Google Assistant will be available on 1 billion devices, including TVs and kitchen appliances, by the end of January. Meanwhile, Amazon has sold more than 100 million Alexa devices as of the holiday season. Voice search has never been more popular; voice commerce, less so. Could 2019 be its year?

The Biggest Threat Facing The Hospitality Sector

ITproportal 10 January 2019
In today's competitive consumer-facing landscape, customers now have more power and options than ever before - and this is levelling the playing field. For every clothing brand, there's hundreds of other labels; for every hotel, there's another twenty that guests can stay in. Now, hospitality brands - ranging from hotels to food and beverage establishments - are under huge pressure to keep innovating in order to remain relevant in today's market.Challenger brands that previously couldn't compete on size are now focusing on customer-centric experiences as their business differentiator - which is helping these firms increase sales in a challenging market. In revolutionising customer service and improving the user experience, they are improving their chances of taking market share from older, legacy brands that haven't yet embraced a fully digital and immersive business model. As the market toughens, these legacy brands will ultimately risk being left behind.To avoid becoming a victim of today's technologically advanced times, established brands must enhance the user experience by embracing digital transformation innovations such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their offering and increase profits and brand loyalty.

Google Assistant Now Has a Bunch of New Travel Features 10 January 2019
As we get closer and closer to Google planning entire trips for us, the tech giant announced upgrades to its Google Assistant today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that will make certain aspects of travel easier, and hands free.If you're unfamiliar with Google Assistant, it's the little helper on Android and iPhones (Google's Siri or Alexa, if you will) and Google Home devices. Ever since 2016, we've been able to work with Assistant to do certain aspects of trip planning. As Brad Rickman put it for Traveler: "Instead of doing what you do today -- pulling out your laptop and vanishing down a troll hole of Yelp commentary -- you just say, out loud, into the air of your presumably empty apartment, 'I want to go to Bali.' And a voice that's almost librarian-like, familiar but not intimate, friendly but professional, says back to you, "Okay. When?" Twenty minutes and a few exchanges later, you've reviewed your flight options, picked out an Airbnb, booked a seafood dinner for your second night on the island, and added the whole trip to your calendar without lifting a finger. The flight's on an airline with which you have status; the Airbnb has Wi-Fi because that's always non-negotiable for you; and the restaurant's gin game is strong. And it's all already on your phone, right beside a list of recommended sights built around your bookings in place and time."So what's new? Here a few prompts you can now give your Assistant.

Patent the Internet of Things (IoT) in the Food Industry

Modern Restaurant Management 10 January 2019
The 'internet of things' (IoT) is revolutionizing how people live and work. Each day, the IoT grows as companies look for even more ways to connect devices with the goal of collecting and reporting data. As a result, the IoT has touched every industry, including the food industry. But what...

Consumers Want to Interact with Hotels via Mobile Devices

mycloud HOSPITALITY 10 January 2019
Grand View Lodge, a golf and spa resort in Minnesota, recently debuted a new digital interface with help from SpotCues, a software company whose mission is to "connect apps, people and systems through dynamic, contextual experiences & intuitive, fluid communications." The new interface, which is a mobile app that includes a concierge chatbot and micro-apps that enable guest to book activities, reserve golf times, look up resort hours and other information, has so far been able to reduce the response time to guest requests by 15%, lower the number of concierge calls by 15%, increase resort activity sign-ups by 20% and increase overall front-line staff productivity by 5%.

Millennials choose hotels based on tech, social media 10 January 2019
A strong online and social media presence is really important if a hotel hopes to attract millennials, according to a new report.

Tech-enabled personalization in hospitality 10 January 2019
More than ever, hoteliers have access to an incredible amount of data spread across a variety of individual systems.

Is Your Business Center Computer an Incident Waiting to Happen?

Hotel F&B 9 January 2019
Did you see the DA’s closing argument on your hotel’s… business center computer? I did. Perhaps not on your company’s business center computer, but quite recently I encountered such a document on a hotel’s business center computer. Beyond this document it appears that an individual from the hotel’s parent company used the computer as well. Someone had connected to their OneDrive account and left everything that OneDrive was synching on the business center computer.

What's Trending in Business Event Technology

mycloud HOSPITALITY 9 January 2019
What are the top technology trends in the business events industry in the coming year? Who better to ask than the tech experts at Convening Leaders, many of whom presented educational sessions in the Innovate and Elevate Area. We asked: “What’s the one technology trend you are keeping your eye on in 2019?”

Planning for a Future Beyond PCI: Risk-Based Security for Hotels

Lodging Magazine 8 January 2019
When you mention the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)” to people in the hospitality industry, you usually get one of three reactions: 1. “The cost and complexity associated with PCI DSS is so overwhelming, we’re just not doing anything and crossing our fingers.” 2. “We’re compliant; we’ve checked the boxes on all 12 requirements.” 3. “We’re compliant; in fact, we think PCI is great because it gives us our security framework.”

Upgrading Hotel Game Rooms with Virtual Reality

Lodging Magazine 8 January 2019
Long gone are the days of hotel game rooms with arcade machines, pool tables, and bowling alleys. Today’s youngest guests are accustomed to technology that has moved well beyond what many hotels are offering in terms of on-site entertainment. Although those older games still engage guests of all ages, kid vacationers often want to experience games that they can’t get at home. Vander Caballero, founder and CEO of Minority Media, which produces virtual reality (VR) systems and manages indoor activities for 50 hotels across the United States, says, “You don’t see any pool tables on Instagram.”

What To Expect When You Travel In 2019 8 January 2019
If you like crowds, personalized travel experiences or talking to machines, then you're going to love traveling in 2019. That's because "overtourism," personalization and artificial intelligence rank among the top travel trends of the new year, experts say. And, as in years past, you'll also pay more to get where you're going.The roads, skies and railways will be filled to the point of gridlock, warns Mahmood Khan, a professor in Virginia Tech's Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Higher demand promises to make 2019 one of the busiest travel years on record."Domestic travel is bound to increase sharply," Khan predicts.Prices are also expected to rise. Hotels rates will jump 3.7 percent, and airfares will increase 2.6 percent in 2019, driven by a growing global economy and rising oil prices, according to Carlson Wagonlit Travel's 2019 travel forecast. Most of the other forecasts also call for moderate price increases across the board.

Why the travel industry is blockchain's best bet 7 January 2019
The travel industry is uniquely suited to benefit from blockchain, and one of the best places to watch where blockchain is heading. There are many different players involved, and all need to collaborate seamlessly. When someone wants to travel, they need to deal with airlines, book hotels, find activities, navigate airports and maybe rent a car. They will also have to change their currency so they can shop at their destination.

Prepare to be hacked

Hotel F&B Observer 7 January 2019
First and foremost, our industry is blessed and cursed with very hospitable professionals. These folks are fundamentally accommodating, making them perfect targets for social engineering attacks by cyber criminals. How many employees in your company would share their credentials or print a guest’s presentation when handed a USB drive? This is the primary cause of many security problems.

Convening Leaders Explored Your Way

mycloud HOSPITALITY 6 January 2019
Uniquely designed Content Studios are immersive-learning environments created for education, interaction, and experience in specific program topics — from events strategy to the hottest trends in the industry. Studio experiences are designed to spark conversation, showcase innovation, and create “wow” moments that can foster emotion and connection.

Designers Add Fireplaces To Attract Guests To Hotel Public Spaces

Hotel F&B 4 January 2019
The lobby fireplace has long been a staple in certain types of lodging properties—from ski-in resorts to country inns. With an ever-growing focus on making public spaces more engaging and attractive to guests, hotels across a variety of markets and segments are increasingly designing indoor and outdoor spaces to include fireplaces and fire pits. These natural gathering places are designed to draw guests in and encourage them to linger longer.

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