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Hotel or commune? New wave of lodging is aimed at digital nomads who want more than Wi-Fi connection | By chicagotribune.com

chicagotribune.com 13 April 2018
Eyes closed, poised in a lotus position, I mentally slip away from our morning mindfulness instruction to meditate on the joy that we might offer the world today.I also wonder: What do I think of this place we're staying -- a place my wife likes to call "the commune?"Others call it Roam Miami, the Florida outpost of a small but quickly growing global network of co-living spaces, where guests can rent a room by the day, week or longer.I paid $850 a week for the two of us to stay here in winter; the price drops to $600 when the heat spikes upward in low season. Monthly, it costs about $2,000 to call this place home.

AI and Voice Recognition Explored at HITEC Amsterdam

HFTP Connect 12 April 2018
I have had the pleasure of a front row seat at a very special panel discussion. The hospitality industry’s top tech executives got together at HITEC Amsterdam today to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and voice recognition. The challenge: to make sense of all of the changes happening in information technology and articulate value-adding solutions for the hospitality industry. How do we turn a land of confusion into a land of opportunity? The panelists had a few secrets to share.

Hotel Technologies Embraced By The Sector | tourism-review.com

tourism-review.com 9 April 2018
With new advances being made on a daily basis, modern hotels around the world are starting to catch up in terms of technology. Most of them now use virtual reality (for employee training programs and offering pertinent information to the customer), in addition to wearables (smart electronic devices), robots, chatbots, or Artificial Intelligence applications aiming to optimize the services offered to their customers, who are eager to enjoy new experiences. Hotel technologies are changing the industry.The growing expectations of the guests about hotel services have become one of the biggest reasons to implement new hotel technologies in the hospitality sector that, aware of the business opportunities that tourism implies, doesn't want to stay behind the international competition.The increase in IT investment continues to place the hotel sector at the forefront of the global industry. Currently, and in order to meet the customer's technological expectations, the hospitality sector has been investing mainly in three areas:

How Hotels Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Your Stay | cntraveler.com

cntraveler.com 5 April 2018
Many of us now use small doses of AI in everyday life (like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and everything smart home), but hotels are putting this once-sci-fi technology to more widespread use.From concierge robots to personalized rooms to lively chatbots, your next holiday may include help from some artificially intellectualized friends. While you may miss, say, the smile or handshake you get from their human counterparts, these systems can create hyper-personalized experiences and comprehensively upgrade the level of service during your stay. Keep an eye out for these features at your next check-in.

Private Data Are Highly Precious For Tourism Industry | tourism-review.com

tourism-review.com 3 April 2018
Modern tourism industry promotion is based to a great part on analyzing available data about potential travelers and customers. The private data stored by Facebook naturally are quite attractive to many companies.Cambridge Analytics was presented at ITB as an intelligence service provider for tourism industry, having prominent clients already, like a first-class airline and several high-end hotel chains. Their data manager, Alexander Tayler, explained that the old advertising methods were dying, replaced now by the creation of customer profiles, which allows the product to be divided into segments based on the travelers' preferences.The director of the company is Alexander Nix, the man that negotiated with the people in charge of Donald Trump's campaign to encourage and manipulate the votes towards the republican candidate. The private data of about 50 million people came from Facebook, the website were the information was obtained.

The Mobile Booking Trends Of Luxury Hotels

eighty-days.com 23 March 2018
Global smartphone usage topped 2.3bn in 2017. Based on an estimated world population of 7.6bn, that's over 1 in 3 people who now own one. Usage figures continue to grow steadily, over a decade after the release of the original iPhone, as this chart showing smartphone users (in billions) illustrates;

The Hotel Of The Future Is Coming | adage.com

adage.com 21 March 2018
Imagine this: You check into a hotel without speaking to a flesh-and-bones human, without using your phone, without doing anything beyond walking up to your room and getting your eyeballs scanned for entry. You click a button and are suddenly in the rain forest, toucans croaking in the distance as a nearby waterfall releases a relaxing mist with humidity you're able to adjust through your augmented reality command center. Or maybe you're more of a space enthusiast, and you prefer the weightlessness of the intergalactic. You walk into a hotel that rockets off the earth into space, where you're able to conduct your business dealings via hologram as you orbit the moon.

Las Vegas resort fees: How a $25 room becomes a $65 room | usatoday.com

usatoday.com 21 March 2018
Resort fees, those mandatory nightly charges for Internet service, fitness center use and other "perks'' that hotels insist guests want in one bundle, are increasing on and off the Las Vegas Strip.Visitors will pay as much as $45 a night plus tax on top of the room rate. You won't find a resort fee below $32 a night on the Strip. And you could pay up to $30 per night at Fremont Street hotels downtown.At most hotels, that is in addition to parking fees, which are also on the rise.

How Skipping Hotel Housekeeping Can Help the Environment and Your Wallet | nytimes.com

nytimes.com 28 February 2018
The question came at check-in: Did I want to forgo housekeeping for the two days I was staying at the Flamingo in Las Vegas in exchange for a $10 a day food and beverage credit?Huh?The clerk repeated himself. Some guests, he explained, didn't want to be bothered during their stay -- hangovers and all that. So last summer the Flamingo, along with nearly all of its sister properties in Vegas (it is owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment), decided to give people the chance to decline having their rooms cleaned in exchange for a voucher.I'm familiar with the card in the room suggesting guests reuse their towels and sheets to help the environment, but I'd never heard of hotels eliminating housekeeping altogether. But more and more are doing just that, and extending rebates, hotel points and other perks for those who take them up on their offer.

The hotel room of the future: Here's what hotels are doing to adapt to travelers | usatoday.com

USA TODAY 26 February 2018
Guests have a lot of demands these days. And hotels are changing their tactics to meet those demands.Hotels can no longer offer a simple bed and a bathroom. They have to think through every decision when designing a guestroom, from the type of mattresses to the bathroom lighting to storage areas."You need to engineer everything that goes into a room," says Richard Born, co-creator of Pod Hotels, which has micro-rooms.Here are some areas where hotels have made strides in keeping up with the preferences of their customers.

The First Hotel In The World Not Open For Bed Bugs | medium.com

Medium 21 February 2018
We caught up with Hotel F6 General Manager Roni Saari to discuss his philosophy on hospitality, the hotel's new Valpas in-room technology, and why he thinks Valpas helps him increasingly delight his guests.

Do hotels really overbook their rooms? | telegraph.co.uk

telegraph.co.uk 16 February 2018
Overbooking has long been a source of frustration - and occasional elation (think upgrades) - when it comes to flying. But what happens when you turn up at your hotel and there's no room at the inn?Well, there's not much you can do. In the same way that those who fall victim to airlines selling more tickets than there are available seats are told they can't fly, hotel guests are told they cannot stay.One customer was on the sharp end of an overbooking at a Travelodge recently after being told that the branch in which the room had been paid for in advance was now full, so a bed would be found at a nearby property.

How Voice Search Will Impact Travel Marketing - fredericgonzalo.com

Gonzo Marketing 12 February 2018
Did you know that 40% of US adults use voice search per day? According to Search Engine Watch, people now perform 35 times more voice searches on Google than in 2008. Nowadays, speech recognition technology is more precise--with only an 8% error rate! Have you also noticed that many consumers have recently bought devices that use voice searches? In fact, 2017 was the year that voice recognition truly took off, thanks to the popularity and adoption of home devices, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Who would say "no" to the ability of controlling devices with their voices and searching for content on the web by simply talking to a machine? Using our voices is indeed the most natural way to communicate. By talking to a smart phone or other device, without the need to use a keyboard or screen, we can carry out more tasks at the same time and access content more quickly and easily. Google even revealed that 38% of people talk on the phone while watching television and 23% of adults use voice search while cooking. These technological innovations and new ways of communicating and searching for content nevertheless impact companies and how they market their products and services.

Artificial Intelligence An Enabler for Intelligent Hotels - hospitalitybizindia.com

hospitalitybizindia.com 6 February 2018
At a time technology is disrupting businesses on a regular basis, it is vital to amalgamate those which are integral to build an 'intelligent business' than playing a wait and watch game. In a service industry like hospitality, it is all the more critical to adopt consumer facing technology with shortest of delays so that the first-mover advantage can be reaped. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are such compelling technological innovations which help hotel operators to be really intelligent to stay ahead of the competition. These tools will really help hotels to understand the customer preferences in advance and offer tailor-made offerings even before the customer checks into the hotel. How far the hotel players are amalgamating such technology tools into their day-today affairs? Akshay Nayak tries to find out answers:

Nissan's new Japan hotel takes automation to a new level | cnn.com

cnn.com 6 February 2018
Japan already has the world's smartest toilets, but now there are smart shoes, furniture and accessories.You might remember Nissan's 2016 marketing maneuver, when the Japanese carmaker introduced a line of self-driving chairs that could autonomously glide together using cameras and sensors.This time, the auto innovators have taken aim at traditional hospitality and everyday objects.Japanese hotels: First smart toilets, now smart shoes(CNN) - Japan already has the world's smartest toilets, but now there are smart shoes, furniture and accessories. You might remember Nissan's 2016 marketing maneuver, when the Japanese carmaker introduced a line of self-driving chairs that could autonomously glide together using cameras and sensors.

Eight more robot-staffed Henn na Hotels across Japan - japantimes.co.jp

Hsyndicate 5 February 2018
Against the backdrop of a shrinking population and a growing number of foreign tourists, the hotel has found success employing robots as a way to both draw in business and reduce staffing costs.

GDPR: Only 29pc of start-ups encrypt the data they collect - siliconrepublic.com

siliconrepublic.com 1 February 2018
A survey of more than 4,000 start-ups around the world shows that many are ill-prepared for GDPR. The GDPR deadline of 25 May is just around the corner, and a survey commissioned by email service provider Mailjet shows that start-ups are in dire need of re-examining how they handle their data. The survey, which was launched on Product Hunt, received responses from more than 4,000 start-ups in the US, the UK and France

How blockchains for hotel reservations work - koddi.com

Koddi Inc. 31 January 2018
Koddi walks us through a hypothetical example of a reservation blockchain where we want to develop a blockchain that manages reservations between hotel suppliers and OTAs. The hotel supplier would be considered the trusted authority who generates the security certificates that its "trusted issuers" (OTAs) will sign their data with. This means we can always guarantee a request is coming from a given issuer because the data sent from them is signed with a unique certificate that only they have access to. Unless the certificate is shared or comprised, this data will remain unreadable by other participants.

Tourism Industry May Benefit From Blockchain Application | tourism-review.com

tourism-review.com 29 January 2018
As far as identity verification and luggage tracking goes, it has a great potential in modern tourism industry. The blockchain applications seems to have a lot to add in the process of verifying the traveler's identity, as well as simplifying and improving luggage tracking.The blockchain is the technological infrastructure that was behind the launch of bitcoin in 2009. At its core is a highly encrypted P2P network that stores information as a database, but in the blockchain each node in the network saves a complete copy of the record book.This system prevents the data from being altered by only one of the parties, which guarantees that they maintain their integrity and that it is practically impossible to hack them.The blockchain technology together with the mobile and biometrics, can put an end to inefficiency and the traveler's frustration, that has been caused until now by the use of disconnected and outdated systems.

Why Your Hotel Amenities Are Better Than Ever | vogue.com

vogue.com 23 January 2018
Two words: amenity creep. It's not what you think. It's an industry term that describes the constant need for hotels to add the newest and next accessories to accommodate a guest's every whim. Whatever happened to the humble shoehorn, the bubble shower cap, and the mini sewing kit? Those standard offerings have been traded out right under our noses for sleeker amenities--we didn't even have a chance to miss them. From pet menus to private fireworks, today's amenities go far beyond what one might discover in the bathroom; they're artisanal, often innovative. What prompted the upgrade?

The Relay hotel delivery robot will soon spot Wi-Fi dead zones and mingle with guests | theverge.com

theverge.com 12 January 2018
Directly adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center is a Renaissance hotel with a pair of special staff members: robots. Savioke's Relay robots have been on the job for three months, helping out the concierge by delivering items to guests during peak hours. The two robots, named "Elvis" and "Priscilla" by the hotel, pick up orders from the front desk, call and ride the elevators without help, and call the guest's room phone when they've arrived. They navigate autonomously, based on a pre-generated map, so there's no problem if they lose Wi-Fi or LTE signal. I got to watch a delivery in action (to a demo room), and it was a seamless experience.

Will Blockchain Be Hospitable to the Travel and Hospitality Industry? | strategiccoin.com

strategiccoin.com 9 January 2018
In 2016, the global hotel industry generated a staggering $550 billion dollars in revenue. Of this, $199.3 billion came from the US alone, with 88% of American customers preferring to make their reservation online, and 72% preferring to use an online travel agency instead of directly booking with their hotel of choice.

What's missing from your hotel room | usatoday.com

usatoday.com 3 January 2018
If you've stayed in a hotel recently, you've probably noticed something missing from your room. For me, it was bathroom doors."Not all hotel rooms are created equal," says Sara Fahy, a vice president at Resonance, a company that advises resort and real estate developers. In fact, hotel amenities and services are so inconsistent that she has begun to pack her own travel emergency kit.

What's ahead for hotel guests in 2018? Probably more resort fees | chicagotribune.com

chicagotribune.com 2 January 2018
Mandatory "resort fees" mushroomed last year, even as hotels added new charges for all kinds of things, including cancellations and late checkouts. With pressure to squeeze even more profit from customers, you don't have to be an industry insider to see where this is going.

A hotel group is using new light technology to project ads into the sky | cnbc.com

27 December 2017
Hotel group Marriott is set to project ads into the night sky using a new technology -- but the public won't be directly looking at them.Using a technique called persistence of vision, the ads will be seen for between a tenth and a quarter of a second, but only when the viewer moves his or her head.

Airbnb is bringing virtual reality to hospitality | thespaces.com

thespaces.com 13 December 2017
Soon Airbnb guests will be able to check out their holiday digs using virtual reality - before they check in.The home sharing platform has revealed it is in the early stages of adding VR and augmented reality to its services. This will allow guests to take virtual tours of properties before they book, and use AR to enhance their experience upon arrival.

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