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Virtual Reality In Tourism Becoming More Real | tourism-review.com

tourism-review.com 20 November 2017
Virtual reality has a place in the tourism industry; stakeholders around the world are realizing this fact and integrating it into their customers' purchasing experience. In this way, the Australian Tourism Office is offering a 360deg video via its YouTube channel allowing people to take a virtual tour of the country and New Caledonia has set up a web-based virtual game.As far as travel agencies are concerned, since 2016, Cub Med has been offering the possibility of watching 360deg videos of its destinations and "Pret a Partir" is even testing virtual reality headsets at the moment.

Are Hotels Gouging When Doubling, Tripling Or Quadrupling Rates? | forbes.com

Forbes.com 14 November 2017
It's a world of supply and demand in a free marketplace, but something just doesn't feel right when a hotel doubles, triples, quadruples or quintuples its room rate during certain occasions.College parents know the feeling. Many have done a double take when searching for a reasonable rate and finding much higher rates for a room during a football weekend, homecoming or graduation.Of course, it's not just hotels in college towns. Many, if not most, other hotels also boost rates during special occasions or periods of high demand for rooms.

A Bad Hotel Stay (And $9.5 Million From Expedia) Led Him To Revolutionize Hospitality Tech | forbes.com

Forbes.com 13 November 2017
During a particularly lousy hotel stay four years ago, Justin Effron had a vision of how the customer experience in hospitality could be improved through the application of technology. To pursue this, Effron, who had no hospitality industry experience (he was working a finance gig at Citibank) joined forces with Alex Shashou and Dmitry Koltunov, who added their hotel and technology backgrounds to the mix.

Four Seasons hotel guests can text a request for more towels in 100 different languages - latimes.com

latimes.com 30 October 2017
Forgot to pack a toothbrush or need more towels in your hotel room? If you are staying at a Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts property, you can send a digital message using your smartphone, tablet or laptop to a hotel staffer to request help or information. The chat program has gone live at 56 Four Seasons hotels, including seven in Southern California. The entire 106 properties in the chain are expected to have the chat service by next year. Four Seasons is not the first hotel chain to promote an online chat feature. Marriott International, the world's biggest hotel company, also offers a chat service -- but only from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time, according to the hotel website.

Guests want king beds and free Wi-Fi - not chests of drawers or mini bars | thecaterer.com

TheCaterer.com 27 October 2017
Hotel guests want king size beds and free Wi-Fi - and could do without chests of drawers and mini bars.This is according to the Perfect Hotel Bedroom report presented by Chic Retreats at the Independent Hotel Show this week, analysing data from a survey of nearly 2,000 hotel guests.Just over half (53%) of respondents said they wanted to spend between PS101-PS200 on a night's stay, just under a quarter preferred to spend less than PS100, 18% from PS201-300, and only 7% had budgets of PS300+.

How Will Blockchain Help Regulate OTA Commissions And Who Are Some Of Its Early Adopters | nasdaq.com

nasdaq.com 24 October 2017
Under Blockchain, OTAs Will Continue Doing Business But In A Fairer Playing Field.OTAs might still thrive through their services of aiding travelers in finding the exact property they are looking for from a curated list. However, they might start to face greater competition in the travel industry, as anyone can source rooms from blockchain. Hence, the bigger OTAs will not have an exclusive control over the inventory, a welcome change from the hotel and airlines' point of view, as not having this kind of control will also deter them from charging exorbitant commissions to the hotel and airline suppliers.

Hotel Industry Offers Jobs To Robots | tourism-review.com

tourism-review.com 9 October 2017
Thinking of hotel run by robots is creepy? What sounds like a fantasy movie is reality in Japan. Instead of human employees, a local hotel is in the hands of robots. Even though this is an extreme example, innovative robot technologies are used in various areas of the hotel industry. So where exactly can one encounter such innovations?

Singapore Hotels gear up for seamless experience - todayonline.com

todayonline.com 5 October 2017
Imagine landing at the airport and getting checked into your hotel room as you clear immigration control. Your luggage will automatically be sent to your room and be waiting for you. Welcome to the Singapore of the future -- if the recommendations of the Hotel Innovation Committee are successfully implemented. Set up in February last year to drive the local hospitality industry to adopt innovative technologies, the Hotel Innovation Committee seeks to raise productivity and relieve the manpower crunch in the sector. It is led by the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA), the apex body for hotels in Singapore, and comprises local hoteliers, international experts, solution providers and academics.As the Republic gears up for another record-breaking year in terms of international visitors, seamless check-in and automated luggage transfer are among several strategies being explored to ensure Singapore remains competitive with other destinations in creating memorable travel experiences.

If hotel alarm clocks tick you off, you're not alone | washingtonpost.com

5 October 2017
Mention alarm clocks to a frequent hotel guest and you'll probably get an earful. Those ever-present digital clock radios frequently evoke feelings of confusion, frustration and even rage.Why? Just check into any hotel and try to do anything with the timepiece next to your bed, like set it. Or try to turn the radio off that housekeeping left on. What does this button do?Then again, you could just wait until 3 a.m., when the alarm, set by a previous guest (who managed to figure out how to set it, thanks to a PhD in rocket science), starts buzzing. Good luck trying to get back to sleep after that.

Hotels try to shut out noise from guestrooms | usatoday.com

usatoday.com 4 October 2017
Hotels are trying to lull guests to sleep by proactively minimizing the noise they can hear in their rooms.From double insulating walls to adding thicker headboards to installing quieter air conditioning units to providing white noise machines, hotels are trying to provide a more calming sleep environment.

In the near future, your hotel room will know exactly how you like to sleep | marketwatch.com

marketwatch.com 2 October 2017
Soon, you will be able to step into your hotel room and the thermostat will automatically adjust to the temperature you like. Netflix and Hulu accounts on the TV will be programmed to play your favorite shows, and your preferred beer will be chilling in the refrigerator.

Trivago Bought An AI Startup That Eased Peoples' Fears About Giving Up Data | fastcompany.com

fastcompany.com 29 September 2017
All types of online services are scrambling to meet the AI-driven personalization standard set by Amazon and Netflix. Fast-growing international hotel search engine Trivago is taking that path by acquiring machine-learning startup Tripl, which analyzes users' social media profiles to recommend itineraries and link to offers from third parties like hotels or tour operators.

Crypto is Targeting Hospitality Giants - cointelegraph.com

cointelegraph.com 28 September 2017
There has been a lot of activity in the cryptosphere regarding hotels and accomodation, with progress towards the creation of a new landscape of bookings and payments. Some commentators have suggested that hospitality could become crypto's killer app. The $500 bln hospitality industry is an enticing prize for the many crypto projects looking to disrupt this space. Among them a European Blockchain project endorsed by the former President of Bulgaria. It has an enticing customer value proposition for travelers and hoteliers ahead of its token pre-sale this week. Lockchain.co is aiming to decentralize the hospitality industry, completely cutting out the middleman by enabling customers and property owners to rely on the inherent benefits of Blockchain technology.

Top 5 Tech Trends To Impact The Travel Industry | Tourism-review.com

tourism-review.com 25 September 2017
Technology is moving forward and with it all the other sectors that are related. Any industry not willing to stay behind needs to adapt to the newest demands in order to be successful. This obviously applies to travel industry, as one of the key sectors of many economies. Travel technology company Sabre Labs put together the Radar Report, analysing nine technological trends that are expected to affect the travel sector. Tourism-Review.com team named Top 5 Tech Trends to Impact the Travel Industry based on the report.

The Tragedy Of The Buffet Commons: Reducing Food Waste At Hotels | forbes.com

Forbes.com 21 September 2017
There is nothing as universal as the quiet excitement travelers feel when hearing the classic closing line to any cheery hotel check-in: "And don't forget--breakfast will be served until 10."Breakfast buffets are one of the most important factors that contribute to a guest's decision to book a room at a particular hotel. Major hotel chains seeking to remain competitive nearly universally offer them, partially out of fear that their absence is more notable than their presence. As a result, guests have grown accustomed to daily smorgasbords that include colorful platters of fruit, sizzling waffle irons and the wafting aroma of freshly crisped bacon.

The Big Data Revolution In Tourism | tourism-review.com

tourism-review.com 18 September 2017
As a first consequence, digital transformation and technological advances can radically change the way people consume and get informed. A digital scenario that brings with it new forms of business management. To ensure their survival, all businesses are being forced to adapt to the online environment.Tourism sector is not an exception. The data analysis benefits tourism in all its areas, exploiting its possibilities and presenting new business opportunities.

Oracle Hospitality Stumbled in Micros Integration But Says It Has Recovered - skift.com

skift Inc. 11 September 2017
Three years ago, business software maker Oracle acquired Micros, a hotel and restaurant technology company, for $5.3 billion in cash.Micros was the market leader. More hotels used Micros's software to check in and check out guests than any other company's reservation management software. For more than two decades its servers hummed under the front desks and in the back offices at tens of thousands of properties worldwide.One of the knocks against Micros' hotel software was that it was antiquated. One hotelier called it "a DOS pig with lipstick," referring to the 1980s Microsoft disk operating system for computers.

Do Comp Sets Matter? Report from fifth annual Revenue Strategy Summit - hotelbusiness.com

HotelBusiness.com 1 September 2017
At the fifth annual Revenue Strategy Summit, held here at the Renaissance DC Downtown hotel this week, Kalibri Labs CEO and co-founder Cindy Estis Green posed a question: How much do comp sets matter anymore? "I've had quite a few owners come to me and say, 'It's just not working anymore to look at some of our traditional RevPAR metrics because comp sets don't even make sense anymore,'" she said, adding that the merger between Marriott International Inc. and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. complicated matters--many traditional comp sets had to be changed to make them legal comp sets, and as a result, hotels were added to comp sets that didn't necessarily make sense. "It got me thinking about what needed to be looked at in terms of some of these metrics," she explained. "Beyond net revenue, do comp sets make sense anymore? In this age of big data, can we do something a little more effective and customized for an individual hotel?"

Retail & hospitality struggle with payment card data security standards - zdnet.com

zdnet.com 31 August 2017
Enterprises are complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) more, but the number of organizations in compliance is still low enough to leave the door open for cyberattacks, according to Verizon.

Introducing AURA, the room service robot | cnn.com

cnn.com 17 August 2017
What's your favorite hotel perk: Is it the swanky gym, the fluffy pillows, the opulent spa? Or maybe it's the simple but luxurious treat that is room service. After all, once you've ordered an indulgent breakfast in bed, it's hard to go back to making it yourself.One hotel in Singapore is taking room service to a new level thanks to AURA, the room service robot.AURA works in the M Social Hotel in Singapore -- a lifestyle hotel designed with the business-traveling millennial in mind.Meet a robot who delivers room serviceFrancesca Street, CNN * Published 15th August 2017 (CNN) - What's your favorite hotel perk: Is it the swanky gym, the fluffy pillows, the opulent spa? Or maybe it's the simple but luxurious treat that is room service. After all, once you've ordered an indulgent breakfast in bed, it's hard to go back to making it yourself.

8 #Hoteltech Trends Disrupting Hospitality and Tourism | eventmanagerblog.com

15 August 2017
Room service? There's an app for that. Consumer demands are changing and hoteltech is responding. Here we look at 8 hoteltech trends currently disrupting hospitality and tourism.For many years, the process of booking into a hotel and accessing its benefits during a stay has remained largely unchanged. Although room and resource booking have been largely electronic for some time, some booking applications are little more than a simple electronic diary. However, things are on the move. Keyless entry systems are being linked to booking systems and many of these features are becoming accessible by way of an API (Application Programming Interface), giving access to external agents. This type of access allows event planners to manage room blocks in full with event management & ticketing software.

Special Report: What GDPR changes mean and how to stay compliant | travelweekly.co.uk

travelweekly.co.uk 7 August 2017
The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, drastically changing the rules about how businesses hold and use customer data. We've teamed up with Abta and Travlaw to put together a guide on what the changes mean and the action businesses need to take now to make sure they are compliant. Amie Keeley reports

'Frustrating' hotel room key cards could disappear within five years | telegraph.co.uk

telegraph.co.uk 1 August 2017
"Frustrating" hotel room keys which need to be swiped several times are on the verge of extinction as they are being replaced by new smartphone technology.Hotel chains including Hilton and Louvre are introducing new bluetooth systems which let guests unlock their room doors by simply pressing a button on their mobile phone.According to experts smartphone "keys" will be found as standard in hotels within five years, as big chains are replacing outdated key cards with the new hassle-free technology.

Tourism Technology Changed The Way We Travel | tourism-review.com

tourism-review.com 1 August 2017
Technology and, more specifically, Internet, are changing the way tourism is organized and commercialized. On the one hand, users do not travel the same way they did a few years ago because they now have many more possibilities. And, on the other, the companies of the sector and even the tourist destinations themselves are immersed in full digital adaptation.User's digitalization has managed to implement the transformation of a business model. Tourism technology is now essential for any travel company.The customer is much more demanding and has a more experienced and digital profile. The target is changing and the tourist has gone from being a passive subject that needs a service to a key piece immensely involved in the process.

Mandatory resort fees are on the rise - again | hicagotribune.com

chicagotribune.com 31 July 2017
Tamara Myers thought that her hotel bill at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino would come to $415. At least that's what Otel.com, the website through which she booked the room, promised her. But the site glossed over a small detail: a mandatory daily "resort fee" payable at checkout, which added $306 to the folio. Gotcha. "I did my due diligence," insists Myers, who lives in Indianapolis and works for the military. She'd made the reservation for her 88-year-old mother, who was caring for her brother in Las Vegas. "The fee was listed nowhere on Otel.com."Mandatory resort fees, tacked onto a hotel bill after an initial price quote - and sometimes even later, as with Myers - are on the rise again. A total of 1,026 domestic hotels charged a resort fee for the first half of 2017, a 14 percent increase from just six months ago, according to new research from Resortfeechecker.com, a site that allows travelers to look up resort fees at hotels worldwide. The average resort fee, which covers everything from "free" WiFi to access to exercise facilities, now stands at almost $21, a jump of 8.7 percent from last December.

Hackers Target Hotel Wi-Fi | whnt.com

WHNT.com 31 July 2017
A group of hackers known as "DarkHotel" have perfected the act of targeting high profile guests (CEOs, senior vice presidents, sales and marketing directors) staying in well-known hotels. The hackers gain access to the target's computer by creating a pop-up disguised as a well-known application, such as Adobe, claiming there is a new update that must be installed. The unsuspecting victim will then accept the download, and in turn gives the hackers access to steal information from their computers and use it to compromise the company the victim works for. To perfectly execute the attack, these sophisticated attackers will lurk on the hotel's network for days leading up to the target's check-in, upload their malware before the guest arrives, and delete it days after their departure to clear any trace of the attack.

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