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The next era of hotel distribution: Connecting supply and demand in the moments that matter

Google By Javier Delgado Muerza
Because a hotel's inventory is perishable, the core of the hospitality business, according to Google's Javier Delgado Muerza, is to manage occupancy in such a way that revenue is optimized. To do this effectively, you've got to connect with travelers in a relevant way in every moment that matters, he says.

The decade's dilemma: Product or retail

Hotel Analyst By Andrew Sangster
Hotel brand companies are going through an existential crisis, writes Andrew Sangster, Editorial Director of Hotel Analyst. They are unsure of what it is they are doing and what their purpose is. The problem, he argues, is tied into how they sell hotel rooms.

Taking back control

NH Hoteles By Fernando Vives and Ana Morillo
Does the hotel industry have a firm grip on the issue of cancellations? As NH Hotel Group's Fernando Vives and Ana Morillo explain, if a customer makes multiple advance bookings and only takes a last-minute decision which hotel to actually stay at based purely on price, then factors such as our brand power, customer loyalty, and the guest experience are being left out of the decision making process. Ultimate result: the reinforcement of the commoditization of the hotel business. They argue that we need to take steps as an industry to tackle the issue.

State of the art in digitization of the hotel industry

Deutsche Hospitality By Ralf Denke
With digital services and contents becoming a key success factor for our industry as a whole, more hotels will have to make similar courageous decisions, even if they seem risky and costly at first, writes Ralf Denke of Deutsche Hospitality. But the good thing in the online industry is that everything is measurable - helping hoteliers make informed decisions.

Instant book: Is this the beginning of the end for direct hotel bookings?

Movenpick By Paul Mulcahy
What is the future of the OTAs' new direct booking model? As Movenpick's Paul Mulcahy explains, it poses a further threat for hotels, as they will continue to lose control over more and more of the guest online customer journey and thus their ability to brand build and differentiate themselves relative to the competition.

Intellectual property in the digital world

Garvey Schubert Barer By Ruth Walters
The digital world is a vast, Amazonian river of intellectual property (IP)--software, brands, photos, video clips, music, guest information, guest reviews--flowing quickly in every direction. Almost any significant issue arising in this space highlights the juxtaposition between an IP owner's desire--in some cases legal obligation--to control and protect its content (i.e. intellectual property) with the desire to have content exposed to more and different consumers and potential consumers, across ever proliferating channels. Ruth Walters of the Seattle-based law firm Garvey Schubert Barer provides some valuable legal insights and advice for us in the hotel world.

The future of digital marketing: Change it if you can!

Les Roches By Sanjay Chib
The digital landscape is changing... and it is changing the hotel business itself. As Les Roches' Sanjay Chib explains, among other big changes ahead is the fact that hotel businesses will incur higher and higher marketing costs as they attempt to capitalize on the digital behavioral profiles of their customers. This could mean, he says, that whole marketing departments would be phased out, morphing into integrated digital teams as organizations undergo digital transformation. A realistic scenario?

Emerging developments in the CRS market and their implications for hotels

h2c GmbH By Michaela Papenhoff
The CRS landscape is seeing dynamic changes. Michaela Papenhoff, Managing Director of Dusseldorf-based h2c, provides us with some valuable perspective. Although hotels talk to their guests every day, the hospitality industry is still far behind the retail industry when it comes to system integration, customization and digitization, she says. Hotels and vendors as well as consultants must put their heads together to initiate the change needed.

Only connect: How linking visitor personas to staff personas can supercharge your content

Melt Content By Nathan Midgley
As hoteliers, one of the most valuable - but underutilized - marketing resources we have is all around us: our staff. Within the members of our staff resides a wealth of skills, knowledge, and character that we can, and should, present in compelling ways to our prospective guests. Melt Content's Nathan Midgley explains how and why.

Demystifying the digital marketplace: Implications for the European marketplace

Kalibri Labs By Cindy Estis Green
It's a new world order, writes Kalibri Labs' Cindy Estis Green: one that is dominated by the digital marketplace and in which all parties are struggling to migrate from the analog days of the past. The next 2-3 years will be fascinating to observe, she says - and takes us on a tour d'horizon of the current political and regulatory landscape.

The direct booking trend: What is it really about?

citizenM Hotels By Lennert de Jong
Over the past year, there has been much buzz about the subject of direct booking. No matter where you look, big brands were promising direct booking benefits, OTA's were retaliating, or rate parity was being banned by yet another country. As Lennert de Jong of citizenM writes, if we want to better understand the debate, we need to dig deeper into this heated subject and shine some light on it from different angles.

Finding the future: Mobility, metrics, and merging skillsets

LodgIQtm By Ravneet Bhandari
The average person and Big Data are inexorably and permanently intertwined. Big Data is us, because we are now Big Data. There's no escaping it, writes LodgIQ's Ravneet Bhandari. Each one of us is leaving an ever-growing digital footprint as technology and consumer behavior merge. We both consume information and produce it, highlighted by the new buzzword: prosumers. Oddly, while we've mashed up how we work, play and live, because of significant technology changes, in many instances hospitality professionals are still entertaining 1997, not 2017. It's a strange dichotomy revealing an opportunity to rethink and reinvent how hoteliers connect with consumers.

Digital analytics, demystified: Three analytical techniques to amp up your digital efforts

Wyndham Destination Network By Kelly McGuire
"Analytics" is a big buzzword in every industry. The domain can seem complex and vast - and it is. Particularly in emerging areas like digital, there is a lot of noise around the techniques available and their application. Wyndham's Kelly McGuire shares with The Hotel Yearbook three popular digital analytics techniques that can help hoteliers drive value from their digital efforts, describing what they are used for and discussing the algorithms that underpin them in business language.

Highs and lows: Hotel digital marketing today

HSMAI By Bob Gilbert
In the aggregate, what do we seem to be getting right when it comes to executing effective digital marketing strategies? And what about our shortcomings? Bob Gilbert, President & CEO of HSMAI, has compiled two top ten lists that give us a snapshot of our successes and areas for improvement.

Personalization as the key to success in managing the customer journey

Carlson Rezidor By Remy Merckx
In the old days of the hotel industry, prior to the dawn of digital age, the only important criterion for success was "location, location, location". While this is still important for hotel owners, Remy Merckx, VP Marketing, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group writes that on the marketing side "content, content, content" has become key.

Online reputation management: To 2017 and beyond

Reknown By Daniel E. Craig
After over a decade of social media in the mainstream, the online reputation management function has reached a maturity level in the hotel industry, writes Daniel E. Craig, founder of Reknown. As we look ahead to 2017 and beyond, he shows how we can draw from past experience to fine-tune our reputation management strategies going forward.

Augmented reality and virtual reality: New realities in digital marketing

Dublin Institute of Technology By Alex Gibson
Following many false dawns, it seems as if augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are finally making their way onto the agendas of digital marketing executives, says Alex Gibson of the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Curating the guest experience in the age of digital marketing

Cendyntm By Christophe Tayon
Hotels, and the amenities they offer, are designed to provide guests with a truly unique experience, and their marketing campaigns should do the same. With the advancement of hotel CRM and digital technology, it is now possible to create meaningful digital interactions throughout the guest journey, starting at the inspiration stage and continuing post-stay with specialized campaigns based on your loyalty program. Cendyn's Christophe Tayon walks us through the process.

The content conundrum: Finding a way to describe your hotel successfully

Hospitality Technology Consulting By John Burns
Content is more important than ever. As John Burns, President of Hospitality Technology Consulting, writes, if we choose to use content proficiently, it can cement our competitive advantage, not only against other hotels in our competitive set, but also against the OTAs that are everywhere on the Web.

Generic blast emails are killing your business

Revinate, Inc. By Kenny Lee
Thinking of sending out a mass emailing to everyone in your database? Don't do it! says Revinate's Kenny Lee. You not only risk recipients deleting your message, but worse: they may unsubscribe and even mark your email as spam - both of which reduce your ability to communicate with them in the future.

Digital is metamorphosing hotel operating structures

ESSEC IMHI By Sophie Perret and Peter O'Connor
With travel becoming increasingly digital, existing relationships are being disrupted, write HVS's Sophie Perret and Peter O'Connor from ESSEC Business School. Digital is facilitating the introduction of new and innovative business models, many of which will have far reaching consequences for how the sector operates and the future role of hotel brands.

Make your digital marketing sustainable with evergreen content

Puzzle Partner Ltd. By Alan Young
Evergreen content is content that continues to be relevant to your audience well after it is first published. Alan Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Puzzle Partner Ltd., explains how to maximize the effectiveness of this timeless, and highly valuable, content.

Online Travel Agents: Winners in a hyper-dynamic marketplace

Phocuswright By Lorraine Sileo, Alice Jong and Douglas Quinby
Few would deny that OTAs have become a force to be reckoned with within the travel distribution landscape. From humble beginnings, two companies, The Priceline Group and Expedia Inc., have grown to become the acknowledged global giants of the travel distribution space through a combination of organic growth and a series of mergers and strategically timed acquisitions. However, as Alice Jong, Douglas Quinby and Lorraine Sileo of PhocusWright explain, in such a highly dynamic and vibrant environment, even their dominant role is being gradually challenged by a series of new players arising in the East as well as by rapidly shifting business models.

Inbound marketing: Opportunity for all, large and small

Bournemouth University By Philip Alford and John Kennedy
Hotels are tasked with marketing across an increasingly fragmented media landscape to customers who have an unprecedented number of channels at their disposal to search for, review and buy products, services and travel experiences. Philip Alford of Bournemouth University and John Kennedy of Kennedy Andersson AB explain what that means for hotels: Buyers are now in complete control of the buying process, and marketing has to play by new rules to be effective, to attract rather than distract their audience.

Back to the future!

Dayuse.com By Marion Roger
How can hotels generate more revenue out of the same space? Strategically oriented and technology-enabled, revenue management now targets such parts of the hotel as function space and restaurants, defining appropriate KPIs analogous to RevPAR in the rooms part of the business. Another avenue, writes Marion Roger of Dayuse, is to unleash RM technologies on so-called "micro-stays", essentially monetizing vacant rooms during the day.

Smart Data marketing in hospitality: The secret to maximizing direct bookings

HEBS Digital Max Starkov and Margaret Mastrogiacomo
Max Starkov and Margaret Mastrogiacomo of HeBS Digital outline the steps to a data-driven marketing strategy.

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