Brazilian Luxury Hotel Uses Oracle to Raise the Bar on Guest Experiences
Brazilian Luxury Hotel Uses Oracle to Raise the Bar on Guest Experiences

Oracle Hospitality · 8 Nov

B Hotel Brasília, an independent luxury hotel located on Brasília's spectacular Eixo Monumental stretch, has deployed an integrated suite of Oracle H

With Zaplox Integration, Hotels Using Oracle OPERA Gain Access to Mobile Check-In and Mobile Keys

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 21 Oct

By: Magnus Friberg, CEO, ZaploxAttention to the mobile experience is no longer up for debate.In fact, it's been a pivotal focus across industries for

JEDU School Future Proofs Graduates with OPERA Cloud PMS Training

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 10 Oct

For JEDU, an acclaimed Finnish vocational school, nothing is more important than preparing future hotel staff to deliver exceptional service. And wit

Oracle Hospitality Connect APAC: A "Must-Attend" Event to Reimagine Guest Service

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 26 Sep

Looking for a way to learn about next-generation Oracle Hospitality solutions?Network and exchange ideas with top industry leaders and peers?Understa

Adriana Torres Listed among HITEC's Top 100 for 2020

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 20 Sep

We're happy to announce Adriana Torres, our senior vice president, global head of both Oracle Hospitality and Oracle Food & Beverage Support has been

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2019 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems Part 4: Buying Considerations

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 17 Sep

Are you looking for a PMS solution?Read this blog to discover some of the key factors that should be considered to make the best choice for your busi

3C Payment Transforms the Guest Experience

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 12 Sep

If 3C Payment isn't a household name, it's certainly a trusted one in the hospitality business. The global payment service provider and Oracle Platin

Reimagine Hotel Dining by Improving Staff Efficiency

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 22 Jul

As a hotel and restaurant operator, you know that improving staff efficiency and productivity are just as essential to success as the quality of food

Reimagine Hotel Food and Beverage by Building Guest Satisfaction

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 10 Jul

Ultimately, the end goal is to make guests happy. Increasingly that means giving them the freedom of choice and convenience. In other words, there ar

2019 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems Part 2: Buying Considerations

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 27 Jun

Are you looking for a new PMS solution?Read this blog to discover some of the key factors that should be considered to make the best choice for your

Reimagine Hotel Food and Beverage by Decreasing Costs

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 19 Jun

Reimagining F&B operations sounds like it would be expensive, doesn't it? But the fact is, cloud-based POS solutions and industry authentic hardware

Reimagine Hotel Point of Sale Technology by Increasing Revenue

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 10 Jun

Generating new revenue is never easy, making it a must for restaurateurs to get the most out of every interaction with their guests. This includes ho

How Can You Reimagine Restaurant Operations in Your Hotel?

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 28 May

Today, hoteliers are starting to turn to a place they've had all along but, perhaps, overlooked: the restaurant. Hotel dining is emerging as a corner

Midcentury Desert Dream Hotel Takes to the Cloud for Its Property Management System

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 24 Apr

Mountain Shadows, located in Scottsdale’s Paradise Valley, Arizona, is one of Westroc Hotels and Resorts properties, and a dream come true for wellne

Overcome the Threat of Disruption - Get Your Hotel Mobile-Savvy

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 23 Apr

In today’s market hotel executives need to master a delicate balancing act, delivering great experiences to guests who have ever-increasing expectati

New Oracle Food and Beverage Innovations Empower Hotel Restaurants to Further Improve the Guest ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 4 Feb

New capabilities in Simphony Cloud Point of Sale deliver more efficient kitchen operations, enhanced mobile POS options and additional APIs for partn

HTNG Hackathon Winners Demonstrate Brilliance on Few ZZZs

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 28 Jan

It’s amazing how brilliant ideas can be brought to life on such little sleep. But that’s exactly what a small army of hackers – who participated in H

Could HTNG's Hackathon Become a Reality Show?

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 27 Jan

Even if you don’t watch the programs, odds are, you’re at least familiar with them. And in the not-too-distant future, it’s conceivable that HTNG’s “

We're Hacking the Night: Opening Day at HTNG's Hackathon

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 26 Jan

There’s no such thing as a monopoly on great ideas. With that mindset, more than 40+ “hackers” arrived this morning on the Plug and Play headquarters

Leveraging Technology to Deliver Connected Guest Experiences

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 17 Jan

The Hospitality Industry is rapidly evolving and keeping up with changes in technology can be a challenge for hoteliers. Buzz words like artificial i

2019 Smart Decision Guide to Property Management Systems: Topic Overviews Part 1

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 11 Jan

In the digital era, customer expectations are rising exponentially, and they involve greater degrees of personalized service. Meeting such demands re

Oracle Hospitality Sponsors "Hack the Night" Hackathon for Hotel Technology Coders

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 6 Dec

Oracle Hospitality is proud to support HTNG’s (Hotel Technology Next Generation)“Hack the Night” – its inaugural Hackathon at Plug and Play’s Tech Ce

Dalata Hotel Group, Ireland's Largest Hotel Operator, Drives Efficient Operations with Oracle ...

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 26 Nov

Dalata Hotel Group plc is the largest hotel operator in Ireland, operating the Clayton and the Maldron Hotel brands. In recent years, Dalata has expa

Hotel Julian Reimagines Modern Luxury Experience with Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 19 Nov

Hotel Julian, the highly-anticipated luxury-lifestyle property from Oxford Capital Group, LLC., open to the public since October 2018, offers guests

Welcome to the 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Property Management Systems

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 15 Nov

Selecting the right hotel property management system is vital when making operational and strategic decisions for your hotel, and it can be a dauntin

Journey through the Guest Experience: Take a Walk through Oracle's Hotel Process Map

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 17 Oct

Finding a comprehensive hotel technology platform can be daunting. There are a variety of different touchpoints within the customer journey, from sho