So You Are Building A Hotel – Now What?
So You Are Building A Hotel – Now What? — By James Harrison

HotelTCS · 13 Jan

Previously we discussed how a hotel is just a building, and discovered that is absolutely not the case. Now, here I am, a Technology Consultant, talking about Hotel Construction!

Hotel Technology Trends 2020
Hotel Technology Trends 2020 — By James Harrison

HotelTCS · 3 Jan

When adopting hotel technology, the hospitality industry is like an elephant. Interestingly it also favoured elephants in its partners as well. Same as the animal, hotels preferred to spend time with those the same as them.

How To Deploy Intelligent Hotels
How To Deploy Intelligent Hotels — By James Harrison

HotelTCS · 30 Dec

Intelligent hotels are part of the future, that is for sure. The Internet Of Things (IoT) is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. That’s everywhere in more ways than one. It’s the acronym on everyone’s lips, it’s at the forefront of peoples mind whenever they discuss a technology project. There’s more than that though. It physically is everywhere. Connected devices, small sensors, voice assistants, a multitude of things that you pass in your day to day life.

The Fate Of HSIA
The Fate Of HSIA — By James Harrison

HotelTCS · 23 Dec

High Speed Internet Access (HSIA). Seems a bit of an antiquated moniker, but that is the agreed standard term for Internet access as part of the ecosystem of hotel technology.

A Hotel Is Just A Building
A Hotel Is Just A Building — By James Harrison

HotelTCS · 16 Dec

Just today someone suggested to me that I take some time to watch the below video. I was encouraged by someone who is very important to me, yet sometimes struggles to understand what I actually do (That would be hotel technology consulting by the way!).

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Can Intelligent Hotels Find Their Voice?
Can Intelligent Hotels Find Their Voice? — By James Harrison

HotelTCS · 9 Dec

At the time of my birth this, and the whole concept of intelligent hotels might seem like some kind of futuristic idea, but in 2019 Digital assistants are very much here.

What Are These “Things” And Why Do I Need Them In My Guestroom?
What Are These “Things” And Why Do I Need Them In My Guestroom? — By James Harrison

HotelTCS · 2 Dec

With the Internet of Things (IoT), 2019 has brought us a technology buzzword that doesn’t really make any sense. That word is “things”. Apparently, you need “things” in the guestroom now. Every hotel guestroom should have “things”. The trouble is, nobody knows what these “things” are. We know that there are basic requirements for a guestroom, a comfy bed, a good shower, a pleasurable view is a bonus, but it isn’t these “things” that people are talking about. Here, we take a look at what “things” are, and why we may or may not need them. That’s right, we’re going to discuss IoT solutions for hotels.