Kara Swisher on the tech trends shaping the travel industry

hotelmarketing.com · 26 Nov

How travel professionals respond to the next digital age is going to be critical to the future of their businesses, journalist Kara Swisher cautioned

Singapore hotels to use facial recognition to speed check-in

hotelmarketing.com · 19 Nov

Hotels are trialing the use of facial-recognition technology to speed up guests' check-in times in an initiative that's linked up with the city-state

Amadeus to target hospitality growth with 'Utopia' tech solution for hotels
Amadeus to target hospitality growth with 'Utopia' tech solution for hotels

hotelmarketing.com · 12 Nov

The company is targeting international expansion for its hospitality business with what it claims is a "powerhouse" solution for hoteliers.

The future of restaurants? Tech-driven - and complicated

hotelmarketing.com · 10 Nov

Technology will be one of the restaurant industry's biggest assets over the next 10 years, even as that same technology helps to feed rising competit

Adoption and developments in voice use in travel
Adoption and developments in voice use in travel

hotelmarketing.com · 30 Oct

Voice technology is a natural fit for travel and likely to become as ubiquitous over time as the mobile phone that accompanies so many travelers alre

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The hotel experience gets high-tech
The hotel experience gets high-tech

hotelmarketing.com · 28 Oct

Guests can check-in via phone and even choose their own room as hotels get a digital makeover.

CRS Buyer's Guide: There is more to the CRS than meets the eye

hotelmarketing.com · 22 Oct

As you're shopping around for new technology solutions, you need to be well-informed and ask pertinent questions to uncover what's under the hood.

RoomIt by CWT expands channel manager connectivity

hotelmarketing.com · 10 Oct

SiteMinder, Vertical Booking, RateGain and RateTiger have signed distribution agreements with the company.

GDS: Evolution in air distribution is happening, but slowly

hotelmarketing.com · 6 Oct

The three major GDSs are inching forward in their efforts to make New Distribution Capability (NDC) content widely available to travel advisors.

Expedia study reveals technology investment priorities for hotels
Expedia study reveals technology investment priorities for hotels

hotelmarketing.com · 1 Oct

Chain hotels 77% more likely to increase technology investments, while independent counterparts prioritize room renovation.

Booking.com opens nominations for its 2020 Technology Playmaker Awards

hotelmarketing.com · 1 Oct

Introduced in 2017, the awards recognize women who are pushing the boundaries of excellence, leadership and innovation in technology, and inspiring f

Hotelier's guide to 2020 digital marketing & technology budget planning
Hotelier's guide to 2020 digital marketing & technology budget planning

hotelmarketing.com · 1 Oct

Budgeting season is a time to analyze your hotel's marketing and technology initiatives from the previous year and set a new plan in action to start

50 years of the hotel PMS (and why it matters)

hotelmarketing.com · 24 Sep

Despite the technological progress made during all of those years, for most of that time hotels have relied on legacy systems with relatively basic f

What not to do with your data and technology in hotels

hotelmarketing.com · 22 Sep

In today's advancing technological age, finding the right balance between technology and human touch is becoming more and more difficult, but also ev

The shift away from out-of-the-box hotel management solutions

hotelmarketing.com · 12 Sep

Until recently, hotels had been stuck with one singular approach to their tech: a closed, out-of-the-box solution to manage nearly all their business

How smart tech could revolutionize hotel operations

hotelmarketing.com · 12 Sep

Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into hotel management provides opportunities to improve revenue-management strategy, staffin

OYO to invest in machine learning-powered dynamic pricing
OYO to invest in machine learning-powered dynamic pricing

hotelmarketing.com · 3 Sep

The company has acquired a Copenhagen-based data science company, with machine learning and business intelligence capabilities, specialized in dynami

A blockchain to reconcile hotel commissions

hotelmarketing.com · 27 Aug

Travelport working with IBM, BCD Travel and three hotel chains--has created a minimum viable product solution that uses blockchain to reconcile the c

New Four Seasons app offers custom-build travel itineraries

hotelmarketing.com · 26 Aug

A new trip planning itinerary feature means it is simpler than ever for Four Seasons guests to customize a stay exactly to their preferences, all in

How Google's machine learning technology can ace up the travel industry

hotelmarketing.com · 25 Aug

The technology of machine learning is benefiting almost every industry but the most significant modification can be seen in the travel sector.

The Standard Hotels to launch app based on personal recommendations

hotelmarketing.com · 19 Aug

Group aims to take on OTAs by 'making everybody a travel agent.

Trends in conversion rate optimization for travel websites

hotelmarketing.com · 18 Aug

The customer journey for someone traveling is much different than a traditional e-commerce experience.

Why Choice Hotels is giving its technology team a seat at the table

hotelmarketing.com · 12 Aug

Robert McDowell, chief commercial officer of Choice Hotels, explains why he's making sure the company's technology team has a seat at the table - and

Tech-based hospitality company RedDoorz raises $45M
Tech-based hospitality company RedDoorz raises $45M

hotelmarketing.com · 28 Jul

Singapore-based RedDoorz has raised $45 million in a Series B round to grow its technology-based budget hospitality brand in Southeast Asia.

TravelClick Demand 360 adds alternative accommodation data

hotelmarketing.com · 24 Jul

TravelClick announces the immediate availability of the Alternative Accommodations Solution, the latest addition to its business intelligence product

Travelport optimistic about constructing a customer-centric future

hotelmarketing.com · 17 Jul

The company sees digital transformation of travel businesses as not just a technical exercise but one that requires just as much strategic business a