Travelport optimistic about constructing a customer-centric future · 17 Jul

The company sees digital transformation of travel businesses as not just a technical exercise but one that requires just as much strategic business a

Google launches Place Topics · 7 Jul

Place Topics use data based on reviews to provide concise information on what customers highlight about your business.

Egencia is building its own hotel rate assurance technology · 3 Jul

The company in the process of building its own technology solution which uses machine learning for hotel rate assurance rather than relies on third-p

GDSs continue to see opportunity and growth in their hospitality divisions · 3 Jul

The addition of new sources of hotel content raises an interesting theory of whether GDSs can create their own network effect.

The impact of technology on hotel sales and marketing · 30 Jun

Hospitality sales and marketing in the 21st century is a much more vibrant, complex activity, populated by multifaceted stakeholders at every level o

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The new era of hospitality tech
The new era of hospitality tech · 26 Jun

Cloud based solutions are here but what's next? The latest big tech trend in hospitality has been app stores. The idea of an app store is relying on

Bbot set to disrupt the casual dining experience · 19 Jun

Instead of trekking to a register or flagging down a server, customers at Bbot-enabled venues can pull up a site that allows them to order food and d

RLH Corporation launches virtual reservation agent · 17 Jun

The company has deployed an industry-first artificial intelligence (AI) virtual agent for central reservations to support all of its 1,400 system hot

Hotels: Too many brands? Too much tech? · 16 Jun

Hotel brand CEOs and executives at the recent NYU hospitality conference laid out a broad agenda for the future of the industry, on topics from tech

GCH Hotel Group rolls out apaleo in less than 24 hours · 12 Jun

New project with ibis Styles enhances the digital guest journey and improves internal operations.

Hotels have an extraordinary advantage over OTAs · 12 Jun

The Direct Booking Summit EMEA opened its doors in Paris, with 25 experts presenting keynotes, panels and debates across a wide range of fascinating

Cvent acquires mobile event technology provider DoubleDutch · 10 Jun

DoubleDutch gives event hosts everything they need to set up and monitor the success of their events through a white-labeled solution they can custom

What hoteliers should be asking of their PMS provider · 6 Jun

Transitioning to a new PMS can be a daunting task but preparation can help tremendously when selecting a new provider.

Hotels: How to win the race of technology and innovation · 3 Jun

The hotel industry has been known to be lagging behind other more advanced industries, but if we all know that, then why hasn't more been done to hel

Google Maps now highlights popular dishes at restaurants · 30 May

Google Maps can now share the most popular dishes at a restaurant anytime you pull up a listing with the app.

Travel 2.0 takes flight · 23 May

For airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, and others, opportunities abound to take marketing, sales, and the travel experience to greater h

A new way of thinking about your PMS: the API first approach · 19 May

Legacy PMSs make it difficult and costly to connect all systems. Even some modern, cloud-based PMSs aren't developed in a way that makes connectivity

Adobe study: Voice commerce rises as top priority · 14 May

Voice technology is quickly becoming the status quo for brands looking to reach and better engage consumers.

Tech and techniques to maximise the hotel metrics that matter most to you: part 2 · 14 May

Once the right technology is in place, the next step is to operationalise the techniques that maximise results.

TripAdvisor facilitates searches for safety-related reviews · 14 May

TripAdvisor introduced a new search filter that makes it easier for TripAdvisor users to find safety-related reviews for hotels, attractions and rest

Self-serve kiosks becoming more popular at hotels
Self-serve kiosks becoming more popular at hotels · 13 May

As self-serve options evolve and become widespread for guests at hotels, hoteliers are mindful to not lose the human element entirely.

Hilton: Top trends shaping the way we travel · 13 May

With more and more travellers looking for travel experiences that promote health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activit

Hoteliers: Everything you need to know from Google's I/O conference
Hoteliers: Everything you need to know from Google's I/O conference · 12 May

Privacy was a primary focus, as was the continued evolution of Google's triple-threat ecosystem of Android, search, and voice assistant.

Restaurant POS system trends to look out for in 2019 · 12 May

The role of the POS system, used primarily for billing, has evolved into an operations hub that connects all your online order sources, guest-facing

Hotel industry has to invest more in technology · 9 May

For some, the hotel industry requires a fundamentally different notion to how it sells and packages merchandise, physical goods and experiences.

Customer loyalty in a hyper-segmented hotel landscape · 9 May

While many hotel branding companies have recently announced reforms in their rewards structures, their programs are still primarily based on a point