Travel 2.0 takes flight · 23 May

For airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, and others, opportunities abound to take marketing, sales, and the travel experience to greater h

A new way of thinking about your PMS: the API first approach · 19 May

Legacy PMSs make it difficult and costly to connect all systems. Even some modern, cloud-based PMSs aren't developed in a way that makes connectivity

Adobe study: Voice commerce rises as top priority · 14 May

Voice technology is quickly becoming the status quo for brands looking to reach and better engage consumers.

TripAdvisor facilitates searches for safety-related reviews · 14 May

TripAdvisor introduced a new search filter that makes it easier for TripAdvisor users to find safety-related reviews for hotels, attractions and rest

Tech and techniques to maximise the hotel metrics that matter most to you: part 2 · 14 May

Once the right technology is in place, the next step is to operationalise the techniques that maximise results.

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Self-serve kiosks becoming more popular at hotels
Self-serve kiosks becoming more popular at hotels · 13 May

As self-serve options evolve and become widespread for guests at hotels, hoteliers are mindful to not lose the human element entirely.

Hilton: Top trends shaping the way we travel · 13 May

With more and more travellers looking for travel experiences that promote health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activit

Restaurant POS system trends to look out for in 2019 · 12 May

The role of the POS system, used primarily for billing, has evolved into an operations hub that connects all your online order sources, guest-facing

Hoteliers: Everything you need to know from Google's I/O conference
Hoteliers: Everything you need to know from Google's I/O conference · 12 May

Privacy was a primary focus, as was the continued evolution of Google's triple-threat ecosystem of Android, search, and voice assistant.

Hotel industry has to invest more in technology · 9 May

For some, the hotel industry requires a fundamentally different notion to how it sells and packages merchandise, physical goods and experiences.

Hotels: The legal issues of working with blockchain · 9 May

While hoteliers might be interested in working with blockchain they need to keep in mind some legal hurdles, particularly in relation to GDPR.

Customer loyalty in a hyper-segmented hotel landscape · 9 May

While many hotel branding companies have recently announced reforms in their rewards structures, their programs are still primarily based on a point

Hotelbeds launches 'Star Collection Online' to boost bookings for hotel partners · 5 May

Operating in both the Hotelbeds wholesale channel and the Bedsonline retail platform, hotels featured in ‘Star Collection Online’ microsite will maxi

Google expands tour search · 28 Apr

Google has significantly expanded its Touring Bird activities booking app, growing the platform's reach from 20 to 200 destinations worldwide.

Two in three travel programs impacted by data breaches · 28 Apr

Nearly 70 per cent of travel buyers say their travellers have been affected by a payment-related data breach from an outside vendor such as an airlin

Starwood data breach: Lessons for the hotel industry · 14 Apr

Experts explain the lessons the hotel industry can learn from the details Marriott shared about the Starwood data breach in his testimony before a co

How OYO is working to become the world's biggest hospitality chain, one hotel at a time · 24 Mar

The company has grand plans to dominate the world of hospitality through a shrewd combination of technology, a proven business model, and a technolog

Blending technology and the customer experience · 21 Mar

Guest-facing hotel technology can take many forms, and brand executives say it’s important to prioritize spending so it matches what guests want.

Hotel alternatives also face tech, distribution hurdles · 12 Mar

The line between traditional hotels and alternative accommodations continues to be blurred in the world of hospitality.

Major retailers, restaurants not ready for voice search · 7 Mar

Consumers are trending toward using their voice to search for products and conduct purchases, but few brands have incorporated a voice optimization s

Business travel in 2019: People-centricity driven by smart technology · 6 Mar

Similar to a lot of industries today, the business travel sector is set to become more customized and personalized thanks to advancements in artifici

How travel brands can get more from social media · 6 Mar

With millions of holiday-goers willing to share holiday snaps and travel experiences online, social media has become a holiday browsing hotspot and c

The lowdown from Travel Technology Europe 2019 · 4 Mar

Read on to get the latest on outbound Chinese travel, Expedia's take on Artificial Intelligence and what the industry has learned post-GDPR.

What should the perfect hotel tech partner look like? · 4 Mar

There's some truth to the increasingly ubiquitous saying that all companies are technology companies now.

Leading hotel booking startups from Europe · 26 Feb

While and Expedia lead the segment, there are some amazing tech startups which are transforming the sector and gunning fierce competition, Expedia & Co were misleading users. They've agreed to change · 6 Feb

Searching for a hotel room online might soon get a little more transparent, at least for UK consumers.