How Do Hospitality CMOs and CTOs Work Together? Read the Research

HFTP Connect · 4 Dec

Hospitality chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief technology officers (CTOs) were brought together this past year by HFTP and HSMAI for two “Thin

Attention, Hotels: How Do You Use Technology to Transform the Guest Experience?

HFTP Connect · 4 Dec

How are evolving and emerging technologies being leveraged to transform and enhance the guest experience? The hospitality industry wants to know. The

The Threat of IoT Spies: Real or Imagined?

HFTP Connect · 25 Nov

What is considered to be the first-ever “smart” device (a toaster that could be turned on and off via the Internet) was invented nearly 30 years ago

Omnichannel Surveys: The Next Step In Collecting Critical Customer Feedback

HFTP Connect · 18 Nov

Written by: Jaime Bailey Back in 2013, Walker Insights made the bold prediction that by 2020 customer experience would overtake price and product as

Green Travel and Eco Stays: Latest Initiatives to Reduce Waste

HFTP Connect · 31 Oct

Under new regulations effective July 1, 2019, hotels in Shanghai have ceased to offer disposable daily necessities such as toothbrushes, combs, bath

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Sentiment Survey Reveals Top Hospitality Technology Decisions in 2020

HFTP Connect · 23 Oct

The results are in for the inaugural Hospitality Technology Sentiment Survey, co-produced by HFTP and Hospitality Net. This survey sponsored by Shiji

Meet Bernard Ellis: Guest Blogger for the HFTP 2019 Annual Convention

HFTP Connect · 16 Oct

Bernard Ellis, CHTP, CRME knows a lot about technology. He stewards technology initiatives from industry startup to industry standard. As a consultan

Goals and Challenges: The Inside Scoop on this IT Specialist's POS Upgrade

HFTP Connect · 29 Aug

According to An Introduction to Hotel Systems: Fundamentals & Glossary produced by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA), buying individ

Destination Orlando: Attend HFTP's Annual Convention, Stay to Play

HFTP Connect · 27 Aug

The HFTP 2019 Annual Convention is returning to Orlando, Florida this October for three days of hospitality-focused education, valuable association u

From the Expert: Learn How to Excel at Microsoft Excel

HFTP Connect · 14 Aug

I was recently having lunch with a club CFO. She explained to me that it was difficult to do year-over-year comparisons because each of their two gol

Engage Your Employees With Continuing Education as an HFTP Corporate Allied Sponsor

HFTP Connect · 8 Aug

You may think that offering continuing education and training to your employeesbut that is far from the truth.

Strategic Joint Venture: A New Strategy to Expand Footprints in China

HFTP Connect · 22 Jul

Written By: Evita Ma Many surveys show that the mid- to high-end hotel market is booming in China. However, the corresponding services are still insu

Exploring Solutions in the #HITEC Exhibit Hall

HFTP Connect · 1 Jul

As HITEC is now behind us and I unpacked all of the vendor swag and business cards, I wanted to share a recap of a few things that stood out to me at

The Connection of #HITEC

HFTP Connect · 28 Jun

You can have the greatest ideas, methods and talent — but if your event (from organizers to exhibitors) cannot deliver a quality guest experience, pe

#HITEC: Memories from Minneapolis
#HITEC: Memories from Minneapolis

HFTP Connect · 27 Jun

It has been nearly a week since the hospitality community gathered in Minneapolis for HITEC 2019. The HITEC team presented a packed conference filled

Three Ways #HITEC Impacts Hospitality Careers

HFTP Connect · 20 Jun

HITEC offers diverse opportunities for those in the hospitality industry. Here’s what you can gain from HITEC this year… and for years to come! - Wri

Food for Thought at #HITEC: Is AI like Kale?

HFTP Connect · 20 Jun

The big buzz word this year at HITEC is all about AI. It is the latest trend in the hospitality tech stack and as you walk the aisles on the show flo

The Guest Experience and the Power of #HITEC

HFTP Connect · 19 Jun

HITEC is very similar to the hotel experience — it is all about how it makes guests feel. So, what do moods and excitement have to do with attending

All of the Hype Surrounding HITEC Minneapolis 2019

HFTP Connect · 14 Jun

True to its roots in hospitality, HITEC consistently lends camaraderie and support to its attendees and exhibitors. There is much to be gained from H

Listen to Powerful Voices, Seek Mentorship at HITEC Minneapolis 2019

HFTP Connect · 14 Jun


My Credit Card Did Not Think This Was Too Funny

HFTP Connect · 12 Jun

As a continuing trend at HITEC again this year, I find myself still infatuated with finding the most secure, well-integrated, user-friendly, aestheti

Anticipating Guests' Needs Using 3-D Location Technology
Anticipating Guests' Needs Using 3-D Location Technology

HFTP Connect · 11 Jun

Like many industries upended by new technologies in recent years, the hotel industry is feeling the pain of house-sharing websites, with the largest

HFTP Jamaica Chapter Hosts Outstanding Seminar, Celebrates 50th Anniversary

HFTP Connect · 10 Jun

Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP) Jamaica Chapter celebrated its 50th Anniversary by hosting its 12th Annual Educational Semina

My First HITEC: Insights from a First-Time Attendee
My First HITEC: Insights from a First-Time Attendee

HFTP Connect · 5 Jun

The 2019 European Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC(r) Europe for short) took place in Palma on the sunny island of Ma

Hospitality Controllers: Take Your Career Up a Level With a Program Designed for You

HFTP Connect · 3 Jun

Become a better club or hotel controller when you attend the 2019 HFTP Club and Hotel Controllers Conference later this month.

How Hoteliers Can Streamline Labor Management throughout the 2019 Summer Season

HFTP Connect · 23 May

Written by: Steve Pappas With the summer months in full swing, vacatimaking it one of the busiest times of the year for the hospitality industry.