Discussions Must Continue as Europe Moves to Reopen Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

HFTP Connect · 19 May

By: Carl Weldon, HFTP Europe COO Three months into its shutdown, some countries in Europe are now turning their sights on reopening travel, tourism a

Credit Card Processing During Challenging Times

HFTP Connect · 23 Apr

As the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel industry continues to feel its effects. Hospitality payments provider POST Integr

Letter from the HFTP Global President: We Have a Lot to Celebrate

HFTP Connect · 14 Nov

At the ocean-inspired Annual Tribute to Success at the HFTP 2019 Annual Convention, newly-installed HFTP Global President Michael Levie spoke about w

HFTP 2019 Chapter Leadership Workshop Builds Leadership at the Local Level

HFTP Connect · 13 Nov

After a several year hiatus, the re-instated Chapter Leadership Workshop brought together 58 chapter officers representing a host of HFTP local chapt

Something Needs to be Said: Takeaways from the HFTP 2019 Annual Convention

HFTP Connect · 5 Nov

Written by: BernaOfficial HFTP 2019 Annual Convention Guest Blogger Our Little Secret? We have all been there.

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Security, Integration and System Selection

HFTP Connect · 4 Nov

Central to the function of all businesses - whatever their purpose may be - is technology.

Survey Shows Areas of Agreement, Improvement for USALI Future Editions

HFTP Connect · 22 Oct

The AH&LA Financial Management Committee (FMC) conducted a survey on the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) earlier this yea

Bid for Good in the HFTP Foundation Silent Auction

HFTP Connect · 17 Oct

Stumped on gift ideas for this holiday season? Look no further: From now until October 25, the online HFTP Foundation Silent Auction has a spectacula

An Evening to Remember: Experience the HFTP 2019 Annual Tribute to Success

HFTP Connect · 7 Oct

This year at the 2019 HFTP Annual Convention, the “Annual Tribute to Success” will be an enchanting, sea-inspired evening of celebration dedicated to

And the 2019 HFTP Paragon Award Goes to...

HFTP Connect · 1 Oct

Anyone who knows Thomas ("Tom") Smith, CHAE knows that he loves his Green Bay Packers, his family, volleyball and dancing.

Application of IoT Solutions: As Analyzed by the HFTP Dubai Research Center

HFTP Connect · 17 Sep

In its latest monthly news bulletin, the Dubai HFTP Research and Innovation Center at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management discussed the ap

Did You Know? HFTP Members Can Request Customized Industry Research

HFTP Connect · 5 Sep

You probably hear about data all the time in the hospitality industry. Guest preferences, seasonal trends, growth opportunities in your sector. You a

All About Cloud: Insights from a Cloud Strategist

HFTP Connect · 12 Aug

When it comes to all things cloud (What exactly is cloud, anyway? Where does it exist? Why should it matter to me and my business?), it is often best

Your HFTP Summer Reading List: Staff Picks, Special Reports and More
Your HFTP Summer Reading List: Staff Picks, Special Reports and More

HFTP Connect · 15 Jul

Summer may already be half over, but that will not stop many of us from heading off on vacations to enjoy the second half of the season.

E20X Europe 2019 Award Winner Tackles Genuine Industry Problem and Solves It

HFTP Connect · 9 May

Sam is a bright, AI-based chat bot designed by Finnish hospitality startup company Hotelway. Hotelway provides professional management of customer en

A Review of Today's Hotels of the Future

HFTP Connect · 25 Apr

These days, technology is transforming the customer experience at an alarming rate. Many hoteliers wonder what the future hotel will look like. Flyzo

Mallorca, Spain Was Exemplary Host for International Conference, HITEC Europe 2019

HFTP Connect · 24 Apr

Hundreds of hospitality professionals from all across Europe and beyond convened in the beautiful Spanish island city of Palma, Mallorca, Spain for H

View from the Top: HFTP Global Goes Local at 2019 HFTP Los Cabos Chapter Meeting

HFTP Connect · 2 Apr

This past February it was my honor and pleasure to present the HFTP Global Update to the HFTP Los Cabos Chapter. This is an amazing group of individu

Personalizing the Guest Experience While ProtA HITEC Europe Preview

HFTP Connect · 20 Mar

As competition intensifies and technology evolves, the hospitality industry must rise to meet the latest expectations of all traveling demographics —

The Blue Ocean Shift: Unique Strategies Presented at the 2019 Executive Vendor Summit

HFTP Connect · 7 Mar

Think about the moment when you first enter your hotel room. Look around: Does the room tell you anything unique about the hotel where you are stayin

DeThe Next Five Years of Business and Technology Disruptions

HFTP Connect · 28 Feb

A highlight to HITEC® Europe‘s 2019 education program is the forward-looking keynote presentation by award-winning futurist Rohit Talwar. Talwar is a

The HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference 2019: All of the Hallmarks of a Truly Great Experience

HFTP Connect · 27 Feb

The 13th annual HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference (MSARC) possesses all of the hallmark characteristics that make for a truly great regiona

Move Beyond the Classroom: Advantages of an HFTP Student Membership (First of All, It Is Free)

HFTP Connect · 31 Jan

Joining a professional association can be an extremely valuable asset to students — and yet it is an asset that is more often than not untapped. An a

As a Benefit to HFTP Members, Hospitality Industry Leaders Share their Expertise in All Kinds of Ways

HFTP Connect · 20 Dec

No one person can possibly have all of the answers they need to do their jobs or run their business, especially in the hospitality industry. Challeng

Fun with Fraud: A Serious Topic Examined by the Expert in an Entertaining Way

HFTP Connect · 19 Dec

To learn more about the issue of fraud, how it affects the hospitality industry, and how to make sure you don’t become a victim of it, HFTP reached o

HITEC Dubai 2018: Through the Eyes of Attendees

HFTP Connect · 17 Dec

Students Naftali Tanyongana and Ketan Redraft with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) collaborated to record and share their exper