Get Cloud Savvy: Free Online Training for OPERA and Simphony

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 16 Apr

While catering to guests is temporarily on hold at many hotel properties, the current business slowdown provides an otherwise unavailable window to e

Lending a Hand: Hospitality Leads Relief Efforts

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 3 Apr

With corporations ceasing business travel and consumers canceling vacations to shelter in place, the hospitality industry is enduring unprecedented c

Converting Your Hotel Into a Hospital? We Can Help

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 27 Mar

We are inspired by the extraordinary stories we are hearing from our customers and throughout the industry about hoteliers stepping up amid the curre

The Beautiful World of Distribution: What Do Hotels Want and What Do They Really Need?

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 12 Mar

By: Annika van Bracht, Product Manager Hotel Strategy and SolutionsThe world of distribution is beautiful, rich and diverse with countless options to

Guy Harvey Resort Adopts OPERA Cloud to Accelerate Hotel Innovation
Guy Harvey Resort Adopts OPERA Cloud to Accelerate Hotel Innovation

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 27 Feb

Data security issues - especially in an era of headline-grabbing, business-crippling cyberattacks - often serve as motivation for a move to cloud.In

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How to Appeal to the Health-Conscious Hotel Guest

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 21 Feb

With consumers increasingly focusing on diet, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, hoteliers are being driven to adapt their strategy to better ap

Examine the Hidden Costs of On-Premise Software

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 21 Feb

How many times have you heard someone say, 'I feel safer with my server right next to me' or 'Cloud is so much more expensive than if I buy the softw

OPERA Cloud Levels the Playing Field for Banff Park Lodge
OPERA Cloud Levels the Playing Field for Banff Park Lodge

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 19 Feb

For an independent property like Banff Park Lodge, nestled in the pristine mecca of the Canadian Rockies, hotel life is beautiful but busy.You name i

Greater restrictions on Airbnb, vacation rentals shift marketplace dynamics

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 14 Feb

Since launching in 2008, Airbnb has taken the travel industry by storm. With more than 7 million listings in 100,000 cities, Airbnb has made its CEO

Social Media is the New Search Engine

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 13 Feb

Google and Bing are rushing to make deals with Twitter and Facebook and other darlings of social media. That's because they know people value peer re

Leverage Local Events and Festivals to Increase Hotel Revenue

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 6 Feb

According to the Intrepid Group, youth travel is one of the fastest-growing sectors in tourism, with more young individuals seeking unique and memora

Join Oracle Hospitality for ITB Berlin 2020

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 5 Feb

It's almost that time of year again when more than 160,000 visitors descend on Berlin for the world's largest travel trade show, ITB Berlin. This yea

OH Connect in San Diego: Day 2 Highlights

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 30 Jan

If perpetual change is the new 'normal' for hospitality, what's around the corner for hoteliers?At Oracle Hospitality Connect, Skift Research, presen

Oracle Hospitality Connect Kicks Off in San Diego

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 28 Jan

A 'connected' experience, in every sense of the word, is what hoteliers need today to achieve success and elevate the guest experience.Connecting bac

Oracle Hospitality Connect: It's All About Driving Growth and Elevating Guest Experiences

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 24 Jan

Unearth new revenue and elevate guest experiences. They're the priorities that drive every hotelier.So, would you be intrigued if we offered to share

How Can Your Hotel Turn Negative Social Media Reviews into a Positive?

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 22 Jan

Has your hotel ever received negative online reviews? Don't fret. You are not alone. With almost 3 billion social media users worldwide, there has be

Capitalize on Data to Drive Business Success: Learn How at Oracle Hospitality Connect

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 17 Jan

If data is the currency of the digital world, it's in your best interest to understand the technology - and pioneering ideas - needed to capitalize o

Scandic Hotels set for Growth with Simphony Cloud POS Services

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 14 Jan

When choosing a new point-of-sale solution for a hotel, the vast array of business needs and solutions can be mind-boggling.With many established sup

The Promise of Guest Data for the Hospitality Industry

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 10 Jan

When Revinate launched a decade ago, the guiding principle was that hoteliers should be in the business of managing guests, not rooms. Our founders s

Dynamic chatbots, TRevPar, next-gen cloud and more - Catch it all at OH Connect!

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 9 Jan

Hear about a hotel chatbot named, 'Edward,' that provided such exceptional service, guests wanted to give it thank-you gifts. Learn the innovative ap

DerbySoft Streamlines Hotel Distribution at the PMS Level

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 20 Dec

By: Pablo O'Brien, Vice President, Marketing, DerbySoftIt's a fact that a hotel's property management system (PMS) does a variety of things. Front-de

SSA Spot Apartments Focus on Self-Service with OPERA Cloud

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 17 Dec

One of the most common refrains heard in hospitality today is the importance of delivering personalized service. But sometimes, all guests want is th

OH Connect in Singapore: Day 2 Highlights

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 12 Dec

Attendees of Oracle Hospitality Connect in Singapore got a precious glimpse at what many would crane their necks to see: The future.In this case, the

Adyen & Oracle Hospitality: Unlocking the power of automation for your hospitality business

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 6 Dec

Many hospitality brands are familiar with Adyen and our single-platform payment solution. We help hotels to innovate in the payment space, providing

Growth of Non-Gaming Revenues in Casinos

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 27 Nov

Casinos were once a place that comped shows, rooms, food and drinks to entice people to gamble, which is how they made most of their revenue. Casino

OPERA Cloud PMS: It's all about delivering exceptional service - consistently

Oracle Hospitality Check-In · 19 Nov

It's a problem many hoteliers know all too well: Your guests' profile information is stored in your property PMS and other key data about them is sto