How technology can help retain front office staff in hotels

Hotelogix Blog · 20 Aug

With its global workforce said to touch 328 million by 2020, the hospitality industry is one of the largest employers in the world. In fact, the hosp

Must-have features & benefits of Cloud Hotel Property Management System

Hotelogix Blog · 8 May

As a globally trusted Hotel PMS vendor, we always try to help hotels make more out of their technology investment. Here is a comprehemsive guide that

Is there a free hotel management software?

Hotelogix Blog · 4 Apr

Before we get into the question – is there a free hotel management software, let us understand why as a hotelier, you are looking for such a product.

10 Trends that are reshaping Hotel Guest Experience

Hotelogix Blog · 29 Mar

What guests expect from a hotel always changes. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter hotel guest experiences — now, it’s all about a one-of-a-kind lodg

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Smart Hospitality POS System Software = Better Guest Experience

Hotelogix Blog · 21 Mar

As a hotelier, when efficiently running your hotel’s end to end operations is your ultimate goal, you can’t ignore managing your in-house restaurant

Top 7 Hotel Property Management Software Features

Hotelogix Blog · 21 Jan

If you are running an independent hotel in the United States and looking for a hotel property management software, then you have landed on the right

Integrated Channel Manager with PMS is the best bargain for hoteliers - Here is the Hotelogix offer

Hotelogix Blog · 31 Aug

As a hotelier, are you taking full advantage of today’s cutting-edge hospitality technology platforms to automate daily operations, increase efficien