How to Combine Upselling During the Pre-Stay and Check-In Processes

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 24 Mar

Upselling can take place at any point in the process. Opportunities arise from the moment the reservation is made through check-in and beyond. Front-

High-Touch Service Actually Means Touchless
High-Touch Service Actually Means Touchless

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 17 Jun

Hotel managers seeking ways to enhance customer experience may find guests enjoy personalized service, but they don't want to see it. In other words,

Can Facial Recognition Increase Revenue for Your Hotel?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 13 Mar

Facial recognition software is growing more prevalent and more accurate. Does it have a place in your hotel? Used properly, it has the potential to i

Self-Driving Cars for Delivery - Is Your Restaurant Ready?

Horizon Hospitality Blog · 27 Jun

Self-driving cars are not yet widespread, but testing is ongoing. Common wisdom is that delivery of packages and food will ramp up much faster than a