Augmented Reality: A recent technology debut in hotel industry

Hospitality Times · 11 Oct

Augmented reality is a technology that overlaps a computer-generated illustration on the user's view of the real world to provide a compound vision.

Hospitality Trends: Here's How Technology Is Transforming The Guest Experience

Hospitality Times · 4 Oct

Technology is changing how we interact with brands, and brands need to embrace a customer centric strategy that personalizes interactions through tec

Find The Human-Technology Balance To Champion Your Customers
Find The Human-Technology Balance To Champion Your Customers

Hospitality Times · 23 May

It doesn't take long today to come across headlines focusing on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation and its potential impact on j

Membrane Technology for Food and Beverage Processing industry update - Company profiles, market forecast, market size 2019-2025

Hospitality Times · 20 May

The report provides insightful details - how clients enhance their basic leadership capacity within the worldwide Membrane Technology for Food and Be

Businesses and universities team up on a new digital technology credential

Hospitality Times · 20 May

Mike Fasil had much to celebrate when he graduated Friday alongside thousands of others from George Mason University. The son of Ethiopian immigrants

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Technology That Could End Humanity--And How To Stop It

Hospitality Times · 14 May

In his 1798 An Essay on the Principle of Population, Thomas Malthus predicted that the world’s population growth would outpace food production, leadi

Prepare Yourself For The Shock Of Mass Implantable Brain Technology

Hospitality Times · 13 May

One of the most controversial narratives of our time will be discussion around identity and intention, that is who is it actually doing or thinking w

Technology As The Great Enabler For Female Entrepreneurs

Hospitality Times · 30 Apr

Often, we think of technology relative to a career as an asset, a tool or skill to be leveraged for gain. But during a recent dinner, Professor Vanes

Digitisation will shape travel and hospitality sectors

Hospitality Times · 29 Apr

A growing wave of digitalisation is helping to drive growth across the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors in the UAE, experts said ahead of the

How Technology is Simplifying & Personalizing Travel

Hospitality Times · 25 Apr

Technology and travel go hand in hand. Millions of people who love travel use technology in their quest to explore exotic locales or visit well-trave

Use AI to Improve Customer Experience in the Hospitality Business

Hospitality Times · 24 Apr

The cost of cloud computing and smart software solutions have drastically come down since the turn of the present decade. Today, for a few dollars a

The Hotel Yearbook publishes two special editions on trends in the hospitality sector: Technology and Digital Marketing 2 min

Hospitality Times · 15 Apr

On 10 April, The Hotel Yearbook is launching two specially focused publications. For the sixth year in a row, The Hotel Yearbook is publishing its an

Entrepreneurs behind popular StreetAway app launch new hospitality platform

Hospitality Times · 12 Apr

The entrepreneurs behind New Apex Ltd’s promotion app, StreetAway, are pairing with some big hospitality names as they launch a new smart hospitality

How Can IoT Bring a Change in the Hospitality Sector?

Hospitality Times · 9 Apr

For entrepreneurs, any technological progress is always welcome. Evolution is inevitable and certainly, very necessary. Every such progress is driven

Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal Market: Rising Uptake in Retail and Hospitality Industry to Accentuate Growth

Hospitality Times · 8 Apr

The global point-of-sale (POS) terminal market features a fairly fragmented landscape with an elevated level of competition among players of all type

Tourist industry declares crisis for lack of marketing, US tourism decline

Hospitality Times · 4 Apr

The Mexican tourism industry is in crisis due to a lack of marketing and insecurity, the president of the National Tourism Business Council (CNET) sa

Stepping backward': why blockchain in marketing isn't the answer yet

Hospitality Times · 3 Apr

It’s been 12 months, and that hasn’t exactly been the case. It certainly grew — from 88 companies to 290 as of February 2019, according to research f

How Brands Are Improving Customer Experiences in the Travel and Hospitality Industry
How Brands Are Improving Customer Experiences in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Times · 28 Mar

Technology has been steadily improving customer experiences (CX) across a breadth of industries, with travel and hospitality among them. But to truly

How Technology Will Impact The Restaurant Industry

Hospitality Times · 26 Mar

Technology surrounds us, impacting every part of our daily lives. From communicating with friends and family to paying for groceries, technology is b