Skift WebinCreating More Human Interactions for Travel Brands - Digital · 23 May

Machine learning is revolutionizing the travel industry, where it has the potential to transform company activity related to marketing, customer serv

Travelport's Plans to Go Private Held Up by Russian Regulators - Digital · 10 May

Russian regulators have put up obstacles to the long-discussed buyout of the travel technology giant Travelport. Odds are the deal will still be comp

Amadeus Finds Fastest Growth Overseas in North America - Digital · 8 May

Texas-based Sabre can no longer take for granted its home market of North America as Amadeus attempts to make inroads on the continent.

Google Expands Power Over Local Discovery and Travel Tools - Digital · 7 May

It will be fascinating to see whether consumers embrace booking various elements of travel using Google Assistant. Perhaps more interesting is the wa

Expedia Faces Headwinds in Short-Term Rentals and 5 Other Digital Trends this Week - Digital · 5 May

This week in digital news, search engine optimization issues hold Expedia back, Trivago's business strategy reflects Google's growing presence in tra

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Masabi Raises $20 Million for Ticketing Tech: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital · 3 May

Masabi enables cities, such as Denver and Sydney, to sell tickets on public transit via the mobile apps of travel companies like Uber. Meanwhile, Ele

Expedia Faces Stiff Headwinds in Rebranded Short-Term Rental Business - Digital · 3 May

When Expedia announced the acquisition of HomeAway in 2015, then-CFO Mark Okerstrom called it "a huge opportunity on a go-forward basis." Today, it s

Google Hotels Prompts Trivago to Increase Advertising in 50 Global Markets - Digital · 1 May

Google is eating the world. When metasearch sites such as Trivago see a strategic benefit in increasing their advertising in Google metasearch, it is

Rentals United Raises $4 Million for Distribution Tech: Travel Startup Funding This Week - Digital · 26 Apr

This week's startup funding announcements reveal broader industry investment themes, such as the need for marketing tools for the owners of short-ter

Google Maps Adds More Hotel Search Filters - Digital · 23 Apr

Google Maps is plotting a clear course in the direction of becoming a superapp for travel and dining. We'll continue to track the trend closely.

Grab Enters Travel Booking With Hotels Now and Flights Next - Digital · 23 Apr

In the face of a fast-growing and innovative rival, Grab's foray into travel, starting with hotels, could give it an edge over arch-rival Go-Jek, whi

Travelport's Plan to Build Market Share With U.S. Airlines and Agencies - Digital · 22 Apr

Travelport sees an opportunity to gain share with mid-market travel management companies in the U.S., which seems plausible. But it will need to keep

Google Maps Is Ready to Transform Superapps and 6 Other Digital Trends This Week - Digital · 21 Apr

This week in digital news, we take a deep dive into Google Maps, comparing it to other superapps like Meituan in China or Grab in Southeast Asia. Plu

Fosun's Venture Capital Arm Backs Israeli Booking Site in an Ongoing Travel Push - Digital · 15 Apr

While Western media tends to focus on the funding moves of corporate venture capital arms of regional brands like JetBlue and EasyJet, it's also impo

Smaller Hotels and Hostels Catch Up on Tech With New Wave of Software Makers - Digital · 15 Apr

The story of software maker Cloudbeds, named the fastest-growing travel and hospitality company in the U.S., points to a broader trend of smaller hot

Vista Global Buys Uber-Style Private Jet App - Digital · 10 Apr

Vista is getting bigger, as more and more companies realize it's way easier to rent a jet rather than own one outright. Now, this most recent acquisi

Klook Receives $225 Million SoftBank Investment in Nod to Tours and Activities - Digital · 9 Apr

For the first time, an Asian startup, Klook, is attracting the highest funding ever in tours and activities. For the last time, can skeptics of this

AirAsia Aims to Disrupt Online Travel and 6 Other Digital Trends This Week - Digital · 7 Apr

This week in digital news, AirAsia hopes to become more than just an airline, there's a lot to learn from Lyft's successful IPO, and TripAdvisor's pr

Vancouver Shuns Uber While Chinese-Language App Kabu Thrives - Digital · 3 Apr

The underground ride-sharing app has big plans for growth, with an English version coming soon. By the time Uber gets on the road, it may find itself

Max Levchin's Affirm Raises $300 Million for Payments Tech - Digital · 3 Apr

With this investment, PayPal co-founder Max Levchin has raised $800 million to grow Affirm, which lets consumers pre-qualify for loans to buy flights

Lyft IPO Teaches Lessons to Other Rising Travel Startups - Digital · 3 Apr

Several travel startups dream of going public. Lyft's initial public offering shows that profitability isn't necessarily as important as growth in th

AirAsia CEO Looks to Disrupt Again, This Time in Online Travel - Digital · 3 Apr

Tony Fernandes is taking AirAsia on "the final part of the company's evolution," one that will see the airline become a tech player. But it's one thi

Japan Adopts Mobile Payment and 6 Other Digital Trends This Week
Japan Adopts Mobile Payment and 6 Other Digital Trends This Week - Digital · 30 Mar

This week in digital news, Japan shifts its payment method as the numbers of Chinese tourists surges, a Spanish online travel company struggles to st

Travel Tech Execs Take Shine Off Cloud Computing by Highlighting Hidden Perils - Digital · 27 Mar

Executives from Expedia and other travel companies acknowledged at an Amadeus tech conference that cloud computing can lead to hidden waste. Mistakes

Japan Adopts New Payments Tech in Response to Chinese Tourism Boom - Digital · 25 Mar

Americans and Europeans who used to scoff at QR-style bar codes are going to need to learn how to use them to pay for meals, attractions, and tickets

U.S. Customs Looks to Blockchain and 5 Other Digital Trends This Week - Digital · 23 Mar

This week in digital news, the federal government considers blockchain for monitoring travelers, the EU will wait to put Google's flight and hotel pl