A Mix of In-Person and Virtual Is Immediate Future of Events Industry
A Mix of In-Person and Virtual Is Immediate Future of Events Industry

skift.com - Travel Services · 12 May

Virtual events have gained a lot of ground in the industry over the last few months, and many of the benefits and best practices learned from success

Hotels Using Virtual Tours to Woo Corp Travel Managers

skift.com - Travel Services · 28 Apr

Whether it's Zoom, FaceTime or VR, it's essential that hotels continue offering site visits to travel managers and meetings planners to plan for grow

TripActions Breaks Into Financial Technology

skift.com - Travel Services · 28 Feb

TripActions has made the savvy Silicon Valley play of embracing financial technology while the sector is hot. Whether its new product represents anyt

Sabre, Travelport Make Big Moves in Travel Tech Sector

skift.com - Travel Services · 31 Jan

The tides in corporate travel are shifting as distribution companies vie to develop new technology and build partnerships to drive the sector forward

Expense Technology Landscape Heats Up

skift.com - Travel Services · 17 Jan

The expense technology sector has quickly become one to watch. Realistically, though, chipping away at SAP Concur's business is going to be difficult

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A Quiet Giant in Expense Technology Has New Name and Mission

skift.com - Travel Services · 16 Jan

Combined travel and expense technology companies are having a moment right now. One should also watch which travel management companies begin to furt

New Report: How Technology Enhances the Meeting Attendee Experience

skift.com - Travel Services · 12 Nov

Two in three event professionals say they plan to use more technology to power their meetings in the future. But as these innovations mature, finding

Hertz Continues to Outshine Avis With Tech Investments for Operations

skift.com - Travel Services · 7 Nov

Hertz recently upgraded its internal and fleet management systems, helping it overcome the hurdles that are bogging down Avis.

Privacy Concerns Loom as Facial Recognition at Events Becomes More Common

skift.com - Travel Services · 30 Oct

A facial recognition startup has developed a new way to protect attendee data, but many people are still wary of the technology. It's hard to blame t

Wi-Fi's Frustrating Lack of Progress at Events

skift.com - Travel Services · 10 Oct

Many planners treat Wi-Fi as an afterthought, when really it's become a central part of the event experience, just like food or beverage.

American Express GBT Picks New CEO to Lead Tech Growth

skift.com - Travel Services · 20 Sep

Over the past three years, the company finalized two major acquisitions and kicked off a tech overhaul. Now, it's ready to invest further in creating

Travel Management Companies Finally See Upgrades to Payment Technology

skift.com - Travel Services · 20 Sep

Despite some of the progress that New Distribution Capability has made in recent years, travel management companies have missed out on many of the be

Events Sector Feels Poised for Tech Explosion

skift.com - Travel Services · 18 Sep

The future looks good for meetings and events. That was the vibe coming out of IMEX America in Las Vegas last week, even as some planners worry about

High-Touch and High-Tech Find Common Ground With Travel Advisors: Virtuoso CEO

skift.com - Travel Services · 20 Aug

Virtuoso Travel Week drew record attendance to the annual event it likens to Fashion Week. While heavily touting the consortium's new Wanderlist trav

Eventbrite's Struggles Deepen as a Public Company

skift.com - Travel Services · 15 Aug

One has to wonder whether Eventbrite's struggles as a public company will make the event-tech sector less attractive to investors in the future.

Amadeus Finds Growth in Businesses Outside of Distribution

skift.com - Travel Services · 31 Jul

Amadeus deserves credit for making strides in reducing its dependence on its original core business of airline distribution. Few companies in any ind

Cvent Struggles to Streamline Its Thousands of Tech Features

skift.com - Travel Services · 18 Jul

Cvent continues to stay on the forefront of new digital technology for meetings and events, but it still faces difficulties in user experience. At Cv

Cvent Makes Progress on Improving User Experience

skift.com - Travel Services · 17 Jul

The company has developed in a fractured and decentralized way. Going back in time to change the underlying foundation will not be easy, especially i

A Consolidated Biz Travel Market Could Mean More Personalized Booking

skift.com - Travel Services · 11 Jul

Watching how adoption of new distribution technology plays out in this early stage can give us a look into what to expect in the future. Especially i

Cvent Hitches Up With Wedding Spot to Boost Venue Business

skift.com - Travel Services · 22 May

Cvent remains committed to bringing new products to its customers through acquisitions. By diving into the U.S. market for weddings, the event tech g

Qantas to Levy Surcharges on Travel Agencies That Don't Join Program Starting in August

skift.com - Travel Services · 7 May

In Australia, the New Distribution Capability is moving from a vague concept to an active business model, as Qantas urges travel agents to sign up to

American Express Allows Passengers to Use Loyalty Points to Bid for Flight Upgrades

skift.com - Travel Services · 6 May

Those flush with American Express Membership Rewards points have a new tool for bidding on airline upgrades. Caveat emptor on the cost of the upgrade

Eventbrite's Slow Ticketfly Integration Leads to Growing Losses

skift.com - Travel Services · 3 May

Eventbrite is getting slammed by investors as costs mount from integrating Ticketfly. The company's core ticketing business is strong, though. It nee

Travel Advisor Recruits Participate in Host Agency Boot Camps

skift.com - Travel Services · 23 Apr

Host agencies are seeing an influx of prospective travel advisors, many coming from other careers, and are creating education programs to ensure the

The Future of Car Rental Is Mobile-First

skift.com - Travel Services · 19 Apr

Making the car rental experience more pleasant requires making cars available where business travelers actually are, along with allowing them to digi

Travelers With Disabilities May Find Advantages in Using Travel Advisor Specialists

skift.com - Travel Services · 16 Apr

The number of people with disabilities is increasing and travel advisors need to understand this demographic. If they don't, not only will they lose