A tale of two airlines battling disruption with technology
A tale of two airlines battling disruption with technology

PhocusWire · 25 Jun

Airlines lose billions annually through disruptions. Studies from companies such as Switchfly which estimated a cost of $250 per passenger to rebook

Mastercard makes experiences available via voice technology

PhocusWire · 18 Jun

Mastercard has released an experiences skill for smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

VIDEO: Why women's leadership should be a priority for all travel technology companies

PhocusWire · 6 Jun

As part of Phocuswright's Women's Leadership Initiative, a panel joined us in the studio to discuss what actions companies can take to implement dive

Rentals United adds $4.25M in funding to boost technology platform

PhocusWire · 26 Apr

Rentals United has raised $4.25 million to further develop its technology platform for vacation rental property managers. The funding came from Stell

JetBlue Technology Ventures adds airport partner to spur travel innovation

PhocusWire · 25 Apr

Vantage Airport Group joins Air New Zealand as the second partner in JetBlue Technology Ventures' international innovation program.

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Northstar Travel Group acquires Travel Technology Europe owner Centaur Media Travel

PhocusWire · 10 Apr

Northstar Travel Group has announced an agreement to acquire Centaur Media Travel and Meetings (CTM) from its parent company, Centaur Media, with ter

It's time to decide - standardize technology in activities, or not?

PhocusWire · 1 Apr

Is the industry is too far down the connectivity rabbit hole to be saved by standards or whether a focused effort by both the supply and demand side

Mobile technology, customer acquisition among top challenges for ground transit operators

PhocusWire · 26 Mar

According to a survey from CellPoint Mobile, ground transit operators in the United States are struggling to keep up with consumer demand for a seaml

Peakwork invests in Chinese partner Zhouyou Technology

PhocusWire · 25 Feb

Zhouyou Technology has received an investment from its European partner Peakwork, in a bid to expand dynamic packaging services in China.

Distributed ledger technology can bring rate parity to hotel distribution

PhocusWire · 15 Feb

The last few years have seen a steady rise in the impact of rate parity and onward distribution issues on hotelier’s bottom line.

How cognitive technologies might evolve in travel in 2019

PhocusWire · 15 Jan

The maturing of cognitive technologies is opening up opportunities in travel, according to a trends report from Deloitte. The report says the technol

In a world and industry ruled by technology, the important conversation is diversity in perspectives

PhocusWire · 24 Dec

My first encounter with the authorUrsula K Le Guinwas through The Left Hand Of Darkness, which I read as a girl growing up in Penang, Malaysia.

VIDEO: uBingo Technology - Summit pitch at Phocuswright 2018

PhocusWire · 24 Dec

This smart device and system activates hotel customers' in-house consumption ability and improves guest experiences.

Will airline growth be dependent on mobile and smart technology?

PhocusWire · 18 Dec

With passenger numbers set to double over the next twenty years, the aviation industry will need to keep up with the demands of an increasingly conne

A review of 2018, a preview for what's next: Voice technology

PhocusWire · 12 Dec

To provide a look ahead on this topic, Say It Now CEO Charlie Cadbury offers his take on the top five developments in voice technology he expects to

I was in charge of technology at Starwood - here's my take on the guest data breach

PhocusWire · 10 Dec

Reports on the Marriott guest data breach have suggested the most probable cause was a result of the technology platform deployed by Starwood under t

Hot 25 Startups 2019: Airlines Technology

PhocusWire · 12 Nov

Some startups hit their stride just at the right time, as a combination of technical ability, industry and consumer needs come together.

Ticketing technology updates, innovations critical for major attractions

PhocusWire · 6 Nov

Large attractions such as theme parks, amusement parks, zoos and museums need to update and invest in their ticketing technology in order to meet con

Traits of a great chief technology officer

PhocusWire · 2 Nov

Chief technology officers have become increasingly pivotal figures in the travel industry over the course of the last 25 years - with perhaps more op

Expedia rolls out Guest Insights technology for booking behavior intel

PhocusWire · 30 Oct

Expedia Group is extending its Guest Insights technology to all hotels following a pilot in several markets. The system looks at data on a property,

Smartvel gets funding boost for its destination content technology

PhocusWire · 24 Oct

Destination content technology company Smartvel has received $1.05 million in funding for further growth.

Exploring gender parity in travel and technology

PhocusWire · 19 Oct

Phocuswright lives at the sweet spot where travel and technology converge. As a member of the travel tech community, it wants to explore the current

Three ways hoteliers are kicking silos of technology for good (finally)

PhocusWire · 18 Oct

Stop me if you've heard this before: In the age of OTAs and industry disruption, effectively managing a complex channel and distribution strategy is

Leisure Pass Group brings multi-attraction technology to North America

PhocusWire · 25 Sep

Attraction pass provider Leisure Pass Group is opening up its custom management platform, known as Leisure Pass Operating System (LPOS), to its North

eDreams trials biometric technology to help drive inspiration

PhocusWire · 19 Sep

Edreams Odigeo is using biometric technology to learn more about what inspires customers and drives decisions.

Back in the offline world, part 2: Travel agency technology

PhocusWire · 10 Sep

Like any industry, travel has been profoundly changed by advancements in technology. How people research, book and experience a trip is completely di