The Benefit of Technology in the Hospitality Industry
The Benefit of Technology in the Hospitality Industry

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 13 Aug

The hospitality industry is a dynamic environment that's constantly moving and evolving. As one of the largest industries worldwide, restaurant sales

On the Road at HITEC: Hospitality Management Technologies to Watch

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After coming back from four days in Houston for HITEC 2018, it’s apparent that tech in the hospitality sector is hotter than ever. From in-room table

LDV Hospitality: Using Technology to Double Revenue at Gurney's Beach Clubs

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 4 Jun

With restaurants and cocktail bars located across the country, LDV Hospitality (LDV) delivers authentic and unique guest experiences. However, as LDV

Can Restaurant Technology Solve Your Turnover Problem?

SevenRooms F&B Blog · 1 May

Staff retention is a well-known struggle in the hospitality industry. But with the right restaurant management software, you can engage your employee