2 June 2017

Hotel Agents Can Increase Reviews and Revenue

By John Smallwood - CEO | Travel Outlook

While brand hotels receive more sales than independent properties, the gap is shrinking; according to a study at UCLA Anderson School of Management, revenue chains generate over independent hotels has shrunk from 32% in 2000 to 19% in 2015.

The reason? The study suggests that there is a direct correlation between the revenue increase and the explosion in online reviews. With vastly increased exposure, independent hotels can now reach more potential guests than ever before. In terms of hard numbers, the study found that for every ten reviews received, independent hotels gained a 1.7% boost in revenue.

This suggests a vitally important takeaway: independent hotels that offer exceptional service can enhance their online reputation, which can have a direct impact on their bottom line.

There are opportunities for creating a strong impression and incentivizing positive online feedback throughout the hotel stay. But guest perceptions, and by extension your entire reputation, can often hinge on a single interaction - the first contact with a reservation agent.

Beyond a personal greeting, a well-trained reservation agent will take the time to learn about a guest's needs and preferences ahead of time, and this can dramatically impact the entire perception a person has about your hotel.

For instance, a carefully suggested room recommendation, a top tip for a local restaurant, or surprising a guest with a free upgrade to celebrate a special occasion can make their whole experience more memorable.

In a world of cookie-cutter chain experiences, going beyond expectations and showing a desire to help and add value carries immense weight.

And over time, the impact of providing exemplary service from the first encounter can elevate your whole brand reputation - encouraging positive reviews that have the potential to create a measurable growth in booking revenue.

This is one in a series of short essays by John Smallwood, CEO of Travel Outlook Premium. Reservations Call Center about voice reservations, the second most profitable revenue channel. Travel Outlook is a hospitality company that takes voice reservations calls for its clients.

John Smallwood

John Smallwood, President and Chief Executive Officer: I oversee day-to-day activities of a growing company dedicated to helping independent hotels and hospitality businesses increase top line revenues and provide better communication with its guests. I created the Travel Outlook concept in 2006, after more than twenty years' experience in hospitality management. I have owned, managed, or developed a dozen hotel properties.

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