6 September 2017

WITHorg Set to Play a Role in Advancing Workplace Equality in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Conference focused on empowering, inspiring and motivating change for female leaders

  • Women in Tourism and Hospitality Announces Speaker Lineup for Inaugural Conference in TorontoWomen in Tourism and Hospitality Announces Speaker Lineup for Inaugural Conference in Toronto

With only two weeks left before its inaugural launch on September 18th, the Women in Tourism and Hospitality (WITHOrg.com) conference is set to empower, inspire and motivate change for female leaders.

Themed "Moving the Needle," the all-day conference will recognize and give visibility to the extraordinary talent and service of phenomenal female executives who are leading the way and making significant contributions to the industry. To purchase tickets to attend the "can't-miss" event, please click on this link – PURCHASE TICKETS.

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, an increasing number of women are entering the industry and assuming top positions, but the reality is few women make it to the upper echelon of management. "It's a fact that men hold most senior management positions," says Anne Larcade, co-founder of the conference and a global organization, WITHorg, whose aim is to foster professional development amongst women.

"We're hoping that the industry comes together to promote this very important initiative," says Rosanna Caira, co-founder of the conference. "By asking key questions within the industry and sharing best practices, companies can help drive the necessary changes that will allow women the necessary tools and skills set to progress to upper management roles. Our immersive panels and workshops featuring representation from diverse companies such as Air Canada, Marriott, and McDonald's Restaurants of Canada will be insightful and instructive."

By sharing best practices, the conference will look at practical solutions for change. "When it comes to hiring for new positions, is your company embracing research-driven practices that reduce bias? Does your employer embrace pay transparency or other accountability measures for providing equal pay for equal work? Are they promoting equal parental leave policies that enable working parents to thrive?" asks Caira.

The mission-driven thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals will gather and also make the world a better place by amplifying the needs of three distinct charities: Special Needs DreamWorks; The Tory Day Fund and Worlds Collide Africa. Co-founders Larcade and Caira are using the conference and membership as a platform for social enterprise to help women and children. All three charity founders will be in attendance at the conference highlighting how even one person can make a difference.

WITHorg offers women and men in the tourism and hospitality sectors an opportunity to join the collective movement to advocate for fair workplace policies, incubate change and network. Participants at the conference or as members include company presidents and CEOs, hotel general managers, Human Resources executives as well as executive chefs, food and beverage professionals and airline executives.

"Women's leadership advancement is slowly reaching a tipping point," says Larcade. "Women's voices are rising. But so are those of supportive men — especially ones in senior-leadership positions. Smart, progressive companies are finding ways to incorporate both men and women into the process of attracting, retaining, and advancing women in the workplace. Tourism and hospitality operators have a global opportunity to disrupt our industry and make meaningful change."

"When men's voices join women in advocating for these policies on the corporate, national and global levels, we double our collective power," adds Larcade.

Become a member of WITHorg and receive $100 off the conference registration.

WITHorg is actively seeking sponsors and champions to help lead the worthwhile collective. For additional information on sponsorships, contact Rosanna Caira rcaira@kostuchmedia.com

About WITHOrg Women in Tourism and Hospitality Organization

WITHorg (Women in Tourism and Hospitality Organization) is dedicated to the advancement of women in the tourism and hospitality industries. With support from industry partners, WITHorg delivers impactful leadership skills development for talented, high potential women, including shared stories and experiences of women executives. Ongoing training and networking opportunities and performance matrix also deliver innovative research on diversity in the tourism and hospitality industry to members. WITHorg is a social-enterprise movement supporting Specialneedsdreamworks ; worldscollideafrica; and the ToryDayfund.

To learn more visit withorg.com.

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