Our journey to hospitality technology Nirvana

By Pete Simpson - Senior VP Global Business Technology at protel hotelsoftware

13 November 2017

Hotel technology has seen some amazing progress – though it may seem to be in a state of chaos at the moment, writes Pete Simpson. In this article, he makes a compelling case for coming together to build an “Enterprise Hospitality Framework” that would allow the industry to extend the hospitality eco-system beyond the confines of the hotel, and deliver amazing, targeted, data-driven recommendations and offers to customers. To make this happen, he says, it will require fearless vendors and the combined voice of the hotel chains.

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Pete Simpson

Pete Simpson, Senior Vice President Global Business Technology at protel hotelsoftware GmbH, has over 32 years in IT Management. The former CEO of a successful Australian ITC integration and consulting company, Pete also spent 16 years with MICROS Inc. in various technical roles. He launched MICROS hosting initiatives in 2003 and managed their industry-dominating Cloud business until the Oracle acquisition. In January 2017, Pete joined protel to lead the protel I/O project. He is currently working with a team of developers building an Enterprise Hospitality Framework based on ESB technology, which will provide tight integration of core property operations, enterprise data, distribution, guest experience and enhanced retailing.