Cendyn integrates with Sitecore via Hedgehog to elevate real-time marketing personalization

Power players in hotel CRM, CXP & digital consultancy join forces for AI-fueled marketing automation that dynamically customizes content and pricing based on guest intelligence

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12 June 2018

Boca Raton – Cendyn, the leading provider of hotel CRM and hotel sales platforms in the hospitality industry, announced a new partnership with Hedgehog, a digital consultancy, to integrate Cendyn's eInsight customer relationship management (CRM) solution with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (CXP) to deliver powerful personalized digital experiences.

The agreement will enable Hedgehog to tap Cendyn's guest intelligence engine to fuel live personalization and dynamic pricing based on marketing segmentation and guest profiles in eInsight across Sitecore's digital platforms.

The CRM + CXP integration between Cendyn and Sitecore, facilitated by Hedgehog, will allow hotels to ensure their guests receive targeted messaging based on their personal preferences and behaviors stored in Cendyn's central data warehouse across all digital channels. Tackling this at scale, and delivering such personalized messaging in real-time, is huge for the hospitality industry.

The arrangement also includes a re-seller agreement with Hedgehog that promotes the sale of Cendyn eInsight as the preferred CRM of choice for hoteliers to Hedgehog customers.

"Our partnership with Hedgehog for Sitecore CXP integration is a big step forward in helping hotels deliver personalization at scale based on business impact," says Charles Deyo, President & CEO at Cendyn. "By adding this integration to our portfolio, we are continuing to expand our reach as the most connected CRM provider in the industry. This provides a cohesive, clear path to personalization."

"The partnership between Hedgehog and Cendyn really spotlights our focus on personalization in the travel and hospitality industry," says Dan Galvez, Founder and CEO at Hedgehog. "By working with Cendyn on this connector, we are helping hotel properties present their guests with individualized experiences tailored to their unique needs."

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Casey Munck

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