How to encourage the hotel guests to stay at your hotel using a website widget?

11 October 2018 (City Inspire S.A.)

Our.Guide SaaS solution is a revolutionary software that is dedicated to every hotel owner. It is easy to use and has numerous advantages for the hotel guests as well as the hotel employees. We believe that this solution will help you to put your hotel in front.


The hotel guests simply look for tourist attractions before they arrive at the hotel. When your hotel has the widget, they can browse all available tourist attractions and then select the ones which are most suitable for them! They will get all the necessary information from the widget, such as opening hours, ticket prices and the address. Moreover, there is provided a distance to the particular attraction or event from the hotel what improves planning the day of the hotel guest. Nowadays, this type of solution is available in a few hundred of hotels and it is expanding very fast.

The Our.Guide software provides numerous benefits for every type of accommodation providers:

  • Boost the organic search engine - the software is based on SEO long tail - it means that your website will be noticed as first results in the Google search engine which can bring you more customers when the hotel guest type long tail, such as hotel+ near (tourist attraction or event). In this way, you receive additional hotel SEO services that may improve the results in search engines.
  • Professional software for concierge - the is a huge guidebook with numerous local tourist attractions within 50 kilometers from the hotel. As an outcome, the concierge tasks can be reduced because the guests may learn about many interesting spots on their own and the hotel concierge may only have to book their tickets, plan their day and answer all necessary questions.
  • Encourage potential guests to book the room - the professional widget may be a reason to book the room. The hotel guests are sure that the hotel is close enough to the given tourist attractions.
  • More direct bookings - the widget may encourage the hotel guests to place the room order on your website, instead of the hundreds of other ones.
  • SaaS software - it means that it works independently and the hotel employees do not have to edit any information on the widget. It always provides updated data.
  • Works in 21 languages - the software is available in popular languages so it can be used by tourists from different countries.
  • 14-day free trial - you will get professional SaaS solution to test for 14 days without any charges.

Learn about our customers' opinion:

"We appreciate the very professional and supportive service.

Our hotel guests are using the smart and informative tool every day.
It is a real additional benefit.
We are very satisfied.
It is a fantastic travel guide, which
brings a lot of fun too."

If you are interested in this solution, feel free and see more at Find out more about the possibilities that are dedicated to your hotel. is established in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality SaaS software - Our.Guide provides detailed information about the local tourist attractions and events. 

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