These trends may deliver the results you need to meet your operations management goals in 2019

Excerpt from Beekeeper's Hospitality Industry Trends For 2019

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17 December 2018
  • Beekeeper Hospitality Industry Trends For 2019: Internal Communications


Whether you're aiming for an organizational overhaul to become more competitive in your market or merely seeking to cut down on costs of everyday business, these five trends may deliver the results you need to meet your operations management goals in 2019.


The automating processes throughout your hospitality business can save money and increase efficiency when it comes to all areas of hotel management. Online reservation services, automated chatbots, inline translation functions, and mobile hotel check-in features are only a handful of examples of business dependency on technology. In 2019, these features are poised to continue to mature and grow.

By dedicating machines to specific business tasks, companies are freeing up employee time for focusing on their products and their customers. Rather than assigning an employee to monitor the company website and answer the same questions multiple times, programming a chatbot to respond to FAQs saves company time and resources.

Performance Measurement

Detailed analytics give companies a baseline for implementing changes in areas from development and production to customer service. In the coming year, recent innovations will allow for these metrics to be reported in even richer detail. Delivering comprehensive measurements, hotel owners will be able to make more informed decisions regarding business practices and priorities looking ahead.

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