MA Micro-Apartment Hotels selects apaleo as its core operating system, serving a demanding new generation of business travelers

apaleo’s open property management system provides the ultimate flexibility, automation, and ability for the hotel to focus on delivering outstanding guest experiences

26 March 2019
apaleo GmbH

Frankfurt am Main-based MA Micro-Apartment Hotels revealed today that it has chosen apaleo, the world's most open property management system, as its core technology to run its newly built extraordinary apartment hotels.

MA Micro-Apartment Hotels will open 500 serviced apartments in Q1 and Q2 2020 in Munich and Aschheim (Dornach). These serviced apartments will serve the needs of long staying business travelers, actors and athletes, as well as fair visitors and tourists.The design and equipment of the apartments is tailored to the picky tastes of today's travelers, who, in addition to enjoying the comforts of a private apartment, also enjoy common areas in which to socialize, such as a complete open lobby with a pink laundrette, a gym, a restaurant with a New York cocktail trolley, a cinema, a supermarket and even common working spaces.

Apart from the design, technology plays a very important role in providing an unforgettable guests journey, without waiting times and lines. MA Micro-Apartment Hotels was searching for such a technological solution which can automate mundane tasks and provide guests with an unforgettable digital journey. After careful market research MA Micro-Apartment Hotels chose apaleo, which comes with a pre-connected store from which MA Micro-Apartment Hotels can click-to-connect all the best systems to run its property. apaleo's PMS also automates much of the guest journey, from automated check in/check out, payment collection, and other operational tasks.

"It was very important for us to have a technology that will follow our vision of providing unforgettable experiences to our guests. Today's guests are much more demanding than before, and with the ever-changing technology landscape, we anticipate that guests' expectations will only continue to rise. apaleo's system is ideal because it can be adapted to the new demands of guests in a very short time," says Denis Mair, Chief Operating Officer of MA Micro-Apartment Hotels. "Not only is apaleo incredibly flexible, but the entire system is also so easy to use that staff can be trained and working with the system immediately. This saves us time and costs, which we can rather invest into initiatives that will provide our guests with unique experiences with our brand."

apaleo's next generation cloud system is built in a way that any other system can be integrated in just a few seconds and without any additional costs. With this approach, hoteliers have complete freedom to choose their own stack of systems, based on their business needs and guest demands.

"apaleo was built to provide hoteliers with a system that is simple to use and quick to go live, without additional costs like set up fees or integration fees. Our goal is to remove the headache that has long been associated with getting new technology up and running because there are enough other things to worry about when running a hotel," said Philip von Ditfurth, co-founder of apaleo. "We are very proud to work with MA Micro-Apartment Hotels and to power its new openings. We look forward to seeing this innovative concept come to life!"

About MA Micro-Apartment Hotel Holding GmbH

MA Micro-Apartments Hotel Holding GmbH is a complete new apartment hotel group, founded by Prof. Stephan Gerhard and Nermin Grosch, and it will operate apartment hotels through Germany and Austria. The plan is to expand the range of serviced apartments by around 1,000. Eight other locations in economic and metropolitan regions have already been envisaged and MA Micro-Apartment will be responsible for operations.

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About apaleo

Hotels need the right technology and systems to manage all the complexities of their business. At the core of these systems is the property management system (PMS), which manages hotel inventory and reservations, rates, accounting, invoicing and payments, and more. Then there are all the additional systems like CRM, CRS, upselling, review monitoring, distribution and channel management, forecasting, business intelligence reporting, and so forth. Hoteliers rely on all these tools yet struggle because many of them don't integrate.

apaleo's PMS platform connects all these systems quickly and seamlessly. As the first PMS which is purely based on a fully open 2-way API, hotels can grant applications access to all the information stored in apaleo, as well as allow them to write back data to the PMS. apaleo's public API allows hoteliers to innovate without major risks, integration hassles, long wait times and hidden fees. Developers and software vendors can easily connect to apaleo, and hotels can even develop their own, custom apps with ease. Applications are housed in the apaleo Store, opening the possibilities for hotels to connect to pre-integrated, innovative apps - guest facing or staff facing - with one click. Learn more at

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