Next-gen hotel websites: The secret to converting digitally savvy travelers

By Steffan Berelowitz - VP of Digital Platforms at Travel Tripper and Pegasus Solutions

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7 April 2019

The Amazons and Netflixes of the world have spoiled travelers, says Travel Tripper’s Steffan Berelowitz. Thanks to the well- designed and highly efficient websites of the tech giants, finding and buying products and services is practically effortless. Our challenge is that travelers now have the same expectations of convenience and personalization when it comes to booking a hotel.

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Steffan Berelowitz

Steffan is the VP of Digital Platforms at Travel Tripper and Pegasus Solutions where he oversees the website and digital marketing services for hotel customers. A pioneer in all things web and mobile, Steffan has spent more than 20 years in online services and technology. He was formerly founder of, a website platform acquired by Travel Tripper in 2015. Prior to, Steffan founded Bit Group, one of Boston's top 10 digital web agencies, implementing more than 350 web sites for 150 companies including Cisco, Dell, EMC, two divisions of GE, as well as other prominent B2C organizations.

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