Hiisi Homes Selects apaleo PMS to power its 11 properties

With a lightning-fast rollout, Hiisi Homes introduces apaleo’s property management system as the core of its entire technology stack

16 April 2019
apaleo GmbH

Finland based serviced apartments, Hiisi Homes, announced today that it has selected and successfully rolled out apaleo as its core PMS. Replacing an old system, the move to apaleo has also allowed Hiisi Homes to connect 3rd party systems as well as custom-developed systems, all within a matter of weeks.

The eleven properties across eight cities in Finland cater to forward-thinking people, that want the comfort of home away from home. To impress these tech-savvy people, it became clear that the serviced apartment provider would need to update its systems, beginning with its property management system.

"For us, it was crucial to have a flexible PMS that can quickly connect with applications that we need or develop. apaleo's system is simple to set up and gives us the most open platform on the market to connect all systems we need to run our business, from distributing inventory to automation of daily tasks to guest-facing applications," says Markus Veikkolainen, Partner and Chief Commercial Officer of Hiisi Homes.

Within a matter of weeks, all properties were set up and live. After a simple set-up of one property on apaleo, Hiisi Homes had a blueprint for all its additional properties. Using this blueprint, Hiisi Homes was ready to scale. apaleo then made it possible to automatically clone rate plans and room types to the other properties, making the PMS rollout a cinch. Then, all other systems were connected, and staff were trained on the new tools.

"Some might think it sounds crazy to roll out all new technology in such a short period of time. With legacy systems, yes. But luckily, it is 2019, and the world of connected systems is now available for all kind of accommodation providers to embrace," exclaims Markus

apaleo's property management system is built with this sort of connectivity in mind. Because it was built with an API first, it is the world's only PMS to guarantee that everything - every single piece of data - in its PMS is also completely available, accessible and integrate-able. This ensures that hotels never face a situation where a system can't make use of every single feature in apaleo's PMS. It also removes all the frustrating costs traditionally associated with integrations (services, support fees, time spent waiting).

"Hiisi Homes has a future-facing view of how hotel technology should work, and the company has made its vision a reality. We're excited to partner with such an innovator and look forward to partnering with Hiisi Homes to further scale its business and entire technology stack," said Philip von Ditfurth, Co-founder of apaleo.

About Hiisi Homes

Hiisi Homes family growth company was born by the lake Hiidenvesi from three homies' passion for entrepreneurship. Our mission is simple. We want to provide local and personal experience in Your home away from home with outstanding self-service.

Nothing beats home right? But hey we are not a lot worse than home. We do things in a way that represents our crazy team of Homies. We can tap ourselves on the shoulder once our residents still remember us on the week after the departure.

Choose us and Be our Homie!

#painuhiiteen #homesforhomies

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About apaleo

Hotels need the right technology and systems to manage all the complexities of their business. At the core of these systems is the property management system (PMS), which manages hotel inventory and reservations, rates, accounting, invoicing and payments, and more. Then there are all the additional systems like CRM, CRS, upselling, review monitoring, distribution and channel management, forecasting, business intelligence reporting, and so forth. Hoteliers rely on all these tools yet struggle because many of them don't integrate.

apaleo's PMS platform connects all these systems quickly and seamlessly. As the first PMS which is purely based on a fully open 2-way API, hotels can grant applications access to all the information stored in apaleo, as well as allow them to write back data to the PMS. apaleo's public API allows hoteliers to innovate without major risks, integration hassles, long wait times and hidden fees. Developers and software vendors can easily connect to apaleo, and hotels can even develop their own, custom apps with ease. Applications are housed in the apaleo Store, opening the possibilities for hotels to connect to pre-integrated, innovative apps - guest facing or staff facing - with one click. Learn more at www.apaleo.com.

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