Why Technology Isn’t Being Used to Track Engagement at Events

Ask nearly any event organizer about attendee engagement, and they’ll say it’s a top priority. Despite this, most have not invested in the right technology to track and analyze attendee behavior.

22 August 2019


Collecting data from events is key to helping an organization grow. It helps planners understand which attendees went to which sessions, whether they liked the speakers, and whether, perhaps, they will return in the future.

But not all data research is created equal. By drilling down beneath the surface — beneath the basic who, what, where of attendee information — planners can start to get a richer picture of attendee behavior and intent.

Fortunately there is now technology that helps planners do just that. Badges and wristbands that provide heat-mapping services and can track dwell time allow organizers to get a much fuller picture of how attendees really feel about an event. The problem is, not many planners are using it.

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