City Connection, The New NH Service For Endless City Enjoyment

7 November 2019
NH Hotel Group
  • Guests will now be able to use a suite of crossover services in any of the hotels operated by the Company in the cities they are staying in
  • The Company is the first hotel group to offer such a package in most of its establishments around the world

Under the claim Stay in one hotel, enjoy them all, NH Hotel Group has unveiled City Connection, a selection of services guests can enjoy in any NH Hotel, NH Collection, nhow, Tivoli or Avani in the city they are staying in, regardless of which one they are actually sleeping in, throughout the duration of their hotel stay.

City Connection is a pioneering service and a real plus for the Company's hotel guests, who will no longer need to rely on the hotel they are staying in as their only base; rather, they will be able to make the most of NH's excellent locations to take a breather or organise their things. When guests check in, they will be given a passport, which will explain which of the Company's hotels offer this service, where they are located and how long they can make use of it.

This initiative makes NH Hotel Group the first hotel group to offer these services in most of its establishments worldwide.

In the words of Isidoro Martínez de la Escalera, Chief Marketing Officer at NH Hotel Group: "With City Connection we aim to provide our guests a unique and tangible benefit in comparison with other types of accommodation. For NH Hotel Group, the key lies with delivering beyond what our guests need, beating their expectations before, during and after their stays".

The services included in the City Connection initiative notably include the use of the establishments' common areas so that guests can rest and get a new lease of life in the hotel chain's fabulous lobbies, while making use of free Wi-Fi and freshening up in the Welcome Corners. They can also ask the Guest Relations Manager for assistance and tips (available in NH Collection and nhow hotels only), store their luggage in the hotel that best suits them and use the Business Corner to organise their affairs. Meanwhile, 'foodie' travellers can enjoy the Group's culinary offering, one of its best-known services, thanks to a 10% discount in the participating hotels' restaurants and bars.

This new value proposition will give guests access to crossover services in a total of 129 hotels in cities in Europe and Latin America. Those cities include top tourist and business destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Lisbon, Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Vienna, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Bogota, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires.

More information about City Connection here

City Connection, The New NH Service For Endless City Enjoyment

(source: NH Hotel Group)
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