Planning for the Post-COVID-19 World: Are Global Hoteliers Recovery Ready?

StayNTouch Releases The Hotelier's Complete Guide to Recovery Readiness, revealing how in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity

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2 June 2020

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Albert Einstein said, "in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity." There's no question that we're in the midst of a global crisis. The implications of COVID-19 have been felt far and wide, but perhaps no industry has faced a more pronounced impact than hospitality. Right now, a hotel's ability to adapt will, in many ways, determine its ability to survive the course of this downturn. Recovery readiness is no small task, but hoteliers can take steps to mitigate the impact and lay the foundation for a strong comeback.

With that future upon us, StayNTouch has created a comprehensive guide to recovery readiness that outlines what hoteliers can do today and how they can prepare for the inevitable upswing in a post-pandemic world.

Over the coming months as travel bans and social distancing measures are lifted, the hospitality industry will begin forging its path to recovery. However, our long-awaited return to business as usual, will not be a "return to normal." As history has shown, global events like the coronavirus pandemic are an integral catalyst to innovation and long-term change.

Things will look different after COVID-19, and hoteliers will be expected to embrace new and improved standards, adopt new business policies and technology, and digitize touchpoints with contactless technology to ensure guest and staff safety. Areas that have perhaps previously been seen as 'nice-to-haves' by the industry are now a necessity. The question then, on the minds of hoteliers, is what does it mean to be adaptable during a worldwide pandemic? What does the path to recovery look like? Recovery readiness is no small task, but hoteliers can take steps to mitigate the impact and lay the foundation for a strong comeback.

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