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Survey: MarTech Now Accounts for 29% of Total Marketing Expenses

mycloud HOSPITALITY 20 November 2018
As marketers look ahead to the coming months, new research suggests that they are investing more money in MarTech than any other tactic.

IDS Next to Exhibit at HITEC Dubai and Promote It's New, Innovative FX1 Platform

IDS Softwares 20 November 2018
IDS Next, a leading global provider of next-generation technology solutions for the hotel industry, will be showcasing the world's first "Intelligent Hotel Platform" at HITEC Dubai 2018. FX1 is the revolutionary solution designed to decrease operational costs, increase guest satisfaction and help hoteliers drive incremental revenues. Attendees and media are invited to meet with the IDS Next team at HITEC in Dubai and view live demos.As the leader in emerging markets, IDS Next has been at the forefront of innovation and now, with the introduction of FX1, the company is delivering the true next generation platform for the hotel industry. With 1000 of its 4800 hotel clients in the MEA area, IDS is confident that our latest pioneering technology will empower both current and future users to exceed their operational and guest engagement goals.FX1, a cloud, and native mobile platform focuses on optimizing the following:Front OfficeHouse KeepingIncident ManagementCRS and POS modulesAn Open API to Distribution, Financials and CRM solutions"The Guest" is and was the primary focus when developing FX1," explains Binu Mathews, CEO if IDS. "Over and above all the transactional needs of a hotel, this platform is embedded with guest experience enhancement capabilities that cover pre-stay, during the stay and post-stay engagement. Our innovative AI-powered technology also empowers hotels to increase revenue through upselling and cross-sell of services, amenities, and facilities."With the new FX1 platform IDS Next is giving hoteliers the power to know their guests better and increase return visits to the hotel directly. This is what today's hoteliers want, to be aware of the guest behavior and provide offers that meet or exceed their expectations.Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) is the world's largest hospitality technology exposition and conference brand. HITEC Dubai 2018, takes place December 5th and 6th and is hosted at Madinat Jumeirah Conference & Events Centre.Visit stand number #C116 to experience the future of the hospitality industry or visit to learn more.

Air Canada: not alone in the dark with blockchain·Requires Registration 20 November 2018
In October, Air Canada joined the growing gang of airlines that are working with Winding Tree on building a blockchain-powered decentralised infrastructure for travel. Pamela Whitby caught up with the two companies.

From Singapore to Shenzhen, from Youbibi to Skyscanner, Steven Pang makes seamless transition from startup to global play

Hotel Online 20 November 2018
While others were still dreaming about the China travel opportunity, Steven Pang, a Singaporean living in Hong Kong, took the plunge back in 2010 to start a travel search business specialising in comparing flights, hotels and package holidays. He chose the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen as his startup base and four years later, his bet paid off when Youbibi was acquired by Skyscanner.

RLH Corporation Selects IDeaS Revenue Solutions To Optimize Revenue

Lodging Magazine 20 November 2018
RLH Corporation is working with IDeaS Revenue Solutions to optimize revenue. The company plans to align its revenue management, pricing, and yielding insights with marketing and sales to create a more powerful overarching commercial strategy using IDeaS.

Maestro PMS Debuts Self-Serve Online Payment Portal

Hospitality Technology Magazine 20 November 2018
Maestro PMS said it just made advanced payment processes safer and more convenient for independent operators and their guests. Maestro adds to its full array of mobile and online solutions with the launch of its Payment Portal module that engages guests online by connecting them with a property to quickly make payments against their upcoming reservations. The new system also saves the property time and reduces collection fees by automatically emailing deposit reminders. Maestro PMS is a cloud and on-premise property software solution. Maestro offers web browser and windows access in either deployment for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers and multi-property groups.

Hospitality: Remove the Target on Your Back by Going Passwordless

Hospitality Technology Magazine 20 November 2018
Hoteliers and restaurants handle a tremendous amount of consumer data to process payments, enrich the experience, and maintain competitive, differentiating rewards programs. Stored passwords and bankcard numbers make everything from reservations to paying a tab fast and simple.

VIDEO: IBM on how blockchain will - and won't - impact travel

PhocusWire 20 November 2018
When it comes to blockchain, focus on the business concepts and not the technology.

After latest funding round, GoEuro adds ferries, flight booking

PhocusWire 20 November 2018
Less than a month after raising $150 million in new funding, GoEuro is adding new services to its multimodal travel platform.

Utilise the correct pricing strategy to increase your hotel's profitability

mycloud HOSPITALITY 20 November 2018
Efficient hotel pricing strategy is a must-have for today’s hoteliers to increase their overall profitability. Hotel revenue managers should understand various aspects including distribution mix, demand forecast, competitive pricing and consumers’ buying trends, etc to manage pricing more effectively to increase hotel profit.

Spirit of Change' needed from European governments to improve competitiveness 20 November 2018
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called for a spirit of change from governments to capture the social and economic benefits of air connectivity, by enabling a more competitive air transport sector.

How brands can use AI to boost their email marketing metrics 19 November 2018
AI makes hyper-personalized experiences possible, and has an eye for details and patterns that humans fail to recognize to improve email marketing metrics.

Leonardo Worldwide acquired by global software company, Jonas Software

Leonardo Blog 19 November 2018
On November 19, 2018, Leonardo Worldwide was acquired by Jonas Software, an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU). We are very excited about what this means for our future and are confident that Jonas is the right fit for Leonardo. Jonas’ philosophy is to let the companies they buy continue to operate as independent brands while supporting and guiding them to reach their full potential.

Winter is coming: Preparing for the next season of channel management

By Mike Chuma
Data is the core of an intelligent business strategy, writes Mike Chuma, and it drives the decision-making process. Hotel organizations need to prioritize data that provides meaningful insights and action. The ability to understand, organize and track this data is essential, he says.

Maestro PMS Helps Free Up Staff, Empowers Guests with Self-Serve Online Payment Portal; 'Anytime,' 'Any Device'

NORTHWIND-Maestro 19 November 2018
Markham, Ontario - Maestro PMS just made advanced payment processes safer and more convenient for independent operators and their guests. Maestro adds to its full array of mobile and online solutions with the launch of its Payment Portal module that engages guests online by connecting them with a property to quickly make payments against their upcoming reservations. The new system also saves the property time and reduces collection fees by automatically emailing deposit reminders. Maestro PMS is the preferred cloud and on-premise property software solution. Maestro offers web browser and windows access in either deployment for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers and multi-property groups."Maestro's new Payment Portal is ideal for guests who want the flexibility to self-serve their advance deposit payments. It is a perfect way for properties to engage with guests and meet the mobile needs of today's travelers," said Warren Dehan, Maestro PMS President. "Our Payment Portal module lets guests make payments anytime from any device without giving their credit card number over the phone. The system uses a secure website that is fully integrated in Maestro property software so advance deposits are posted real time."The module lets a hotel automatically email payment reminders with a link to the Payment Portal at predetermined intervals to free the accounting staff for other duties. Maestro's Payment Portal website is branded with the property software's look and feel and is fully secure for credit card payments. "The module is flexible to adapt to any property's billing policies for single or multiple advance deposit payments," said Dehan. "In the future the Payment Portal will be available for use by condo properties, club member payments and corporate contract groups."The Maestro Property Management System delivers flexible and scalable deployment options with an identical full-featured web browser or windows solution available in the cloud or on premise. Maestro's revenue-generating hotel management software tools and services increase profitability, drive direct bookings, centralize operations and provide personalized and mobile guest service tools to enhance the guest experience. Click here for more information on how to engage and socialize with Maestro PMS.About Maestro PMS Maestro is the preferred cloud and on-premises PMS solution for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups. Maestro's PCI certified and EMV ready enterprise system offers 20+ integrated modules on a single database including web and mobile apps to increase profitability, drive direct bookings, centralize operations, and enable operators to engage guests with a personalized experience. For over 40 years Maestro's Diamond Plus Service has provided unparalleled 24/7 North American based support and education services to keep hospitality groups operational and productive. Click here for more information on Maestro.

Duetto founder: "90% of hoteliers are missing this massive profit opportunity"

Hotel Tech Report 19 November 2018
Hotel revenue management is changing quickly but not quickly enough. According to our sources less than 1 in 10 hotels in 2018 are leveraging revenue management software to price their rooms. Dynamic pricing went mainstream with Uber's "surge pricing" model; however, it's been used by airlines, hotels and other industries for decades.

Maestro PMS Helps Free Up Staff, Empowers Guests With Self-Serve Online Payment Portal; 'Anytime,' 'Any Device

Hotel Online 19 November 2018
Maestro PMS just made advanced payment processes safer and more convenient for independent operators and their guests. Maestro adds to its full array of mobile and online solutions with the launch of its Payment Portal module that engages guests online by connecting them with a property to quickly make payments against their upcoming reservations. The new system also saves the property time and reduces collection fees by automatically emailing deposit reminders. Maestro PMS is the preferred cloud and on-premise property software solution. Maestro offers web browser and windows access in either deployment for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers and multi-property groups.

Why Would a Casino Need a Revenue Management System?

Duetto Research Blog 19 November 2018
A year after Lebron James departed Cleveland for the bright lights of Los Angeles, some thought his former team, the Cavaliers, still had the pieces to make a run at the playoffs.
Article by David Millili

Getting to the Core of It: What Plate Tectonics and Guest Engagement Have to Do With Each Other

runtriz 19 November 2018
The hotel industry has talked ad nauseam about what guest engagement means, how it looks, what the methods should be. We know that it's not the one-way communication with a guest that the hotel industry long embraced, but, instead, a dialogue that creates emotional involvement and generates trust. A mechanism for earning a guest's loyalty via a combination of experience, service, and relationship. And this loyalty is more important than ever. According to Gartner, existing customers will account for 80% of future revenue. Consider also that a simple 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's profitability by 75% (Bain & Co). Or that on average loyal customers are worth 10x more than their first purchase (Martech). Every effort that goes into guest engagement and loyalty results in future revenue.However, for all the strategizing, there's been much less focus on what's at the core of guest engagement. The focus has been on outcome, and what it looks like when or after it's executed, as well as on the tools you can use to boost engagement. But successful guest engagement is about more. We need to step back even further and talk about the core. In other words, what fundamental principles drive successful guest engagement. To achieve sustained loyalty, strategies and tools must be based on core principles.Think of it like this planet we occupy. We don't often think about the blazing hot core of the Earth, but it's essential. The movement of metals in the core creates not only our magnetic field but also plate tectonics. The next layer, the Mantle, is the thermal and mechanical force behind plate tectonics--the engine, so to speak, or the tools. This means that what's happening at the center of the earth and in-between, of course, has massive ramifications for the lives we live out here on the crust. We must build up in layers; focus on the core, first, rather than the outcome to achieve the desired results. Core principles should guide tools, which in turn, generate guest engagement, which leads to long-term loyalty. So what are the core principles we must understand in order to employ the right strategies and tools toward successful guest engagement?1). Cohesive guest-centric experienceLoyalty is the result of a fundamentally guest-centric operation. The way this plays out in terms of personal guest service, frequently dictated by category, receives tremendous attention; however, what of the digital experience? The guest-centric experience begins with a true digital centralized hub. This is not so much about the tools that you use to reach guests, but about the core system where they integrate so that the guest has a seamless, consistent experience. A guest-centric digital execution looks like a system where various tools from outside providers integrate into a centralized hub with point solutions powering back-end capabilities. For instance, Runtriz offers the guest-facing platform that supports many point solutions from outside providers, such as mobile keys.2). Proactive communicationThe hospitality industry focuses narrowly on personalized guest communication--designing messages around everything we know about the guest. Of course this is essential to guest engagement; however, proactive guest communication is equally important. Hotels must do more than merely understand who the guest is and what he likes. In addition, properties must deliver the right message at the right time. So often marketers find themselves realizing there's a need time and pushing out offers in a reactive way, scrambling to fill the gaps. Proactive communication requires the delivery of a relevant message that matters (personalized to the guest, that is) during an appropriate window of time. Hotels must necessarily leverage all digital mediums to reach the guest wherever he is, including mobile and text. Whether the guest is at home prior to the stay or on-site or post-stay matters a great deal in determining when and how the message should be delivered.3). AuthenticityThere's a move to make hotels more authentic on the whole, as guests have expressed greater interest in the localized experience. For some hotels, this looks like affiliating with a well-known local restaurant or hanging regional art. These things add character, but authenticity starts deeper, with the way hotels communicate, both digitally and in person. Honesty is paramount--don't overplay your property nor offer packages and promotions that don't provide real value. Speak to guests as though they are friends, not customers. Avoid constantly asking for something (e.g., revenue). Further, untether your staff from their desks. Make them more mobile, so that they can move around and respond to guests in an unfettered, authentic way. Give them leverage so that they can respond to guest problems on the spot with solutions that are reasonable and responsive (offers, complimentary amenities, and so forth). Allowing guests to do the basics, the things that don't require a staff person--check-in, checkout, booking local (authentic) activities, room upgrades--via digital means only increases the opportunities for an engaged one-on-one interaction.These principles must be at the center of any hotel operation intent on the guest engagement that we know earns long-term loyalty. We know our guests are in a constant state of evolution. What they want today will be different in a few months, and the tools by which we deliver what they want will change, which makes it even more essential to visit and revisit the core of guest engagement.

Why casino hotels and integrated resorts need a better CRS and booking engine

mycloud HOSPITALITY 19 November 2018
Casino hotels and resorts have extremely complex operations that encompass gaming, accommodations, food and beverage, and entertainment. All of which are run by different departments and operations that run on different types of software.

Bridging The Digital Gap For Small Hotels

19 November 2018
Globally, there are about 4 million hotels. Of these, only 2.1 million hotels are listed on, 1 million on Tripadvisor and 0.8 million on Expedia. Within this, the budget hotel segment is the fastest growing (9 per cent CAGR globally) and is the first choice of millennials.In the GCC, 45 per cent of rooms are in the budget and mid-sized segment with online penetration at 46 per cent. In huge neighbouring markets like India, mid-tier (3-star and 4-star hotels) represents a $4 billion opportunity. Only 30 per cent of these are connected online for search, discovery and booking. There is significant opportunity to move hotels online by providing them efficient technology and remote services.However, the budget and mid-sized hotels and chains are ill-equipped to ride this wave because of technology and talent constraints. Hitherto, technology available for such hotels was either too complicated or too expensive to maintain, resulting in suboptimal digitisation.Targeting this opportunity is Hotel Launcher, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology for budget and mid-sized hotels and chains. The platform's objective is to help this segment of properties increase revenues by bringing them online via an efficient SaaS discovery and booking system. They also have an engine for revenue management.Rajiv Malhotra, founder and CEO, said: "Simply put, Hotel Launcher is Shopify for small and mid-sized hotels and chains. Our technology is a highly advanced PMS [industry parlance for property management system]. It is integrated with a channel manager and a website builder. We call this solution Integrated Distribution Management System or IDMS for short."

A Six-Step Strategy for Increasing Hotel Profitability

Lodging Magazine 19 November 2018
While the rate of revenue growth has slowed nationwide, the U.S. hotel industry has seen increasing profits for eight consecutive years. Hoteliers can narrow the disparity between lagging revenue and increasing profitability by taking proactive measures in management and operations. Here is a six-point strategy that can be used to increase profitability.

Think AI is just for enterprise? Think again. 19 November 2018
Many businesses, especially SMBs, mistakenly believe that AI is only for enterprise. Here are AI use cases for businesses of all sizes.

Knowcross and React Mobile Integration to Help Hotels Empower Their Workers Against Harassment

mycloud HOSPITALITY 19 November 2018
Knowcross, the preferred service quality management platform of the finest hotels across the globe, is thrilled to announce the integration of its housekeeping automation solution with React Mobile – a leading hotel panic button platform. The integration is aimed to deliver a robust joint solution for hotels to arm their workers to combat harassment, leading to a safer working environment.

Direct Booking Summit 2019: new locations announced

Triptease Blog 19 November 2018
Today we are thrilled to announce two new exciting chapters of our industry-leading conference: the Direct Booking Summit.

The open truth about APIs

By Armand Rabinowitz
The API is the unit that allows platforms to exist, and the single most important ingredient to allow a technical ecosystem to thrive. Yet they are not transparent. HTNG's Armand Rabinowitz describes an initiative to change this. As he puts it: It's all about the power of a community working together to get something done.

From Robots To "Meat" -- The Biggest Restaurant, Hotel Trends Predicted To Hit In 2019

19 November 2018
If you haven't yet jumped on the faux-meat bandwagon, 2019 could be the year.San Francisco-based consulting firm af&co. has come out with its 11th annual round up of predictions slated to shake up the hospitality industry in the year ahead. From a globally-inspired breakfast to doughnuts for dessert, customers' experiences at restaurants, hotels, airports and entertainment venues will get a start-to-finish refresh.At the forefront of issues such as healthcare, minimum wage, waste and workers' rights, af&co. Founder Andrew Freeman said the underlying theme for 2019 is focused on promoting widespread change."The hospitality industry is leading the charge in creating the world we want to live in. Restaurants and hotels are gathering places for people to connect, creating the perfect grounds for people to come together, get personal and embrace forward-thinking ideas," Freeman said. "Flip through the slideshow for a preview of the biggest trends expected to hit next year.

How to generate ancillary revenue in your hotel?

Our.Guide Blog 19 November 2018
What can you do in your hotel to generate additional income? It often sounds easier than it is in reality. We have been brainstorming and have come up with some great hotel management tips to sell extra services. And then there is the next challenge with upselling and cross-selling. There are several extra services to offer in our hotels but how do you know what is most profitable. Which ancillary revenues bring more income while require less effort in terms of investment, time spent and people dedicated?

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