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Customer-led tech to consider: An overview & resource guide 24 October 2018
A rise in the demand for international products, teamed with the shift towards digital commerce and the growth of worldwide shipping, has removed the physical borders of global trade. As such, implementing a digital experience relevant to different audiences around the world, is a key goal for enterprises.

MarTech Conference day 2: throughout the day updates 3 October 2018
Throughout the day updates from day two of the MarTech Conference 2018 in Boston. Notes, highlights, and key quotes from mainstage keynotes.

MarTech Conference Day 1: throughout the day updates 2 October 2018
Throughout the day updates from day one of the MarTech Conference 2018 in Boston. Notes, highlights, and key quotes from mainstage keynotes.

Weekly martech review: BrandTotal $6m funding, Salesforce's Customer 360, AT&T ad business Xandr. 1 October 2018
In our review of last week’s martech news, we highlight BrandTotal closing $6m Series A funding, Salesforce launching Customer 360, and AT&T launching new advertising business Xandr.

An inside view on navigating Amazon: Q+A with Downstream CEO Connor Folley 1 October 2018
We spoke with Amazon alum Connor Folley, who founded Downstream, which helps marketers use automation technology to maximize their Amazon ROI.

AI is driving a new business function: Digital ethics 26 September 2018
Big data and AI call for a new business competency: Ethics. With cyberthreats and new regulation, 2018 has been a pivotal year, and leading organizations are rising to meet that.

What makes Pinterest so shoppable?: Q&A with Product Manager Tim Weingarten 25 September 2018
We spoke with Tim Weingarten, a product manager at Pinterest, about the platform's inherent shoppable, its evolution into search, and what's next.

For ecommerce brands, the race is on for top spots in voice search 25 September 2018
Smart speakers, like Google Home and Amazon Echo, aren't going away--which means new opportunities for voice search. Brands should act now to stay on top.

Adobe Analytics unveils Virtual Analyst to find insights in unused data 24 September 2018
Analyst to find insights in unused data Adobe Analytics this morning announced Virtual Analyst, a new AI assistant tool that will uncover new insights from the 97-99% of untouched data.

5 Chinese martech startups worth keeping an eye on 19 September 2018
When it comes to digital marketing, some of China’s tech companies are leading the way in innovation. Observing them is a great way to gain insight on where the world of martech is headed.

Weekly martech review: Sisense raises $80m, Adobe updates video suite, iHeartMedia acquires podcasting business. 17 September 2018
In our review of last week’s martech news, we highlight Sisense raising $80m Series E funding, Adobe’s updates to video suite, and iHeartMedia acquisition of a major podcast business.

Why Siri--not the new iPhones--will decide whether Apple stays a dominant brand 12 September 2018
In light of today's Apple event, Julia Stead argues that moving forward, it will be Siri—not the iPhone—that presents Apple's best bet to stay on top.

What Amazon can learn from Andrew Carnegie 11 September 2018
The Web 1.0 company that started out as an upstart online alternative to Barnes & Noble has grown into sprawling, 21st century company. What does the company owe the society that helped it grow?

Kiip: Martech company of the week 6 September 2018
There are nearly 7,000 vendors in the martech landscape. Dizzying, to say the least. We want to help you get to know a few of the better ones.

Q&A with Phrasee CEO Parry Malm: $4m funding to bring AI-powered copywriting to US 31 August 2018
AI company Phrasee recently announced funding to expand into the US market. We sit down with CEO Parry Malm to discuss their product, company, upcoming growth, ethics policy, and how they've gotten where they are today.

Here's what customers hate about your emails (And how AI can help) 28 August 2018
Email marketing is popular, but many emails simply don't land. Here’s what keeps consumers from clicking on your message—and how AI can help.

How AI can help marketers be more human 24 August 2018
This guest post comes from Kevin Lindsay, Director, Product Marketing and Strategy of Digital Experience, Adobe. In an experience-driven era, digital marketers strive to bring ever more human experiences to the humans who engage with our brands daily. We need to deliver the right solution, the right path, and the right personalized touchpoint—all in real-time and at scale. And to do that, we need to mix human empathy with the power of automation. We need AI to help us be more human.

How to pick the core components of your MarTech stack 24 August 2018
It’s a given that an efficient MarTech stack is critical to every marketing organization—but the strategic deployment of that technology is all too often overlooked. The technology is available, but how do we properly plan and assess our particular organizational needs? In this piece, we cover why and how your organization needs to ensure it has the technology necessary to generate demand and boost revenue.

Bots, chatbots, robots, AI! Here's why knowing the difference could set your company apart 21 August 2018
Bots, chatbots, robots, and AI are some of the most buzzed words in the industry right now, but even insiders are sometimes unclear on their differences. We get to the bottom of some common myths around new technologies.

Weekly MarTech review: Google beta launches Google Signals, Facebook offers Create to Convert, Oracle releases GraphPipe 21 August 2018
In this review of last week's top MarTech news, we highlight the beta launch of Google Signals empowering marketers with a cross-device view of the customer, Facebook’s engagement-boosting tool to make still image ads interactive, and Oracle’s new open-source framework for deploying AI models.

Technology enables brands to evolve their loyalty programs 20 August 2018
Loyalty programs are older than the state of California (seriously). Technology has enabled brands to evolve their programs, earning more loyalty.

Q&A with Hertz on the future of mobile 16 August 2018
Prior to his session titled 'Mobile: The myth, the legend, the reality' at The Transformation of Search Summit taking place in New York on October 19, we caught up with Jason White, the Director of SEO at Hertz for a quick 5-minute preview of his session.

Magic Leap shakes the AR industry in 2018. What's next? 15 August 2018
We've started noticing the rise of Augmented Reality as a growing tech trend the last few years. with many companies wanting to capitalize on the trend of building their own products to make the technology more appealing to consumers and brands.

In a post GDPR world, first-party data is more important than ever 14 August 2018
At the beginning of the summer, the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect, requiring marketers in the EU to obtain explicit consent from consumers before collecting and using their data. Companies refusing to comply could be fined up to 20 million Euros, which has been a motivating factor for brands around the world to update their policies and focus on educating the public about how their data is being used. The post In a post GDPR world, first-party data is more important than ever appeared first on ClickZ.

How future marketing technology adoption will drive innovation 10 August 2018
As marketers evolve and thrive for innovation, solutions for winning strategies are increasing every year. In this article, you will acknowledge future technologies, designs, and interfaces that will evolve and help marketers improve their standard business.

How AI could make A/B testing a thing of the past 10 August 2018
Traditionally, building effective ad creative has involved a lot of human guesswork, but A.I. technology is on the cutting edge of offering audiences ads they’ll actually enjoy.

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