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Sounding Off: The Middle Eastern travel startup scene can learn from errors of others

PhocusWire 19 April 2019
The fledgling community in the Middle East must acknowledge how other startup "scenes" have evolved and learn from the errors that have hindered new businesses.

U.S. aims to use facial recognition on nearly all departing air travelers within four years

PhocusWire 19 April 2019
The United States Department of Homeland Security says U.S. Customs and Border Protection is working toward implementation of biometric exit technology to cover more than 97% of departing commercial air travelers within the next four years.

Going beyond NDC: Answers to your questions

PhocusWire 19 April 2019
In February this year, 600+ airline, agency and corporate representatives along with key industry influencers joined Sabre for a webinar titled Going Beyond NDC: A Q&A with Sabre and Partners.

What Does it Really Mean to Book Direct?

SMS Blog 18 April 2019
I recently attended a conference in California last month. Upon landing at LAX, I realized I had forgotten to book a hotel reservation, whoops! As I waited to deplane, I immediately opened up Google Maps from my iPhone to get a birds-eye view of properties that were in close proximity to the conference facility. I came across a clean, reasonably priced, boutique hotel a few miles from my conference (and bonus – it was directly across the street from a sushi restaurant, bonus).

How Are You Measuring Profit?

Hotel F&B 18 April 2019
One key to profitability is getting everyone on the same page with your most important hotel KPIs and metrics. We caught up with global industry analysts and revenue consultants to find out what metrics they believe are most vital to driving bottom line profit.

Watch out OTAs, here come the low-cost, service-driven smart assistants·Requires Registration 18 April 2019
In part 2 of a guest post, Roland Berger consultants consider the threats and opportunities of smart travel assistants.

Hospitality is evolving. Do you have the knowledge to compete?

Triptease Blog 18 April 2019
There's been another shift in online hospitality. The evolution of digital distribution channels and a changing balance in hotel/OTA relationships means that hotels are starting to look beyond the traditional methods of driving direct.

Google Hotels joins the battle for bookings

mycloud HOSPITALITY 18 April 2019
The battle for bookings is nothing new — properties have been vying for coveted direct bookings and rebelling against the commissions charged by online travel agencies (OTAs) practically since they arrived on the scene. But the battlefield is shifting thanks to the introduction of Google Hotels.

Tripoto brings in $3.7M to boost community and travel search platform

PhocusWire 18 April 2019
Tripoto has doubled its investment raised to date following a $3.7 million capital injection from a group of high-profile backers. The India-based travel community secured the round from Orchid India, Hornbill Orchid India Fund, Chiratae Ventures, 3one4 Capital and Lasmer NV.

Why IoT is the "smart" solution for the hospitality industry

PhocusWire 18 April 2019
The hotel industry has long been at the forefront of the experience economy, continually evolving to meet changing consumer needs and set new expectations for a home away from home.

State of the Nation 2019: How big is the opportunity for hotel bookings in the United Kingdom?

SiteMinder Blog 18 April 2019
Despite a period of uncertainty, the UK is still a major travel destination with new trends continuing to emerge that hoteliers can take advantage of to attract bookings and please guests.

How Hotels Are Using Technology to Gain a Competitive Advantage

At Your Service - A Blog by INTELITY 17 April 2019
The world of business is inherently competitive. Every industry has companies trying to rise to the top, which means impressing consumers by learning what they want and finding ways to make those things happen seamlessly. Businesses that invest in delivering on consumer expectations typically see an increase in brand loyalty, which leads to an increase in revenue.

How Hotel Design and Concept Development can Benefit from Revenue Management Insights

Hotel Online 17 April 2019
Over the last few years we have gotten more and more involved in the businesses of our hotel clients. We have seen a clear difference in revenue and profitability in hotels where we got involved at project definition stage vs coming in at pre-opening. There are many key points that increase the revenue potential of a hotel or resort, which architects, designers and investors are overlooking. And we are not talking about pocket change. I estimate the upside to be easily 10% to 25% in top line income. Just think about how much this would impact your bottom line profit.

Culture of Convenience: Demand for Self-Service Technologies Continues to Rise

StayNTouch: Hotel Technology Trends Blog 17 April 2019
If you were to look at your typical day, how many tasks are aided by convenience? With the advent of smartphones, the rapid growth of the Internet and mobile connectivity we are constantly finding more convenient ways to get many things done without too much hassle.

Is 2019 the Year Blockchain Goes Mainstream?

IDeaS Blog 17 April 2019
We may not see a big blockchain splash into hospitality anytime soon, but it’s making major waves.

Data Usage Phases in Hospitality Industry

Snapshot Blog 17 April 2019
Data is a critical tool to a hotel’s operations and is broken down into big data, small data, structured data, and unstructured data. Since hotels use various systems, including PMS, POS systems, guest reputation platforms, OTAs, forecast and budgeting tools, and so on, there is an enormous amount of data being produced and received daily.

Six Tech Trends Still Reshaping Hospitality in 2019

mycloud HOSPITALITY 17 April 2019
Technology in recent years has evolved at such a rapid pace and taken us further into a sci-fi-like future faster than our ancestors could have ever predicted. From smart home-enabled devices that control our thermostats and refrigerators to cryptocurrencies that provide secure stores of value, recent trends have brought many pipe-dream technologies to life.

How Digital Transformation Can Win Over Your Guests

Amadeus Hospitality Insight 17 April 2019
Today’s hotel guests have more choices than ever before and high standards because of it. Online reviews weigh heavily in a traveler’s decision to book accommodations, and they’re expecting to be wowed from the moment they step foot on the property. What was once considered an “extra” VIP touch, such as early check-in or welcome gift, has now become expected.

MeetingPackage promotes online venue booking through EUR1.5M raise

PhocusWire 17 April 2019
Finnish meeting venue tech provider MeetingPackage has raised €1.5 million to fuel international growth. The round, which closed in late 2018, was led by existing investors and well as new investors including Falkensteiner Ventures.

IcePortal & Shiji Group Technology for Hotel Channel Managers

mycloud HOSPITALITY 17 April 2019
The availability of a hotel room is likely the first item people search for when starting the process of hotel bookings. Hotel channel managers are an important part of this process as these systems update both the rates and availability of hotel rooms directly to major online travel agencies (OTAs) as well as retrieve available room reservation info so the hotel can offer the correct amount of rooms online as well as avoiding overbooking the available rooms.

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour 2019

Martello Technologies Blog 16 April 2019
It has been quite the tour with Microsoft Ignite, and the trip is almost over as the spring tradeshow season starts winding down. We have made some great connections, met some new people and seen some familiar faces throughout various countries across Europe.

7 Ways for hotels to take back control of distribution·Requires Registration 16 April 2019
New technologies are helping hotels to innovate and drive more direct business, finds a recent EyeforTravel white paper.

The Importance of Mobile Bookings in Hospitality

Handy Travel Blog 16 April 2019
Travel and hospitality brands are shifting their marketing strategies to match their target guests and be a part of the mobile search game to secure their online presence.

Can startup unicorns fly in business travel?

PhocusWire 16 April 2019
The recent flotation of Lyft for a valuation of $24 billion - or five times the current valuation of U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer - has reignited the conversation about the value, or possibly overvalue, of tech startups.

Globus Empowers Retail Workforce With Real-Time Messaging

Beekeeper Blog 16 April 2019
Founded in 1907, Globus is one of the most well-established retail department stores in Switzerland. Globus employs nearly 3,000 people across thirteen stores in all larger Swiss cities and earned an annual revenue of $910 million in 2015. In 2014, Globus conducted a company-wide survey and identified significant challenges in their mobile workforce communications within their retail stores and between stores and headquarters.

All Nippon Airways, OpenJaw partner to create NDC-enabled booking platform

PhocusWire 16 April 2019
Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways, will use OpenJaw Technologies’ New Distribution Capability platform to modernize its retailing capabilities.

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