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Exploring the value of day-use hotels

Click by 6 December 2018
Gone are the days when a hotel was simply a place to stay the night. Accommodations that offer their rooms and services specifically during the daytime are on the rise – and for good reason. According to STR research, the global occupancy rate in 2018 was 67.5% – meaning 32.5% of rooms (around 2 billion rooms) remained empty. For four-star and five-star hotels in Europe, this corresponds to around $40bn lost annually, according to Eurostat.

Managing Chatbots in the Cloud

Hotel F&B 6 December 2018
Digital hospitality is as important as ever for today’s tech-savvy guests who expect tech-friendly environments and demand tech-enabled services. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots represent the latest emerging trend in the travel and hospitality industries. According to the recent “2018 State of Chatbots Report,” there is high demand for chatbots that can save users time and money, with 87 percent of consumers willing to interact with chatbots to achieve these savings. Interestingly enough, 34 percent of consumers say they would use chatbots as a means to connect with a human.

Opus Hotel Implements AI-Driven Messaging Platform

Hospitality Technology Magazine 6 December 2018
Go Moment, a provider of real-time artificial intelligence guest communication solutions for the hospitality industry, announced that they have welcomed OPUS Vancouver to a rapidly expanding roster of notable clients. Now, following check-in, guests staying at the luxury property are greeted by Go Moment’s smartconcierge Ivy®, who actively responds to common questions, and personalizes their stay at every touchpoint, enabling guests to communicate with the ease of messaging.

Grand Hotel Baglioni chooses IDeaS for revenue technology upgrade 6 December 2018
IDeaS Revenue SolutionsBaglioni, the leading provider of revenue management software and advisory services, is pleased to announce one of Europe’s most historic hotels, the Grand Hotel Baglioni, has chosen IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) to optimise revenue performance across its 192-room property.

How to boost meeting room bookings at your hotel

SiteMinder Blog 5 December 2018
If corporate travellers are coming to your destination, then a demand exists for meeting facilities. Yet at most hotels, meeting rooms are not booked to their full potential. To maximise on your investment in corporate facilities and meetings rooms, you need to get more business guests booking at your hotel.

Philippines' Bed Box Hotel Adopts Hotelogix PMS to Automate Operations

Hotel Speak... Talking Hotels 5 December 2018
Hotelogix, a cloud-based Property Management System provider has announced the adoption of its PMS by Bed Box Hotel, Philippines. With Hotelogix PMS, the management at the property aims to streamline and automate its daily operations with ease.

Dubai Tourism inaugurates second HITEC at Madinat Jumeirah

mycloud HOSPITALITY 5 December 2018
Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM) CEO Issam Kazim officially inaugurated the second HITEC 2018 Dubai, Middle East’s largest hospitality technology exhibition and conference.

Why Do You Need A Cloud-based PMS For Your Hotel?

Reznext Blog 5 December 2018
With advanced technologies, information is shifting to the clouds. All your information can be stored securely off-site in the cloud without a need for physical space. Organize your operations and improve your responsiveness, data access, and controls. It’s time to consider engaging in a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS).

Carton House Resort, Ireland Recommends eRevMax for Online Connectivity

Hotel F&B 5 December 2018
Carton House, a historic luxury hotel in Ireland, has recommended eRevMax solutions for online distribution. The property has been using RateTiger Channel Manager to maintain real-time rate and inventory updates across online sales channels including booking engine.

Upserve POS, formerly Breadcrumb, Is Now Available on Android

Hospitality Technology Magazine 5 December 2018
Upserve, a full-service restaurant management platform, released its newest point-of-sale: Upserve POS for Android and on hardware built specifically for the restaurant industry. These new sleek, durable Android terminals have built-in EMV payment functionality and can be hardwired to add additional internet reliability. Upserve offers a customized restaurant POS app on both Android and iOS which gives customers the flexibility to choose which system works best for their restaurant.

Keeping a multinational hotel business cyber safe 4 December 2018
Managing the cybersecurity of just one hotel is a challenge, but when the threats from cyberspace are growing at an unprecedented rate, how are Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) supposed to oversee the security of hotels located all over the world?

Spectrum Enterprise & Moviebeam offer In-room Entertainment Solutions

Hotel F&B 4 December 2018
Spectrum Enterprise, a part of Charter Communications, Inc., today announced a partnership with Moviebeam™, a nationwide video systems integrator, to offer hotels a new, full-featured, in-room guest experience with robust programming packages from Spectrum Enterprise delivered on its advanced fibre network.

SnapTravel Raises $21 Million With an Assist From NBA Star Steph Curry - Digital 4 December 2018
The travel industry startup ecosystem could use some fresh ideas, so we salute new investors placing bets like Steph Curry, the basketball star playing for the Golden State Warriors. Curry's investment in SnapTravel, a messaging-based hotel booking tool, holds promise but the outcome remains uncertain for the company, which has raised $22.4 million to date.

Is Your Hotel Making These Seven Common Instagram Mistakes?

Hotel F&B 4 December 2018
Instagram is one of the leading social channels and has the potential to bring revenue to your hotel; however, you could be making common mistakes that can block that potential. Do you post frequently enough? Are you engaged with your audience? Are you using hashtags in your posts? If you answered no to any of these, you may be in danger of losing followers or worse, losing valuable revenue for your hotel.

Triax, Cetis form partnership for VoIP hotel services

Hotel Management 4 December 2018
Technology provider Triax has partnered with Cetis, a VoIP hotel phone manufacturer, to cost-effectively enable VoIP hotel phone installations over coax cable infrastructure.

Travel Advisor Innovation Report: South African Agents Build Trips for the Untraveled - Travel Services 4 December 2018
Whether it's an appeal to young black South Africans or seniors who fear paying a single supplement, travel advisors who know the particular needs of their own peer groups can have a built-in advantage.

WalletHub Names Best Hotel Loyalty Programs of 2018

Lodging Magazine 4 December 2018
WalletHub has released its 2018 Hotel Rewards Report evaluating loyalty programs at the 10 largest U.S. hotel chains. The personal finance website compared 21 key metrics—such as the average value of a point, point expiration policies, and the volatility of award-night pricing—to determine the best hotel rewards programs.

Three Technology Investments Hoteliers Should Consider for 2019

Lodging Magazine 4 December 2018
Admit it: When you first unboxed your Amazon Alexa, you thought it was going to change your world. Your favorite song would begin playing when you walked in the door, curtains would open, coffee would be ready in the morning, and the lights would turn on right when and where you needed them. Life at home would be so easy.

Chukchansi Gold Resort chooses InfoGenesis POS

Hotel Management 4 December 2018
The Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino has chosen the Agilysys InfoGenesis point-of-sale solution to manage the property’s food-and-beverage operations. The comprehensive point-of-sale system will help the resort streamline operations across the property while enabling staff to deliver seamless guest service.

SMS enhances integration with OpenKey

Hotel Management 4 December 2018
Springer-Miller Systems has completed a next-level integration with OpenKey. The enriched feature will automate the delivery of mobile keys to guests’ smartphones, reducing front-desk check-in times.

How Tech Has Revolutionized Restaurant Hospitality

4 December 2018
Technology has proliferated in the restaurant industry over the past five years, as eateries look to improve both efficiency and the customer experience.Fast food aficionados have already become accustomed to one new form of service: Ordering from kiosks instead of cashiers. These kiosks have assumed most of the restaurant tech spotlight, cutting labor costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing human error. While kiosks may be successful for fast food chains or to-go based stores, that method isn't as functional for traditional, sit-down restaurants.In a sit-down restaurant, technology is geared more towards improving the guest experience, rather than getting as many customers in and out of the door as possible, according to Steve Fredette, president and co-founder of Toast. A widely-used point of sale system for restaurants, Toast is a cloud-based platform designed to improve efficiency for both customers and employees.Toast and similar products allow waiters to take orders, payments, and customer signatures on handheld devices, and can also read digital gift card QR codes and send texts alerting customers that their food is ready. These tools are now commonplace in many restaurants.A focus on the customer and employee experience above all is key for success in the restaurant tech business, Fredette said."Most restaurant owners didn't get into the business because they were business people, or because they love managing lots of staff. You usually get into business because you love food, or you love hospitality," said Fredette. "We want to get restaurateurs to not have to be CIOs or CFOs. We want them to be able to just do what they love."

Technology Trends Of The Hotels Of The Future 4 December 2018
Back in 2008, when we talked about the hotel of the future, we dreamt about "smart bathrooms, toilets functioning both as a toilet and bidet with in-built washing and drying, windows able to show news reports, and armchairs that vibrate to the rhythm of the music. It doesn't sound bad, but our future vision today, ten years later, is much more ambitious and so are the technology trends.Robots to assist us in every day chores, biometrics, using a mobile as a key and to enjoy and personalize services ... are some of the things that we are starting to see. However today the most promising technology trends of the digital revolution in the tourism sector are here:The power of the mobileMobile management systems that give client control of all aspects of their stay: checking in and checking out online, home automation, hotel services, suites with voice control technology; hotels with built-in artificial intelligence, software designed exclusively to work with voice assistants...RobotsRobotic personnel that work as room service, delivering luggage and other items, serving drinks, or providing information to customers. They are already being tested by several hotel chains, but their real value has yet to be seen. Future will tell whether they will become indispensable "workers" in hotels or not.

UNWTO reports growth in international tourism

Hotel F&B Observer 3 December 2018
All world regions enjoyed robust growth in international tourism in the first nine months of this year, fuelled by solid demand from major source markets. Asia and the Pacific led growth (+7 per cent), followed by Europe and the Middle East (+6 per cent each), Africa (+5 per cent) and the Americas (+3 per cent).

Goodbye, Bellboy. Robots Will Check You In And Carry Your Luggage At Smart Hotels Of The Future

3 December 2018
Smart hotels in China will have facial recognition to check in, smart keys on phones to switch on appliances, and other robotic technology, predicts Jane Sun, CEO of online travel agency CTrip.The Chinese are willing to try new things and young people will be excited to see a "Star Wars" kind of futuristic theme designed into hotels, Sun says.High labor costs mean replacing humans with machinery in hotels in the future.Smart hotels in China will use robots to carry luggage, install facial recognition for easier check-ins, and use smart keys on phones to turn on air conditioning, predicts Jane Sun, CEO of CTrip, one of China's largest online travel services company.And you won't even have to leave a tip."I think this will happen because the labor cost available in the world will increase, and using machines to do something that is logical and programmable is a very feasible way to make sure a customer is satisfied and efficiency is improved," Sun told CNBC's Geoff Cutmore at the East Tech West conference held in the Nansha district of Guangzhou, China.

Identifying the 'Shadow Guest

Lodging Magazine 3 December 2018
Identifying the “shadow guest”—or the unknown guest—presents an opportunity for digital marketers to increase their contact list for future retargeting. Touchpoints and technology can help identify those guests and retrieve their consent to market to them.

Marriott sued hours after announcing data breach 3 December 2018
Hours after announcing a data breach on Friday, two Oregon men sued international hotel chain Marriott for exposing their data. Their lawsuit was followed hours later by another one filed in the state of Maryland. Both lawsuits are seeking class-action status. While plaintiffs in the Maryland lawsuit didn't specify the amount of damages they were seeking from Marriott, the plaintiffs in the Oregon lawsuit want $12.5 billion in costs and losses.This should equate to $25 for each of the 500 million users who had their personal data stolen from Marriott's servers in the breach announced last week, on Friday.The two Oregon plaintiffs told a local newspaper, that they view the $25 as a minimum value for the time users will spend canceling credit cards due to the Marriott hack.The Maryland lawsuit was filed by Baltimore law firm Murphy, Falcon & Murphy, according to a press release.

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